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Who is the IPL oldest player in 2022?

March 29, 2022

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Who is the IPL oldest player in 2022


The 15th edition of the big cricket festival Indian premier league (IPL) 2022 is starting from March 26 to May 29. IPL is completely an entertaining and competitive league managed by the board of control for cricket in India (BCCI).

This article discusses the oldest players in IPL for the 2022 season. Read till the end to discover the best ipl online betting app!

The IPL 2022 league stage matches will be performed entirely in Maharashtra. The mentioned stadiums are Wankhede Stadium (Mumbai),  Dr. DY Patil Sports Academy (Mumbai), Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium (Pune), and Brabourne Stadium (Mumbai).

With two new teams Gujarat Titans and Lucknow Super Giants, There are a total of 10 teams and 74 matches are going to be played in IPL 2022. The tournament’s format is slightly modified into two groups of five teams.  

A total of 590 players from different nations are playing for their clubs in this league. Among these players, 370 Indians and 220 international players, will be auctioned off.

The auction was completed in Bengaluru in February. The highest number of players are from Australia in the abroad category, with 47, second by the West Indies with 34, and South Africa with 33.

Two crores of price are the base price for a total of 48 players.  twenty players identified a base price of 1.5 crores while 34 players have classified themselves as having a base price of Rs. 1 crore.

This tournament triggered millions of cricket fans all around the world. A combination of the various national and various levels of players are played on one ground.

Indian premier league is the most awaited league globally. Every cricket player could get a chance to participate in this cricket festival including younger and oldest players.

IPL 2022 schedule

A total of 10 teams and 74 matches will be played from 26th March to 29th May. These 2 new teams Gujarat Titans and Lucknow Super Giants will be the new interesting changes in this IPL 2022.

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Here is the whole IPL schedule for 2022, which includes the current eight teams as well as two new teams.

3/26/2022Wankhede StadiumCSK VS KKR
3/27/2022Brabourne – CCI DC vs MI
3/27/2022DY Patil StadiumPBKS vs RCB
3/28/2022Wankhede StadiumGT vs LSG
3/29/2022MCA Stadium, PuneSRH vs RR
3/30/2022DY Patil StadiumRCB vs KKR
3/31/2022Brabourne – CCILSG vs CSK
4/1/2022Wankhede StadiumKKR vs PBKS
4/2/2022DY Patil StadiumMI vs RR
4/2/2022MCA Stadium, PuneGT vs DC
4/3/2022Brabourne – CCICSK vs PBKS
4/4/2022DY Patil StadiumSRH vs LSG
4/5/2022Wankhede StadiumRR vs RCB
4/6/2022MCA Stadium, PuneKKR vs MI
4/7/2022DY Patil StadiumLSG vs DC
4/8/2022Brabourne – CCIPBKS vs GT
4/9/2022DY Patil StadiumCSK vs SRH
4/9/2022MCA Stadium, PuneRCB vs MI
4/10/2022Brabourne – CCIKKR vs DC
4/10/2022Wankhede StadiumRR vs LSG
4/11/2022DY Patil StadiumSRH vs GT
4/12/2022DY Patil StadiumCSK vs RCB
4/13/2022MCA Stadium, PuneMI vs PBKS
4/14/2022DY Patil StadiumRR vs GT
4/15/2022Brabourne – CCISRH vs KKR
4/16/2022Brabourne – CCIMI vs LSG
4/16/2022Wankhede StadiumDC vs RCB
4/17/2022Brabourne – CCIPBKS vs SRH
4/17/2022MCA Stadium, PuneGT vs CSK
4/18/2022Brabourne – CCIRR vs KKR
4/19/2022DY Patil StadiumLSG vs RCB
4/20/2022MCA Stadium, PuneDC vs PBKS
4/21/2022DY Patil StadiumMI vs CSK
4/22/2022MCA Stadium, PuneDC vs RR
4/23/2022DY Patil StadiumKKR vs GJ
4/23/2022Brabourne – CCIRCB vs SRH
4/24/2022Wankhede StadiumLSG vs MI
4/25/2022Wankhede StadiumPBKS vs CSK
4/26/2022MCA Stadium, PuneRCB vs RR
4/27/2022Wankhede StadiumGT vs SRH
4/28/2022Wankhede StadiumDC vs KKR
4/29/2022MCA Stadium, PunePBKS vs LSG
4/30/2022Brabourne – CCIGT vs RCB
4/30/2022DY Patil StadiumRR vs MI
5/1/2022Wankhede StadiumDC vs LSG
5/1/2022MCA Stadium, PuneSRH vs CSK
5/2/2022Wankhede StadiumKKR vs RR
5/3/2022DY Patil StadiumGT vs PBKS
5/4/2022MCA Stadium, PuneRCB vs CSK
5/5/2022Brabourne – CCIDC vs SRH
5/6/2022Brabourne – CCIGT vs MI
5/7/2022Wankhede StadiumPBKS vs RR
5/7/2022MCA Stadium, PuneLSG vs KKR
5/8/2022Wankhede StadiumSRH vs RCB
5/8/2022DY Patil StadiumCSK vs DC
5/9/2022DY Patil StadiumMI vs KKR
5/10/2022MCA Stadium, PuneLSG vs GT
5/11/2022DY Patil StadiumRR vs DC
5/12/2022Wankhede StadiumCSK vs MI
5/13/2022Brabourne – CCIRCB vs PBKS
5/14/2022MCA Stadium, PuneKKR vs SRH
5/15/2022Wankhede StadiumCSK vs GT
5/15/2022Brabourne – CCILSG vs RR
5/16/2022DY Patil StadiumPBKS vs DC
5/17/2022Wankhede StadiumMI vs SRH
5/18/2022DY Patil StadiumKKR vs LSG
5/19/2022Wankhede StadiumRCB vs GT
5/20/2022Brabourne – CCIRR vs CSK
5/21/2022Wankhede StadiumMI vs DC
5/22/2022Wankhede StadiumSRH vs PBKS

Indian Premier League Auction: Highest-paid player In IPL 2022

A total of 204 players are purchased by the franchise including 137 Indian players and 67 are from the international team. Some of the Indian domestic cricketers got the opportunity in the IPL while some of the iconic international players were not sold as well. Let’s see the top 5 most expensive players in IPL 2022.


Oldest Player in IPL2022

The tournament features participants from a lot of different countries. The team’s big players have been bought by the franchise. They bought a large amount of money in the auction for the star player. Some of the former players, as well as some of the younger players, are also getting an opportunity to participate in the tournament.

More than 35 years old players also have been recruited for the tournament. Here, we are going to cover the oldest players of the season according to their age.

Ms. Dhoni (40 years)

In this 15th edition of IPL, MS Dhoni become the oldest player. Captain of Chennai super kings (CSK) is still a major choice for the teams to defend their title in the further edition also.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is not in good form in the last few seasons. Run score and strike rates are quite good.

MS Dhoni already completed 220 IPL games with a 135.83% of strike rate and his total of scored runs is 4746.

Dwayne Bravo (38 years)

The former Caribbean all-rounder Dwayne Bravo was bought for ₹4.40 crore by the Chennai franchise. Dwayne bravo always plays the best cricket and still creates a great contribution to his team. 38 years old Dwayne Bravo is listed as the oldest player In the Ipl 2022.


In this quick article, we have covered an introduction to the IPL. There is a total of current 8 and 2 new teams that will be playing 74 matches from March 26 to May 29.

The name of the two new teams is Gujarat Titans and Lucknow Super Giants. You can check the IPL2022 schedule above. The top auctioned player is KL Rahul with 16 crores of IPL salary similar to Rohit Sharma and Rishabh Pant. The oldest player in IPL 2022 is Ms. Dhoni (40 years) and Dwayne Bravo (38 years).

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Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

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