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Sweet Bonanza CandyLand Live Wheel Game Review by Pragmatic Play

April 13, 2022

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Brijesh Mehta


Yummy Bonanza Pragmatic Play has released a new casino live games called Candyland. By playing this game, you can visit the beautiful and candy-filled world. This time, we’ll be able to communicate with a natural person, giving us the sensation of being in the casino right now.

The game is modeled on the original Sweet Bonanza slot machine, and you may activate the Sweet Spins as a nod to it. You may wager on several values like 1, 2, 5, and 10, and if you pick the right one, you’ll earn 1X, 2X, or 5X.

Candyland is a live casino game based on the video slot Sweet Bonanza, which was released before. You may also participate in the Sweet Drop function, which allows you to select a candy that will send you on an adrenaline-filled ride down the field.

Sweet Bonanza CandyLand Live Wheel Game Review

Please read our complete guide below for full details on playing and betting.

Main wheel

Candyland is a live casino game called Sweet Bonanza. During the spins, you have the chance to win up to €500,000 at a 20000X multiplier. The menu selections are offered in 20 different languages. However, the functional language is English. You may interact with other players, game hosts, and live support as a player.

Sweet Bonanza Candy Land Game Review

Yummy Bonanza CandyLand is a fantastic blend of classic Money Wheels, trendy in land-based casinos, with the Sweet Bonanza theme from Pragmatic Play. It also includes two exciting Bonus games: Sweet Spins and Candy Drop, detailed in further detail below.

This is a fun-filled live casino game of chance with distinctive elements that will appeal to casino players and slot enthusiasts. It has the sense of a TV game show blended with a video game and gives a genuinely immersive playing experience, thanks to professionally trained, engaging hosts.

The game has a super-sized, vertically mounted wheel with 54 colored segments representing various numerals (symbols): 1, 2, 5, 10. The number shows the payoff for each number. It also has two parts with the Sugar Bomb sign, two segments with the Candy Drop symbol, and one segment with the Sweet Spins symbol. Each of the characters relates to one of these unique characteristics.

The game’s goal is to guess where the wheel will stop in each phase correctly. The Player receives a reward on his stake if he accurately predicts the number. Depending on the type of wager put, the unique features might provide additional betgames tips by doubling the initial stake.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live Casino Information

Pragmatic Play has constructed a new studio from which they will broadcast the game, which will be playable at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They provide a one-of-a-kind gaming experience by fusing physical components with virtual 3D effects to give depth to the game.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live Casino Features

In the live casino Sweet Bonanza Candyland, what is the maximum win? You have a chance to win up to €500,000 at a 20000X multiplier. Sweet Spins, Candy Drop, and Sugar Bomb are the features.

How to Play

Wagers must be put on the Sweet Bonanza layout during the betting phase, which features six betting sections that correspond to the Wheel segments. Sweet Spins and Candy Drop are exclusive bonus games that can only be found in certain areas for a short period.

Candy Drop

When you activate this feature, you will be given a choice of 3 different candies. It will then drop down in a random pattern, picking up values and multipliers. It starts with 1X, and there are two values levels and two multiplier levels that the ball drops down through.

You get to take part in a big wheel with 54 positions, where you can land on classes showing 1, 2, 5, 10, Sweet Spins, Candy Drop, and Sugar Bomb. You receive the corresponding win if you guess the correct number or bonus game. If you placed a bet on a “Candy Drop” bet area and the wheel stops, you would qualify for this Bonus game round. The Jackpot will be paid as 999:1 (1,000x) on your Bet placed on the Candy Drop bet area.

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Sweet Spins

You will receive spins on a video slot when you activate the Tumble feature. It has six reels and five rows and is almost identical to its previous place Sweet Bonanza. You can even land a sugar bomb symbol during the spins, which applies a multiplier of between 2X to 100X.

Sugar Bomb

If you land on the Sugar Bomb location, you will earn a random multiplier of 2X to 10X. The multiplier will then be added to the position you land on during the respin. This is true for both value and bonus positions. You may also utilize the Sugar Bomb Booster to increase your multiplier by spending an additional 25% on your stake.

Bets can be placed during the betting period until the game host declares “BETS CLOSE.” After this moment, no chances will be taken. If any bets cover the winning number, you’ll get winning returns based on the winning symbol odds outlined in “Bets and Payouts.”

The Game Information Indicator

When there are only 5 seconds left in the betting time, “LAST BETS” appears. “BETS CLOSE” denotes that bets cannot be placed any longer. The notice “LOW BALANCE” on the status bar indicates that your balance is insufficient to meet the table’s minimum bet amount. Using the Chip Display, you may choose the value of chips you want to gamble.

BET ON ALL button

You may double the number of chips you’ve put on an open bet position by pressing the Double button. By continuously pushing the Undo button, you may remove bets, starting with the most recent investment (s). The Balance indicator displays the total amount of money and the currencies you have on hand. On desktop and mobile devices, it’s always at the bottom of the game window.


Candyland is a best live casino games which is typically a video slot games developed by Sweet Bonanza. During the spins, you may win up to €500,000 with a multiplier of 20000X. You may use the Sweet Drop feature to pick a candy that will launch you on an adrenaline-pumping trip down the field. It has the feel of a TV game show mixed with a video game, and it provides a very immersive gameplay experience.

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Brijesh Mehta

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