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Top 5 Cricket Betting Strategy for Beginners

September 7, 2020

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

In this article, we will discuss top cricket betting strategy and tips that will help any beginner to maximize their winning odds in online cricket betting. So, stick with us to the very end of this article.

Popularity of Online Cricket Betting in India

The vast majority of Indian people love to play and watch cricket as it is the most worshipped sport in India. From domestic to International matches, the overwhelming support of the Indian fans for their favourite team reflects the significance of cricket in their lives. 

Apart from watching cricket matches, these days many Indian people have started to turn their passion for cricket into a profitable income source through online betting. 

Whether it’s IPL or other leagues and tournaments, many Indians are looking for the top online betting app that provides smooth and best-betting experience.

Top Cricket Betting Strategy and Tips

Before going through the top cricket betting strategies, we want to clear the air by saying that there is no any strategy that guarantees your winning. However, cricket betting or any other sports betting is not like casino slot games that are completely luck-based.

Although the luck factor matters in cricket betting, any beginner can maximize his/her chances of winning and reduce unnecessary risks by applying the best cricket betting strategy.

If you want to make money betting on cricket, then you have to apply the right cricket betting strategy. 


The following article will guide you to top 5 cricket betting strategies that you can apply to make a considerable profit from online cricket betting. 

1. Read Up and Research Likely Conditions 

Cricket is a sport which is mostly affected by the playing condition and weather. Those who bet on cricket are well aware of these two things. Before placing their bets, they gauge the weather and analyze the possible match outcomes. 

So, after the match venue is announced, you have to research about the weather condition of that location. If two teams are playing a 3 or 5 days test match, it may rain in the second or fifth day. So, it is crucial to find out the impacts of rain on match duration. 

Location wise, in some countries, the sun goes deep down the hill early at day compared to other places. In such circumstances, the team has to recover the lost overs in the remaining days of a Test. Some location may have a torrential downpour which can wipe out entire days play. Therefore, you have to check for the rainy seasons before putting your wager. 

On the contrary, you shouldn’t bet on the match outcomes believing in the rumours of the potential rain. A dark cloud and drizzle is the sign of a torrential downpour but putting off your bet on its basis is not a wise thing to do. The cloud cover benefits the seam bowlers to swing the ball effectively in the pitch. If one of the team is going on an excellent run rate, a match will less likely end in a draw.

2. Ground History & the Pitch

Along with weather condition, the ground history and pitch condition also affects the gameplay in cricket. Such things should be analyzed before choosing the market odds. 

Pitch and ground surface varies from place to place that may alter the player’s performance. Some grounds favour fast bowlers to deliver steep bounce and pace bowling while some ground can be slow. Taking an example of the ground of Cape Town or Adelaide, it has relatively slow nature that assists batsman to hit blistering shots during a match. 

Some grounds are ideal for swing bowlers that put batsmen at difficulty. Basin reserve stadium of Willington, New Zealand and Trend Bridge stadium of Nottingham, England are perfect venues for the swing bowlers. On the contrary, Galle stadium of Sri Lanka and Chittagong in Bangladesh are best fields for spin bowlers due to its dry surface pitch. The hot and dry weather of this place makes the ground surface dry. 

The SSC of Sri Lanka and Sheik Zayad stadium of Abu Dhabi is a paradise for batsmen due to its flat surface. However, in limited over matches, we have to anticipate the match type and weather considering high scoring and low scoring match venues while online sports betting India.

3. The Toss 

Any team can win the toss in cricket and that toss may influence the outcome of a cricket match. In a Test match, any team will have an opportunity to boost their scoreboard by winning toss and batting first.

First batting team can take control of the game by stopping their opponent from registering a big score. Bowling at the end on a naturally deteriorated pitch assists bowlers to deliver their best line and length. 

Sometimes losing toss is not a great deal at all. If a team captain is not familiar with a pitch and its impacts on the game, then losing a toss might get worthy. 

Further, the overhead cloud and green grass surface could be challenging for a batsman. Some grounds make batting easy but hard to defend the score. In such case, the second batting team can take advantage of it.

If they have big-hitting batsman, they can rotate the strike while maintaining the lower run rate and find smooth boundaries at the end of the overs. 

A toss can go in anybody’s favour, but a team’s captain and a punter should consider the following thing to tilt the odds in their favor. 

  • Green pitch assists seam bowlers but gives tough time to a batsman. 
  • Bare and Yellow Pitch makes the batting condition easy. 
  • Cracked Pitch can open up during the game, assisting bowlers in delivering bouncers. 
  • Cloudy weather could be a great advantage for Swing bowlers 

4. Forms of Teams & Players

This is another great cricket betting strategy or tip that you have to consider before placing any bets on cricket matches or events. Remember that knowledge is a key to successful sports betting and it is important to have knowledge about the forms and performance of competing teams and players to make smart cricket betting decisions

Certain types of batsmen and bowlers shine in a particular ground surface. You have to do your research about the players, their favourite venue and their previous records on that specific location. Sometimes the opposition will have to struggle to play a specific type of bowlers. 

The opposing team playing against the home favourites may find it challenging to compete and wrestle back after losing the first match in a series. The touring side deprived of live fan supports could feel alienated in away games. So, before betting on cricket, consider this factor as well. 

5. Increase Your Chances of Winning with In-Play or Live Betting

You can bet any time during the match depending on the main factors such as run rate, wicket lost, and Session runs. These broad markets allow you to use your cricketing knowledge and bet responsibly while watching the live gaming action.  

Live betting provides you more opportunities to make winnings. Watch the game and go with the flow of the game. Do not be emotional and biased by backing up your favourite team at all cost. Observe how the odds change and make smart cricket live bets.


Online Cricket betting does require some effort but it also gives you chance of winning massive amount of money.

Applying these five cricket betting strategies, you can maximize your winning prospect in any format of the match. If you are still not sure where to place your cricket bet then visit for IPL betting online & other major cricket tournaments. 

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Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.