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What is Darts Betting? Learn the Darts Betting Strategies for Maximum Payouts

July 30, 2021

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Introduction to Darts Online Betting

There are several darts online betting sites in India that offer competitive odds for all the major tournaments in the sport. 

Dart is one of the fast-paced sporting events that is gaining huge traction in India. There isn’t a month without a darts tournament taking place globally and enthralling the real fan of darts.

Darts online betting

Eric Bristow, Michael van Gerwen and Phil Taylor are some of the distinguished players of darts and thousands of darts enthusiasts flock to a tournament to watch them.

The PDC (Professional Darts Council) World dart championship is the most renowned tournament where a winner can grab £500,000. This big-money tournament has a broad global appeal because it features the world’s outstanding players, making the competition nail-biting.

With just a little bit of knowledge, one can make a consistent profit from betting on darts like betting on cricket after knowing the online cricket betting tips.

This darts betting guide can help both novice and seasoned bettors alike.

So without much ado, let’s delve deeper into darts betting.

Popular Darts Betting Market Offered by Sportsbook

Here we have outlined the popular darts betting market offered by an online sportsbook in India.

Correct Score 

This is one of the popular darts bets in which you have to guess the game’s final score correctly. The sportsbook will post something like this Player A: 7 / Player B: 11.

If you feel like Player A will score 7, you can put your bet on it and the same for B. Since it is not easy to predict the exact score, this bet is risky, but it comes with a benefit. You will receive a substantial payout if you guess the correct score. 

Match Winner  

The Match Winner bet is undeniably the easiest bet in dart where you have to place your bet predicting which of the two players will win the match. You merely have to choose either player A or Player B to win the match. If the outcome comes in your favor, you’ll win your bet. 

In some tournaments, you will find a provision of draw bets where you can bet, predicting the match to end in a draw.

You can go for the draw bet but remember that the darts matches rarely end in a tie. Unless two favourites compete against each other, the probability of a match ending in a draw is significantly less. 


The bookmakers know the trade of leveling the playing field when one player is much stronger than the other. When such is the case, they offer the handicap bet by giving the underdog a notional head start and favourite with longer match odds.

For example, in a match between Michael Van Gerwen and MVG, the bookies set a -2.5 handicap on Gerwan. To win the bet on Gerwan, he must win the match by a 3-0 margin.

Most 180’s

The highest score any player can hit on a dart is 180. So every player competing in a dart tournament aims to achieve this score. If you choose to bet on this market, you will be betting on a total number of 180s for an individual player.

The sportsbook will generally post “the total number of 180” that players are likely to score during the match. All you have to do is pick either over 180 (Player scoring above 180) or Under 180 (Player scoring below 180) than the published amount. 

Suppose you bet on under 180 and a player score below this margin; you will win your bet, and the same goes for over 180 scores.

Highest Player Checkout

This bet involves betting on the highest checkout in a match scored by a player. Checkout is crucial to win a leg and to achieve this, a player needs to finish on a double.

A player can, at maximum, achieve 170 checkout points which consist of two initial treble 20s, followed by a bullseye. However, it is not easy to achieve 170 checkouts for any player.

Popular Darts Tournament

JanuaryBDO World Championship
January to FebruaryThe Masters
February to MayPremier League
February to NovemberPlayers Championship Series
MarchUK Open Finals
MayGerman Darts Masters
May and JuneWorld Cup of Darts
JulyNorth American Championship
JulyUS Darts Masters
JulyShanghai Darts Masters
JulyWorld Matchplay
AugustAustralian & New Zealand Series
SeptemberChampions League of Darts
September to OctoberWorld Grand Prix
OctoberEuropean Championship
NovemberWorld Series of Darts Finals
NovemberGrand Slam of Darts
December to JanuaryPDC World Championship

Darts Betting Strategies for Maximum Payouts

It is important to know the darts betting strategy to gain the upper hand in the betting process and make wise betting decisions. Below you’ll find some useful betting strategies to help you on your darts betting escapade. 

Understand the Sport

If you are new to darts betting and darts in general, make sure to know the ins and outs of the game before making bets. Darts is a precision sport where players compete for achieving the best scores throwing darts from a distance of seven feet, nine and a quarter inches. 

You may think – what’s a big deal to throw dart simply on the board. Give it a second thought. Can you consistently hit targets that are below one-inch square and accumulate 501 points in a few throws as possible? 

Research the Market

All of the major darts tournaments will be covered by your favourite betting sites and bookmakers, so you must select which market to bet on. Consider going through the above-mentioned betting markets and choose the one that best suits your style. 

Analyze the Statistics

If you are serious about winning darts bet, you have to make an in-depth analysis of players’ statistics, current form, head-to-head records and possible injuries.

It is also equally important to research the mental aspect of the player as some players cannot endure the pressure of a big event. As a result, they can show subpar games and miserably fail you with your bet. 

Additionally, it is better to do a bit of study about the tournament format. It offers better insight into the players who might have excellent records in specific formats of the game. While one format may suit one player, the same format may not go well with another. 

Final Thoughts

Hope this guide helps you to become a successful dart bettor. Remember to apply the tips mentioned above and make the most out of your darts betting experience. 

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Most importantly, play responsibly and keep track of your expenses to avoid accumulating unnecessary debt. 

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.