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Top 10 Upcoming Esports Games for Betting Online

September 27, 2021

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta


Esports (or electronic sports) is a form of competition with the utilization of video games.

New competitive video games are popping up every now and then while the existing e-sports are being upgraded into new versions with the same old titles. With the game being released all the time, betting on e-sports game in best online casino is getting much popular.

In this article, we will discuss about the top 10 upcoming & existing e-sports games that you can bet online to win real money in India.

Top 10 Upcoming Esports Games

The Esports gaming world is constantly expanding with the new games being released. Although not all the games will be able to make it in the list of successful Esports games, here are the top 10 highly ones:

League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift has gathered extreme popularity, mostly among the League of Legends fans. Wild Rift is loved for its thrilling, fast-paced gameplay and its pleasing aesthetic look.

Wild Rift can be a great upcoming alternative to the more established Mobile Legends. Riot games have already announced the Wild Rift game to be a sustaining Esports MOBA game.

Hence, the players are looking forward to kick starting their gaming and betting career in this upcoming game.

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is yet another great Esports game to be on. This is the sixth title in the Halo franchise and it is ready to set things up.

The Halo championship series will be a great starting journey to Halo Infinite’s limitless potential for Esports strategies.

If you love the concept of spacesuits and sci-fi mercenaries in the games, then Halo Infinite is the upcoming Esports game to bet on.

Call Of Duty Warzone

Because of the game’s specialty in customizable weaponry, Warzone stands high on our list of upcoming Esports games.

Warzone stands relatively high when it comes to Battle Royals and first-person shooter games. From muzzles to magazines, every weapon offers players a sense of supervision.

Warzone is definitely one of the best upcoming Esports games bet on and it should be on your bucket list of upcoming esports games.

PUBG Mobile (New State)

PUBG Mobile needs no introduction as it has become one of the most played games all over the world. The classic shooter game is adapted into mobile game genre goodness.

Players can easily whip out their phones for a quick match of PUBG during breaks and could be aspiring PUBG Mobile pro players.

The PUBG New State is expected to rise to great lengths and it can be a great upcoming game that you can place your bets on.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys features fun clumsy characters which make players think it might be a children’s game. But don’t fall for its looks as the game has gathered many streamers and professional players’ just weeks after its launch.

Fall Guys is a Royale battle game that involves a series of challenges. Here each one disqualifies a certain number of players till just one remains. Fall Guys might look the cutest, yet it is the most intense and competitive game.

Hence, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a highly-anticipated Esports game to bet on.

Hearth Stone

Released in 2014, Hearthstone is another great option for Esports bettors. The game has been one of the factors responsible for its huge success as a digital collectible game (CCG).

Here the users can play against each other on various devices like PC, Mac, iOS, and Androids and if you want to add a tournament or team to the filter, you can simply go into the match and select your favourite.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a popular free multiplayer online battle game played all around the world. Dota 2 started its life out as an autonomous sequel to a WarCraft 3 mod known as the Defense of the Ancients. Now in recent times, it records over 10 million concurrent players per month.

It was also the top live-streamed esports on Twitch in April 2017.


Trackmania may be an old franchise to be in this upcoming esports games article but the approaching Trackmania might be the next big thing after belting down for the past decade.

Thanks to the ESWC and its dedicated record-setting community, the game has always had a loyal following and was never forgotten in the past years.

Eventually, players are returning to old Trackmania titles like TM Nations and TM Nations Forever, and the approaching Trackmania is expected to set new records and re-start the players driving career.

Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor goes by many other names and was formerly known as the Strike of Kings. Developed by the Timi Studio, the game is played as a 3D multiplayer game.

Players who are passionate about the game can hold their own informal competitions. And on the pro level, two main esports events evoke worldwide attention.

The competitions in these games are exciting on many different levels. The tournaments offer some substantial prizes considering it is designed as a mobile esports game.

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V (SFV) is an iconic and one of the most delightful esports games to place your bets on.

In the game’s tournament, two players will battle with each other over three to five rounds. During the battle, players use series of physical button inputs to move, defend, attack, and use special moves to their opponents.

Street Fighter V will be a great esports option for players who are passionate about street battles.

Where can I find the best online casino to bet on esports games?

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The above-discussed are the top 10 upcoming or new esports games that you can place your bets on. Many of these games are yet to come but have already gathered high expectations from the audiences.

If you are new to esports betting, research how to bet on your favourite esport. BetBarter has published some great esports betting guides and tips on the blog site which we highly recommend reading before placing a real money bet on any esports title.

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If you play live Betgames, read our article on Betgames tips to know how you can improve your gameplay.

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.