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BetGames Dice Duel: Where and How to Play?

March 8, 2022

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Where and How to Play BetGames Dice Duel

Dice duel is a real-time online stream game that has a very simple and fine function. . Released by one of the top game providers, “Bet Games tv” in 2014 this live dealer casino game begins through dice rolling. The dice decide the winner based on your betting placement strategy.

This article guides you through the rules, gameplay as well as features of the amazing dice dual. Read till the end to explore some of the top betting sites offering dice dual!

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Here you can choose betting options such as numbers, odd/even, or the winning dice. Minimum $1 and a maximum $5,000 betting option available in the game. You have limits of minutes to place a bet before 30 seconds. Various betting options make every round unique and exciting.

Dice duel is a compatible and mobile-friendly real-time live stream game. Easy and accessible to desktop, mobile, and tablets with supporting Android, IOS, and Windows. These are some of the best points that maintain a wonderful gambling experience for gamers.

High-quality and impressive streaming features and multiple cameras provide a game fun experience on another level. 

Well-known live stream game supplier “BetGames” always appreciated for their highly professional designed studio and unique hosts aspects. We can get all those implementations on dice duel as well.

The game received an affirmative response from players all around the world. Betgames has a very crucial role to release this masterpiece.

Theme and Graphics

The developers have a massive contribution to keep this game’s excitement as it is. Also, the BetGames always keep improving the design and visibility of their every gambling site.

The game is supporting many devices such as mobile, desktop, and tablets. A mobile-optimized site that maintains theme, graphics, and well-crafted arts as per requirements of mobo gamers. You can adjust the video feed as per your computer specifications.

Dice duel has excellent video quality stream and high graphics that help to keep a user-friendly atmosphere. There is two different camera angle that allows you to follow the game. The first camera view focuses on the host, gaming table, and presenter, while the other shows a close-up of the game table.

How The Game Works: Dice Duel

The game is so simple and easy to play. Game all about the rolling dice. Everyone can enjoy the dice duel through the web browser. The game is all about two dice. You’ll have one Red and one Blue, and you’ll gamble on whether the Red or Blue one will win, or whether it’ll be a tie.

The first two bets and the draw pays 2.25 & 5.70. but, you may also wager on Numbers, Odds/Evens, or totals.

There are several betting options available, and a new round is played every 4 minutes. When you place a Numbers wager, you’ll bet on a certain number and whether it will show on the red/blue dice, or whether it will be a combination of two numbers on the Red and Blue dice. The first two are for 5.70 each, where a combination is worth 34.00. Also, The Odd/Even bets pay off at 1.90.

In a total bet, You can gamble on the total of the numbers that come out of the dice roll, whether it will be below or above specific totals, or by color.

Below, are some basics of dice duel,

  • Once you get into the game, click on the dice duel to join.  You have to choose your betting option to place your bet.
  • Always get to know your casino before the bet. Maybe the betting limitations are affected by the casino you join, so consider your wager options carefully.
  • There is the bet slip in the bottom right corner where you can choose your stake. The limits could be different based on your betting type up to $10,000. You can place random numbers of wager in every round.
  • You have to keep all the betting options in the mind. They’re divided into four tabs under the main steam window. And there is the main bet that guesses which of the two dice will roll a greater number- red and blue.
  • Once you’ve set your bets, the live dealer rolls the dice. then you will be able to see if you have won or not after the result will be displayed on the screen.

Basics Details: BetGames Dice Duel

  • Dice duel is completely a luck-based live stream game, which has no control over the outcome.
  • With 2.25 odds, the major red/blue bets provide some of the most consistent returns.
  • There is a high possibility of risk and reward options provided by the total scale of bets.

Where To Play Dice Dual?

There are several platforms and tons of casinos where you can play BetGames dice duel. you can play this real-time live stream game on web browsers. The game can be operated on almost all categories of devices such as mobile, desktop/pc, tablets, etc.

All you need is a good internet connection and basic details that help you to get a good reward. Our team always recommends you go with trustworthy, licensed, and certified sites for a secure and genuine real-time live gaming experience.

There are some best online betting apps and platforms such as BetBarter which offers a variety of online-based games on one site.  Betbarter provides easy user navigation which makes your casino gaming experience at its best level.


BetGames “Dice Duel” is a Globally well-known simple and impressive streaming featured real-time live stream game. The game is played with red and blue dice.

There is main three-bet (Winning numbers, Odd/Even combination, and Total bet).

The major fundamentals, and rules that described shortly in this article. These pieces of information and tips will be beneficial for those who’re new to dice duel online sites. Real-time live games would be more fun and entertaining if you have a proper strategy and decision-making ability.

If you’re looking forward to jumping into live casinos and prepared to go with gambling platforms, here we recommend you to choose BetBarter..

Betbarter is a completely secured and trustworthy betting site incorporated under the laws of Curacao. The developers’ team always being concerned to make this web platform more reliable to gamblers globally.

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Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.