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The Ultimate Scratch Cards Terms and Glossary Guide

April 29, 2022

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta


Scratch card is one of the simplest and easy-to-understand games online. It is as simple as you just have to press scratch to experience the gameplay. However, the players should know additional gaming terms and glossary used in Scratch Card to play wisely in this game. If you want to learn the terms and slang words used in the game, read the guide below!

The Ultimate Scratch Cards Terms and Glossary Guide

The best online casino sites  provide this game on their gaming list. This unique game is also known as scratch tickets, scratch-offs, or scratchies which become more popular in various parts of the world.

In this game, the layer of paint, plastic, or latex is scratched by the participant to show the hidden message under a given panel.

Then the player tries to match that revealed code pattern with their winning combination to win the rewards.

This game is gaining popularity among several players and players must have to know the fundamentals and rules before playing the game to increase more winning chances.

We all have to admit that this game is designed for entertainment purposes and players are engaged in it because it is a simple feature.

Players have to buy the card from the store in a traditional card game. Modern scratch card is converted into the digital platform as an online game which is a more effective and quick response to the fast withdrawal of winnings.

New scratch cards are completely well-crafted by design, graphics, and themes whereas old classic scratch card games follow the traditional format.

Why are Scratch Cards So Popular?

Scratch cards are a very simple and low-cost game that is popular in several countries. The popularity of the game is not only because of these features but this is also because the game provides an instant winning opportunity to the players.

Despite the cost-effectiveness that attracts many fans, there has been a shift toward the buying of more expensive scratch cards, which can cost as much as $20 or $30 and offer prizes in the millions of dollars.

Scratch Cards Money Management Guide

You should be aware of managing your money in this beautiful colorful gameplay. You could lose your money so easily if you have very less knowledge about the money managing functions.

  • You always have to consider your bankroll that could help you to sustain the game for so long. Players have to fix the amount that will be put in for an entire season. Money can be managed based on the number of games they’re going to play so they can manage their fund accordingly.
  • Money Management is your predicted betting that could be lost during the gameplay. Always play with money that you can afford to lose whereas the game is a scratch card or other online games. Don’t engage with the game while losing money consistently.
  • You need to practice to be perfect in different things. Indeed, the finest thing that a new player can do to learn is to practice with free versions of the game.
  • Don’t focus on the big wins because only focusing on these could make you more disappointed in the end. If a jackpot card takes up 10-20 % of your budget then you can bet on jackpot cards.

The Ultimate Scratch Cards Terms

Printed scratch tickets

A printed scratch card is a physical ticket with scratch to reveal parts to be used in a jackpot.

These papers are in the shape of tickets with a section hidden behind a thin layer of plastic or latex that is scratched to reveal the secret information.

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Online scratch tickets

Online scratch tickets are a completely digital version of this game. In this term, players can be played by clicking on a specific area. Scratch cards have to be exposed virtually to decide the rewards.

Web-based online scratch cards

This kind of scratch card is very similar to online scratch tickets. The scenario in this term is that players can play directly via web browsers without any specific applications or loading of any other issue. But the browser requires to support browser plugin Flash which helps to display the web-based games.

Download-based online scratch cards

Players have to download the application first to play these terms of scratch cards. Once players download the applications, the online scratch program will be connected to the application without any browser support.

Scratch panel

This is the area of the scratch ticket that is covered with latex (commonly used), that could be scratched away to reveal the information. This is one of the major terms.


The uncovered action of the scratch panel is known as “scratch”. Players are physically revealed on the printed version game but in the online gaming version, players can scratch the card by using a mouse or keyboard or some of the sites have automatically triggered features.

Scratch Card Odds

In most card promotions, the odds of winning are printed on most of the tickets. This information is provided to the player to determine the player’s odds of winning the game.


Each scratch card has a set of winning combinations that refers to the payments. Players need to have specified multipliers as a reward to participate in the promotions. The paytable is researched to decide a winner in a lottery where a player must reveal a specific code to qualify for a payout.


The wager is known as a buy-in or ticket cost which represents the fixed cost of the card. The most printed version has only the actual price but in an online version of the game, chips could be acquired by clicking various price ranges.


Max is a term that can place your bet in the maximum range.


Jackpot is the grand winning reward that can be generated by matching a specific combination and only the limited participant can get a chance to win this big payout based on their luck.

How To Play Online Scratch Cards?

Scratch cards online are based on a 3×3 grid in which players must discover a specific number of matching symbols or a single instant-win symbol. The modern version of the game also operated in that concept but nowadays modern games are released with a much new variety of forms and features which make more exciting gameplay.

Most of these games have the same rules that winning is defined by the matching symbols but on the other hand, some have added new features such as bonus reels or multiple rounds. A bonus round is a fun feature that allows you to win more rewards.

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The ultimate Scratch Cards is one of the easiest and simple games which can be played online and physically both ways. We already described the basic game structure above. The game has very simple terms that one should know before starting the game.

You can get this game option to most online casinos globally. Also, the developers are working hard to create many new concepts for ultimate scratch card games with more new interesting features.

Several platforms are available for scratch cards but make sure to choose only the best and most secure online platform to join with. Sites like BetBarter India is a popular and trustworthy online betting site where you can play your favorite casinos and live dealer games with great features and instructions. Sign up now and share your experience with us!

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.