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Teen Patti Variations That You Should Try Out

April 26, 2022

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Teen Patti is definitely one of the most commonly played card games in India. These are incredibly played in the best online casino sites in India and also in many other south Asian countries. And the fact that Teen Patti comes with so many variations online, makes it more exciting and appealing.

If you are interested in learning the different popular variations of Teen Patti, read this article below. You can try these few popular variations to spice up your game, whether you are playing online or at land-based casinos.

So without any further, let’s get started with the first one!



This is one popular Teen Patti variation among players. The game is different from the traditional Teen Patti where your goal will be to get as close to the number 9-9-9 as possible. The player getting a complete hand closest to 9-9-9 wins the game.

With this, the variant becomes similar to Blackjack in the way that you need to reach the number closest to 21 in Blackjack in order to win. In this variation, the face cards are counted as zero, the A is counted as one and all the other remaining cards are counted as their numbers. This variation also allows you to change the order of your cards.

3-2-1 Teen Patti


3-2-1 Teen Patti is another popular variant of Teen Patti that comes with a completely different set of rules. Here all players are dealt six cards each and as they proceed, the cards are divided into three parts. The first dealt set will consist of standard three cards, the second will have two and the third part will consist of the one last card.

After the dealing of the cards is over, the players can then start to place their bets. To win in 3-2-1, a player should have the highest hand value in at-least two rounds. If no player wins two rounds, the game will be repeated over.

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Revolving Joker Teen Patti


Revolving Joker is among the many variations of Teen Patti that revolves around the Joker (wild card). This variation almost follows the same rules as the traditional Teen Patti except that the Jokers aren’t the same during the game.

The game begins with the dealer placing three Jokers on the table, and the game continues normally. The Jokers are changed to the new ones once a player folds or packs. This process continues till there are only two players left or when the pot reaches its exceeding limit.

Stud Teen Patti

Stud Teen Patti is common among players and it usually comes with its own two variants: Three-card stud and Five-card stud. The players receive the same three cards as usual in a three-card stud where there is one card is dealt face-up and two cards dealt face-down. The face-up cards are also known as street cards and the face-down cards are called hole cards.

Five-card stud on the other hand uses 5 cards in which the two cards are dealt face-down and three are dealt face-up. Players can start their games after all the cards are dealt with, and the rules are the same as in the traditional Teen Patti game. 

Sudden Death


The sudden death is played with a pack of 52 decks of cards. Here the dealer shuffles and deals with the 52 cards and the players will be getting 13 cards each.

The players in this game particularly hold their cards between ring finger and thumb finger while placing the cards on the table. All the players play while dropping their cards one after another. This continues until one of the other players shouts “stop”. Once the first player shouts “stop” you stop dropping cards.

Discard One


In the “Discard One” version of Teen Patti, instead of 3 cards, the dealer deals with four cards instead. The player here will be picking the best three cards from the hand and discarding the 4th card. All the players here must play chaal (see the cards) as they all have seen their cards, You can even learn some useful Teen Patti betgames tips to enhance your odds even more.

Cobra Teen Patti

This variant of Teen Patti is also known as Maatha (Forehead). Before the game starts, players agree on a specific betting amount and each of them puts their part in the pot. After the bet is placed, the dealer begins to deal with one card each for all players. This variant basically requires the players to place their cards on their forehead, without checking the cards. Every player here can see the opponent’s card but not their own. The player who has the highest value card wins the game.

4X Boot Teen Patti


This final Teen Patti variant in our article is best for players who like to play for big boots or pots. Its gameplay is the same as the traditional Teen Patti and all the rules apply for this variation too. The only difference here is its boot size. As the name 4X Boot Teen Patti suggests, the boot is 4x times the value of a regular Teen Patti. 


As Teen Patti’s popularity grows amongst the players in the world, new Teen Patti variants keep popping up every now and then. These are the few popular ones we talked about but there is other so many out there that you can look for online. Meanwhile, you can try out any of these variants provided in this article. As all of these Teen Patti variants are easy to understand and play, anyone including a beginner can play these. All you need to do is learn the basic Teen Patti rules and you are good to go.

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Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.