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Transfer period: The dates of the top-5 European leagues

July 16, 2020

Written By,

Rui Sousa

The restrictions caused by COVID-19 had an impact on all the economy sectors around the world and the football industry is not an exception. One of the main and most important points was the redefinition of the transfer windows. The delays caused by the competition breaks followed by the different resume dates, forced directors to find different solutions to solve the transfer period issues. Find out the dates of the top five European leagues transfer period.

Premier League

In England, the transfer market will open on July 27, one day after the end of this season’s Premier League. According to UEFA’s rules, the transfer period could be extended until October 5 and the English clubs will be able to buy or sell players until that day.

Regarding the initial plan (10 June / 1 September), the transfer window will be shortened by two weeks. The clubs will have less time to plan the next season. However, some clubs have already announced some of the main transfers for the next season. Chelsea is the biggest example and already confirmed the signings of Timo Werner and Hakim Ziyech.

La Liga

In Spain, there is yet to define the date to open the transfer window. There is only one certainty. It will be after the end of official competitions. As for the closing date, it will be on October 5, according to UEFA limits.

Ligue 1

In contrast to the other major leagues, in France, the championship was canceled and the officials decided that the transfer period would be open on June 29 until September 1. However, according to UEFA rules, this period could be extended to October 5.

Serie A

The Italian championship was the last one on this list to be resumed after the Coronavirus break. Serie A ends on August 2, but any transfer will be official until September. Still, many agreements will likely be prepared and signed during this period. Like the other main competitions, the transfer period will close on October 5.


Among the major European leagues, the Bundesliga was the first to resume and also the first to finish.

The Germans decided to split the transfer window into two parts. The first starts on July 1 and allows to make official some of the agreements already made. The second part starts from July 15 until October 5.

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Written By,

Rui Sousa