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Texas Holdem Terminology: Glossary and Terms You Should Know

April 10, 2022

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Ultimate Texas Holdem is a table-based variation of the classic live bet on poker game that allows players to go head-to-head with the live dealer.

This is the game of choice for many poker fans as Texas Holdem offers players with multiple betting possibilities, a large selection of table limits, and can be played within a short span of time.

However, most of the unusual terms and jargons used at the Texas Holdem tables might be confusing for newcomers.

Therefore, in this article, we’ve put together this glossary of Texas holdem to help you understand some of the terms and phrases you might not be acquainted with.

Interested Texas holdem players may feel free to use this article as a base for recognizing and navigating the important terminologies used in the game. This will help you to understand the overall game as well as boosts your winning possibilities.

Essential Texas Holdem Terms:

Below is the glossary of all the important terminologies used while playing Texas holdem for real money online. Keep this list handy in case you come across or hear a word you weren’t familiar before in the live game.

Let’s begin with the glossary now!

  • Ace in the Hole:

When one of a player’s two hole cards is an ace, the player is said to have an ace in the hole.

  • Add On:

Players can select to add on to various casino tournaments in this game. After paying some amount, players will be able to receive a fixed number of extra tournament chips. It usually happens towards the end of the re-purchase period.

  • Action:

The action refers to the entire amount of money in a hand or on the table. This also implies that when it’s a player’s turn in a poker game, the action is on them.

  • Air:

To have a hand that is of no real value.

  • Ante:

Before the cards are dealt, all participants must make an additional compulsory bet called as “ante”. This bet is made in addition to the blinds, resulting in a larger pot and more activity.

  • All in:

All in refers to a player betting all of their remaining chips in a no-limit game. This can be done either verbally or by throwing all of your chips into the pot.

  • Angle Shooting:

Making an unlawful move in order to obtain additional information or to cheat is simply called as angle shooting.

  • Backdoor:

To build a good hand, player should use the turn and river cards in order. A backdoor flush might be achieved by striking two additional hearts.

  • Bad Beat:

Bad beat occurs when a player with a bad hand beats a player who has a statistically better hand.

  • Bankroll:

A player’s Texas holdem bankroll is the amount of money he or she has set aside to play this game.

  • Betting on the come:

Placing the bet in hopes of specific communal cards falling and completing a stronger hand which players don’t have previously.

  • Big Blind:

This is big forced blind bet on the game. The player who is two spots to the left of the dealer button places this bet.

  • Blank:

A blank is the card that is normally dealt on the river or turn and has no impact on the active players’ present hands.

  • Blinds:

The two players on the dealer’s left must make forced bets in every hand to ensure action. The blinds are what they’re called.

  • Bluff:

By betting and acting in a specific way, you can fool the opposing player or players into thinking you have a better hand than you have. This is called as bluff here.

  • Board:

The board refers to the community cards that are face-up on the poker table. The flip, turn, and river are examples of these.

  • Boat:

A full house in poker is referred to as boat in slang.

  • Broadway:

Broadway denotes to a straight line from ten to ace.

  • Bullets:

The bullet is a slang for a pair of aces. It usually refers to as pocket aces or hole cards.

  • Burn Card:

The dealer burns a card by placing the top card of the deck aside before the flop, turn, and river. This procedure assures that no card stacking or cheating takes place.

  • Bust:

When you lose all of your chips in a tournament, you bust.

  • Button:

A white disc that identifies a player as the dealer for the current hand. This individual will also pass out the cards for that hand in a home game.

  • Buy-In:

You must spend cash to participate in a poker cash game or tournament which is called as “Buy-in”.

  • Call:

A call is when you match another player’s wager. To move the hand forward, you must either call or fold.

  • Case Card:

The deck’s last card of a particular rank. Examples include the fourth six and the fourth king.

  • Check:

It’s a check if you don’t place your stake and instead pass the game to the next player on the left. Players can accomplish this by tapping with their hands or shouting check.

  • Check Raise:

A check-raise is when you check to another player and then raise their stake. It’s seen as a bold play that demonstrates a strong hand.

  • Chips:

Small plastic or clay discs used in poker games to represent real value. Tournament chips vary from regular casino chips as it consists more value.

  • Chop:

When two players are dealt the identical hand, the pot is split in half, and each player receives an equal sum. This action is called as chop.

  • Coin Flip:

When two players put everything on the table and both have a good chance of winning. This usually happens when one player has a pocket pair and the other has high-suited connectors.

  • Connectors:

Connectors, such as 9 and 10, are two cards that are in sequence.

  • Continuation Bet:

A common Texas holdem game in which a pre-flop bettor or raiser bets again on the flop. It’s also known as a C bet.

  • Cooler:

When there are two or more powerful hole cards in a hand, this refers to as cooler. This frequently leads to all-in bets and calls, as well as a lot of action.

  • Cowboys:

This is called as the pair of kings in the game.

  • Cut Off:

At a Texas holdem table, the position to the right of the dealer button is known as cut off.

  • Dead Man’s Head:

The dead man’s hand consists of aces and eights. These are the cards that Wild Bill was said to be holding at the time he was shot dead at the poker table.

  • Deuce:

The two is called as deuce in this game.

  • Draw/Drawing:

Draw takes place when you require one or more cards to form a five-card poker hand.

  • Ducks:

Also known as the pair of twos.

  • Fish:

A poker player who is inexperienced and weak.

  • Float:

Calling a bet with no genuine hand in the hopes of winning later in the round via bluffing.

  • Flop:

After all of the pre-flop betting has taken place, three cards are dealt face-up on the table. This action is called as flop.

  • Flush:

A five-card hand in which all of the cards are of the same suit.

  • Four of a kind:

These are four cards with the same rank.

  • Fourth Street:

The fourth card dealt face-up on the board.

  • Full House:

This occurs when five-card hand consists of three of a kind and a pair.

  • Free-roll:

A free-roll is a tournament that is completely free to participate, as well as a hand in which you can only win or lose based on your current position.

  • Grinder:

A player who continuously wins little sums of money by playing basic game over long period of time.

  • Gut Shot:

A gut shot straight draw occurs when you have four cards to a straight and the final card you need is in the center of the other ranks. An inside straight draw is another name for this.

  • Hand:

In any poker game, a hand can refer to one of three things. A hand is a round of play, a hand is a player’s cards, and a hand is a player’s final five-card rating.

  • Heads Up:

In a regular Texas Holdem hand, when only two individuals are left, they play heads-up poker.

  • Heater:

When a player hits a lot of strong hands and wins a lot of pots, he/she is said to be the heater.

  • Hole cards:

At the start of the poker hand, the players are dealt two face-down cards from the dealer which is known as the hole cards.

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  • Hooks:

Also known as the pair of jacks.

  • Kicker:

When two players have the identical poker hand, the unused card in the hand determines who wins. In a two- or three-card hand, you may also utilize numerous kickers to determine who wins.

  • Late Position:

Last person to act in this game.

  • No Limit:

In no-limit Texas Holdem, you can stake any amount you choose.

  • Nuts:

Having the best hand possible depending on the face-up cards on the board is referred as nuts.

  • Outs:

The number of cards in the deck that a player can use to create a winning hand.

  • Pot Odds:

The difference between the amount of money in the pot and the amount of time a player has to make a decision. Pot odds can assist players in deciding whether or not to call with a certain hand.

  • Quads:

Four of a kind.

  • Rags:

Bad cards that don’t help and can’t help you build a nice hand.

  • River:

The final card on the board is dealt face-up which is called as river here. It is also known as Fifth Street.

  • Royal Flush:

This is the highest-ranking poker hand which has ten to ace of the same suit in a straight way.

  • Set:

Set is called when three of a kind along with two of them are in a player’s hole cards.

  • Showdown:

Revealing of cards to decide winner.

  • Stack:

The total number of chips a player has at the table.

  • Straddle:

Straddle bet is one that occurs to the left of the large blind and is normally double the size of the big blind bet.

  • Streets:

The cards that are dealt face-up on the board are referred to as “street cards.” The river is called “Fifth Street,” and the bend is called “Fourth Street.

  • Tight Aggressive:

A common poker strategy in which players are highly conservative with their beginning hands and pot entries. They bet and raise aggressively regardless of what comes up on the board.

  • Tilt:

When players lose a lot of hands, they may become enraged and start playing badly, which is known as tilt.

  • Trips:

Also known as three of a kind.

  • Underdog:

The player that is most likely to lose a poker hand statistically.

  • Wheel:

The lowest straight a player can achieve. An ace, two, three, four, and five make up a wheel.

  • Whale count:

Texas Holdem term to describe a high roller.

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Now that you’ve mastered the terminology, you might be ready to ace the Texas Holdem game as well. Almost all of the terms used while playing are mentioned here.

You may find it difficult to recall all of them at first, but after you begin playing for real money, you will gradually become accustomed to each one of them.

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Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

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