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Teen Patti live Game – Guide, Strategy, Tips & Tricks To Win Real Money In India

October 23, 2020

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

What is Teen Patti Game?

Teen Patti live game has gained massive popularity in the Indian online gambling card games community, and it has become one of the top live casino games in India.

teen Patti tips and tricks

Teen Patti’ means three cards in Hindi, and it is a competitive game where the player with the best combination of three cards wins the pot.

Teen Patti is originated in India and it also goes by other names ‘Flush’ or ‘Flash‘. The rules of Teen Patti are similar to that of a British card game known as ‘3 Card Brag’.

Teen Patti can also be considered as a simplified version of Poker.

Guide To Play Teen Patti Live Game

If you don’t know how to play Teen Patti card game with its various chances of winning real money – don’t worry this article will guide you. This content will be a comprehensive Teen Patti guide for any Teen Patti online casino game lovers.

To play Teen Patti Live casino game, you have to choose a legitimate online casino that offers Teen Patti Live. Register and create your account in the best online casino. Fund your account via any deposit method offered by your chosen online casino for betting.

Depending on the version of Teen Patti Live you have chosen, you can be playing against the dealer or you can be playing with other players as well as the dealer.

A player is dealt 52 cards from a single deck. After accessing Teen Patti Live, you will see a gambling table with betting areas. The round of Teen Patti starts with all participants of the game placing Ante bets (boots).

Next, the dealer deals three cards each to all the players by placing the cards faced down. To make additional bets, players need to bet as equal to the Ante bet.

In Teen Patti Live, the dealer will only stay in a game if the hand of the dealer holds at least a pair of Queens or higher than that.


Ranking Of Hands In Teen Patti

If you want to play Teen Patti online successfully, you have to know the ranking of hands. By knowing the ranking of hands, you will know which card combination helps you to win in a teen patti a round. Playing Teen Patti online real money becomes fun if you know it properly.

Ace is the highest-ranked card and Two is the lowest-ranked card. The ranking of a card increases from 2 to 10. After 10, the ranking increases with J, Q, and K.

Below we have listed the ranking of hands from highest to lowest.

teen patti trio

1. Trio or Trail or Set: It is a combination of three cards of the same rank. It is the highest possible hand in Teen Patti.

Example: Three Queens

Highest-ranked trio: three aces
Lowest-ranked trio: three 2s

pure sequence in teen patti

2. Pure Sequence / Straight Flush / Pakki Round:

Example: Four, Five, and Six of all spades.

Highest-ranked pure sequence: A-K-Q of any same suit
Lowest-ranked pure sequence: 2-3-4 of any same suit
Also, note that 2-A-K is not considered a valid sequence.

3. Sequence / Run: It is a combination of three consecutive cards and not all cards being of the same suit.
Eg: Five of Spades, Six of Hearts, and Seven of Clubs.

sequence run in teen patti

Highest-ranked sequence: A-K-Q
Lowest-ranked sequence: 2-3-4

4. Color / Flush: It is formed by three cards of the same suit.

Example: Four of Clubs, Eight of Clubs, & King of Clubs.

color in teen patti

The highest cards of each color hand are compared to declare the winner among two color hands.

If both the highest cards are equal, then the second-highest cards of each hand are compared.

If they are also equal, then the smallest card of each hand are compared.

Highest-ranked color: A-K-J of the same suit
Lowest-ranked color: 2-3-5 of the same suit

double in teen patti

5. Pair / Double: Two out of three cards are of the same rank.

Example: Five of Clubs, Five of Diamonds, & Seven of Spades.

Highest-ranked pair: A-A-K
Lowest-ranked pair: 2-2-3

6. High Card: If the hand doesn’t form any combination mentioned above, then it falls on this category. The cards don’t even form a pair.

high card in teen patti

Example: Jack of Clubs, Four of Spades, and Two of Diamonds.

If two hands don’t even make pairs, then the highest-ranked cards in both hands are compared.

If they are equal, then their second-highest cards are compared. If they are also equal, then their remaining third cards are compared.

Highest-ranked high card: A-K-J (not all being the same suit)
Lowest-ranked high card: 5-3-2 (not all being the same suit)

Note: Some rankings may vary considering the variations of Teen Patti. Know the ranking of hands if you want to play online Teen Patti real money games.

Teen Patti Gameplay

Teen Patti begins with all players placing a fixed amount of bet that is required to be placed in a pot before the cards are dealt. This amount of bet is called Ante or Boot. After all participants of the game place their bets, the dealer deals three cards to each player by placing cards faced down on the table.

Next, a player in turn has to make a call or a raise. Call means staying in a bet by placing the same ongoing bet amount. If a player wants to raise, then he/she adds more than what was ongoing risking more amount.

Both call and raise are referred to as ‘Chaal’ in Teen Patti. Remember that in Teen Patti, a player needs to make equal bets unless he/she is making a raise.

Players can fold if they don’t want to continue to play with their hands but they will lose the money in the pot. If all players except one fold, then that remaining previous player wins the money in the pot, and the next round begins.

Teen Patti Strategy & Playing Moves

Know about the five recognizable playing moves of Teen Patti mentioned below.

  • Regular Play / Seen Play

Playing seen or regular means placing bets after looking at your dealt cards.

  • Blind Play

Playing blind means placing bets without looking at the dealt cards. The interesting is that the players playing seen have to bet twice the player playing blind to stay in the game.

  • Show

The betting will go on until a player pays for ‘show’ asking to reveal the cards. Then, the players will reveal their cards and compare them. The player having the higher-ranking hand wins the money in the pot.

  • Sideshow

When you ask another player for a sideshow, you request to see the cards of the other player after you have checked yours. The player you ask for sideshow is rightful to either accept or decline your request of a sideshow.

The player requesting sideshow has to wager if he/she wants to stay in the game. A player playing blind can’t request for a sideshow.

  • Tie

This situation arrives when players refuse to perform ‘Show’. The situation will be considered a Tie and the money in the pot will be shared between the players.

Best Sites To Play Teen Patti Live In 2021

Below is the list of the trusted online casinos where you can play Teen Patti Live safely in India.

  • BetBarter India
  • SkyLive Casino
  • Bet4Plus
  • Sky247

Teen Patti Live Tips & Tricks

Although Teen Patti is a chance-based game, you can improve your gameplay by applying Teen Patti game tips. You should set aside a bankroll for playing Teen Patti on real money. This will help you not to lose money that you can’t afford to lose.

If you are playing games like Teen Patti Live, you should know the game rules of the specific variant of Teen Patti live game that you want to play.

Remember that some rules and payouts differ from version to version. Also, if you are playing Teen Patti Live, you are not able to look at the face of your opponents for guessing if they are bluffing or not.

The game continues to be more entertaining if the players are bluffing the cards. This makes a confusion towards other players. Thus, the game will be exciting.

If you are a beginner, then you should start your game with low bets and slowly increase your stake when you get a higher-ranking hand. Also, do not hesitate to use the Sideshow option if you want.

If you haven’t played Teen Patti online, you can try some free Teen Patti games online to be familiar with the rules of the game. After gaining confidence, you can play a Teen Patti live game for real money.


Teen Patti Live is a fun and exciting game that you can play in live casinos in India. Remember the rules of the game before you play Teen Patti live for real money.

Always play Teen Patti live game in a safe and licensed online casino in India. It is recommended that you manage a bankroll for playing Teen Patti live on real money.

Teen Patti Live FAQs

a. How To Play Teen Patti Live Game In India?

First, you learn the basic rules of Teen Patti. Check out some of the trusted and licensed online casinos that offer live games Teen patti to Indian players. You can select a casino from the list we have provided above.

Register to create an online casino account on your best casino site and fund your account for betting.

Click this to know how you can create a new online casino account in India. With an online casino account, you can start playing online Teen Patti real money.

b. Who Are The Best Software Providers For Teen Patti Live?

The top software developers and providers for Live Teen Patti are Super Spade Games, Ezugi, and Betconstruct.

c. Are There Side Bets In Teen Patti Live Game?

Yes, there are side bets in Teen Patti live game. Check out the side bets available and their payouts in the version of Teen Patti Live you want to play. If you are a beginner, side bets might be risky for you.

d. Can I find Bonuses For Playing Teen Patti Online Real Money?

Join the best online casinos to claim exciting bonuses for playing Teen Patti sequence. BetBarter offers exciting bonuses and promotional offers for Indian players. Click this to know how you can utilize online casino bonuses in India to make real money.


Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.