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“You have to play well outside, they are not doing that”- Sourav Ganguly says about team India’s performance outside India

July 9, 2020

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Recently, the presentation of the Indian cricket crew hasn’t been up to the imprint. The Indian cricket team has done well when they were on the tour of New Zealand at the start of the year 2020. Yes, this is true that the Black Caps defeated the Indian cricket team in the T20 matches. The Men in Blue whipped gravely in the rest of the tests and ODIs. Since the time Virat Kohli has been the skipper of the team, winning the overseas cricket matches have been an issue. The New Zealand tour again proved that the issue still persists.

According to Sourav Ganguly, BCCI chief and ex-captain of Indian team, a team’s talent is proved when they can play nicely overseas. He included that he will have a visit in regards to the equivalent. It will be with the Indian captain Virat Kohli and lead trainer Ravi Shastri.

Cricket was important and close to Ganguly

Ganguly believes a cricketer needs to play well outside, they are not doing that. In any event, when he was commander, Ganguly said he would possibly decide how great he is the point at which the team plays away and it continues as before. BCCI will discuss this thoroughly with Virat and Ravi Shastri, a plan for the near future.

Ganguly exclaimed that it’s changed a piece over the most recent four months. Fans can see KL Rahul now playing the two types of the game, Mohammed Shami has returned for all types of the game.

Sourav Ganguly is viewed as the individual who has changed the state of Indian cricket. Under his initiative, the Indian group turned into a side that could contend with any adversary anyplace on the planet. On being gotten some information about his initiative aptitudes; he uncovered that it took a ton of difficult work and devotion from his side to lead his group effectively.

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