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Expert Tips & Strategies to Win at Online Table Tennis Betting in 2021

March 2, 2021

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

What is Table Tennis Live Betting?

You’ve probably picked a racket and played table tennis at some point, but have you ever considered betting on this sport?

Table Tennis is a highly competitive and enjoyable game that historians believed to be originated centuries ago in England. In the beginning, it was thought to be played with makeshift equipment on dining room tables. 

Table Tennis is also known by other common names such as gossimar, whiff-whaff, and ping pong. Among these, ping pong is widely used. 

Best Betting sites in India offer Table Tennis Live Betting for sports enthusiasts. So if you want to earn real money betting on your favourite basement game, you have stumbled onto the right place.  

Here, we will provide you with the best tips & strategies to win at online table tennis betting in 2021. 

Let’s dive in!

Table Tennis Betting Tips

Here are some of the reliable table tennis betting tips from the experts.

1. Research before Playing:

The majority of the Indian Sports Betting enthusiasts are familiar with the world of professional table tennis. However, many of them may not have in-depth knowledge about the game in general.

Tennis is not only a sport-it is now an Olympic sport. There are top-class tennis players from different countries; most of them are Asians who have been crowned champions many times. The top three Table Tennis players: Fan Zhendong, Xu Xin and Ma Long, are from China, where this sport is trendy.  

Before betting on table tennis, you have to research players form and ranking. Knowing about their playing style and skills will be a plus point. Some players perform better against a right-hand opponent and some against a left hand. Surprisingly some player exhibits top class game and hold the number one ranking on all competitions.

If you are interested in ping pong betting, we hope you will research it for sure. It is also important to gain first-hand knowledge about the top international table tennis tournaments organized in the calendar year. It helps you to find the right match schedule and odds. Here are some of the top international table tennis tournaments: 

  • African Championships
  • Asian Championships
  • European Championships,
  • Latin American Championships
  • North-American Championships
  • Oceania Championships

2. Find the Right Sports Betting Platform: 

Finding the right online sports betting platform may seem like a hard nut to crack as there is a plethora of betting site to explore. But if you search carefully considering the following features, you will find the best tennis betting site for yourself. Let us look at the important features that top online sportsbooks such as BetBarter and Sky247 shares. 

A. Customizable Web Design:  

A customized web design is one of the most important features of any online sportsbook. Due to the highly competitive market, Casino operators strive to give their website the best look it deserves so that customers spend much time surfing. Better to look out for a website that is easily navigable and provided with clear instructions. 

B. Compatible with a Wide Range of Smartphones: 

Mobile casino gaming is becoming one of the top trends in online casino gaming. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, we can now access a broad range of casino games and sports for betting through our smartphones.

Today’s online sports betting fans expect to be able to place a wager wherever they are, whenever they want, so make sure that your preferred online sportsbook is compatible with all sorts of mobile devices. 

C. A Broad Variety of Sports: 

The more, the merrier, as people say- this is especially true for sports betting! From World Championship to ITTF World Tour and other prominent events, players love to have a wide range of options. 

This also includes access to features like table tennis betting odds, players markets, totals, spreads, points, etc. If you have a bet in mind, explore the sportsbook with more favorable odds for your play.

D. Multi-Language and Currency Options:

It would be great to find a betting platform customized for multiple languages with multi-lingual and currency features. While most Indian betting sites provide you with the opportunity to gamble with your desi currency, you may not find the options to switch to your local mother tongue.

Few betting sites might have been customized for this service, but the most common among all is the option to switch between Hindi and English.

E. Great Customer Service:

Web-based Sports betting platforms will be best recognized for their excellent customer support service and quality betting experience.   If you are looking to vivify your betting experience, then we have the casino in our mind.

BetBarter is a highly reputable digital sports betting platform that provides 24/7 customer support service via live chat, email, and phone. You can also leave an offline message in case you have technical issues. The customer support team will reach out to you as promptly as possible.

3. Know the Types of Bets

You can put your stakes on the match-winner, but other types of bet can also be useful, which you can use to your advantage.

If you want to try out different types of bets instead of sticking to the overall winner bet, then you can choose these types of bet below:


No matter the sport, you can find several over/under options to choose from in all types of sports. The same is the case for Table Tennis.

You either bet on the total number of points scored in the game or the number of sets it will take before the winner is announced. It is also important to evaluate the possibilities of hitting on these types of bets.

Tournament Fixtures:

Even though the future bets are not easy to win, the attractive odds it offers are worth the risk. The concept of a future bet is pretty simple, you bet on who you think will be the tournament champion.

Live Betting:

Live betting could be the ideal option for you if you want to enjoy live sports and bet simultaneously. It is a great way to capitalize on a comeback. For example, if you see a player has a chance to make a comeback, you can bet on him while enjoying the nail-biting competition. The thing is, when you are watching the game and putting your stakes, you are making an educated play.

If you want to try out Live betting, the good news is, you can watch the live stream of the tournament and bet at the same time by signing up at some of the reputable online sports betting sites in India. It is also crucial to find a reliable stream that can keep up with the online sportsbook’s changing odds. 

Final Note

Table Tennis might not be the trendiest sport to bet on, but you may find it rewarding if you invest your time to understand the game and its players. While many bettors flock towards the trendiest sport, only wise gambler knows that the best bets are the ones that few people are taking. Keep an eye on your bankroll and do proper research to find the best Table Tennis Betting Odds. Always remember BetBarter for online Sports betting to find the best value for your bets.

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Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.