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Top 3 hilarious Gareth Bale moments at Real Madrid

July 15, 2020

Written By,

Rui Sousa

Gareth Bale’s head seems definitely out of Real Madrid. Or the Welsh seem to have lost his ability to think. In the last weeks, Bale is not taking things seriously at Real Madrid and he’s having some good time stealing the show from the bench. In the field, Real Madrid is very close to winning the Spanish League, but Bale didn’t play a single minute in the last five games.

The relationship with Zidane it’s not easy. Never was. But seems to be at the lowest levels ever, or getting worse week after week. Also, the relationship with Real Madrid fans is difficult and seems to reach a non-returning point. Why? Get to know some Bale´s hilarious moments at Real Madrid.

Looking for something?

Last Monday, Real Madrid took another important step towards La Liga title, after beating Granada (2-1). The Merengues have a four-point advantage over Barcelona with only two matches left to play. But, on the sideline, and with no prospects of getting some minutes, Gareth Bale looked like a five-year-old child who found a new toy. He used a toilet paper roll to simulate some binoculars and start looking around. Looking for what? Perhaps he was trying to find a way out of Real Madrid.

A little siesta

In Spain, many criticize Gareth Bale for not fitting into the Real Madrid or Spanish culture, but the Welshman made it clear that this is not true. Here he is taking a well-deserved nap while Real Madrid plays against Alaves.

To make sure he wasn’t disturbed, Bale used his face mask to cover his eyes. Please, don´t disturb!

The flag

What is the best way to celebrate Wales’ qualification for Euro 2020? Bale considered that he would have to do it with his country flag that shown his priorities (by order of importance). “Wales. Golf. Madrid. ” could read. The moment was truly iconic, but in Madrid, it was taken very seriously.

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Written By,

Rui Sousa