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Sic Bo Terms & Definitions: Terms You Should Know About Sic Bo

April 15, 2022

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Sic Bo live casino is a basic guessing game in which participants place bets on the outcome of a roll using three six-sided dice rather than the pair used in craps.

Even though the game is simple to play, the dice game looks a bit tough to master at first glance, even to the average gambler.

If you’re acquainted with roulette, the Sic Bo betting method will be familiar to you, since you’ll be betting on outcomes such as red/black bets or number bets, that provide substantially bigger rewards.

Sic Bo Terms & Definitions: Terms You Should Know About Sic Bo

Among different dice games, Sic Bo is the one that has recently taken over the dice gaming market with its easiness and convenience to play.

However, for any beginner, understanding the Sic Bo terminologies can help better comprehend the game to enhance the winning possibilities. Therefore, we will be providing you with a complete Sic Bo terms and definitions dictionary so that you will have a better gaming experience without any confusion.

Stay with us until the end to engage yourself in the world of dice games so that you can communicate more effectively with other players and understand what is happening in the real game rounds.

Let’s begin!

List of Essential Terms along with their definitions:

On this list, you’ll find both generic and Sic Bo-specific vocabulary.

  • Any Double/Any Pair:

If a player thinks that two dice will stop at a particular same number, he/she will place their wager on any double. This bet, commonly known as any pair, pays 11 to 1.

  • Any One Number:

This easy bet does exactly what it says by its name. If the outcome matches your prediction, you will be rewarded 1:1. If you hit a streak and the same number occurs again, you’ll be paid 2:1 for the first two numbers and 12:1 for the third.

  • Any Triple:

Any triple bet is when you place your bet by thinking that all three dice will land on the same number. Using poker terminology, some bettors refer to it as three of a kind. This sort of stake pays 31 to 1 in Sic Bo.

  • Big:

In Sic Bo, this is one of the finest bets you can place on. It reduces the house edge and hence improves the overall chance of winning. The big bet is the one in which you believe the total of all dice will be between 11 and 17.

  • Birdcage:

Also known as Chuck-a-Luck or Grand Hazard, this three-dice game is similar to Sic Bo but has significantly less user-friendly odds and a greater house edge.

  • Cage:

Before rolling the dice, a tiny device is used to shake or tumble them which is known as a cage.

  • Chuck a Luck:

One of the variants of Sic Bo but with lesser payouts and odds than the original one.

  • Combination Bet:

Take a chance that two of the dice will come up with an identical number. It’s also known as a pair match or a pair bet and has a payout ratio of 6:1.

  • Cup:

Similar to a cage and shaker, this gadget is used to shake or tumble the dice.

  •  Croupier:

The main controller of the game represents the casino, often known as the dealer. The phrase is derived from French and is thus only used in Europe.

  • Dai Siu:

This is a different name for the game that is mostly used in Asia. It means “Big small,” which are two of the finest bets in the game since they have the lowest house edge.

  • Dealer:

Both the dealer and croupier are quite similar here. In Sic Bo, the dealer is responsible for managing bets as well as shaking and rolling the dice. The method used varies in different countries and its casinos.

Players are not allowed to touch the dice, and their only option is to place wagers and collect rewards if they are lucky.

  • Dice:

Three dice are used in Sic Bo to select the winning numbers. The numbers 1 to 6 are printed on the sides of these regular dice. Only the dealer handles, shakes, and rolls the dice in Sic Bo, generally with the use of a container.

  • Dice Face:

A term for a bet that represents a certain number.

  • Duo or Double:

It’s the same as any pair or double. A player wagers on two of the three dice showing a specified number in this bet. This is often referred to as any double bet, and it pays 11 to 1.

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  • Even:

An even bet is one in which the cumulative sum of the three dice will be an even number.

This is only accessible in a few casinos and pays out at a 1-to-1 ratio most of the time. The house margin on this bet is 2.78 percent, making it a very beneficial stake for the gambler.

  • Grand Hazard:

Grand Hazard is a British version of Sic Bo with worse odds. With fewer betting possibilities and lesser rewards, this game is alike the birdcage. Due to the strong house edge and minimal payouts, it’s definitely advisable to avoid it if possible.

  • High Low/ Hi-Lo:

Hi-Lo is the Philippines version of this dice game. Payouts may differ, so double-check to make sure you’re playing at the best table possible.

  • House:

A casino is referred to by this name. Both online and live games are referred to as the house. In most games, the house has an advantage to guarantee that they remain profitable and can continue to provide games to players.

  • House Edge:

The house edge is the casino’s long-term mathematical advantage over players. The advantage ensures that the casino continues to operate with a profit.

  • Layout:

The areas of the Sic Bo table are labeled and indicated where bets should be placed by players. On the game’s table, the squares, text, and pictures show where bets are placed and, in most cases, what the rewards are for those bets.

  • Live Sic Bo:

A live version of the classic game, dealt in real-time by a real dealer. In live games, you’ll typically discover greater table minimums as well as a bigger house edge.

  • Lose on any Triple:

A basic game rule states that when a triple is rolled, all small and big bets will lose. This is a situation in which a wager loses on a three of a kind, or triple, despite the main bet outcome having been achieved by the player.

  • Lucky Dice:

This is another name for Sic Bo, according to our Sic Bo dictionary. This is commonly used by most players throughout the world.

  • Odd:

An odd bet is a bet where players think that the total sum of the three dice will be an odd number.

This bet is only offered in a few casinos and pays out at a 1-to-1 ratio. It has a 2.78 percent house advantage.

  • Pair Match:

This gamble, like the combination bet, assumes that two of the dice will form the chosen pair.

  • Payouts:

The payout ratio shows how much the casino pays out in relation to the amount of money bet. Sic Bo’s lowest payoff is even money, which pays 1:1. A triple bet, on the other hand, pays 180 to 1.

  • Roll:

When a round of Sic Bo begins, the dice are rolled. Instead of actual rolling, there is a roll button in online Sic Bo.

  • Shaker:

In Sic Bo and other dice games, the item used to shake or tumble the dice is called a shaker.

  • Small:

A small bet is one in which you bet that the sum of all the dice will be between 4 and 10 points. This is usually paid out at a 1-to-1 ratio, with a house advantage of 2.78 percent.

  • Snake Eyes:

An informal phrase for when two ones are thrown on the dice, owing to their resemblance to snake eyes. This is a phrase that is often used in craps and has gradually been used in Sic Bo games as well.

  • Spin:

Spin is the term used to describe the motion of the cage. Before the spin, players must deposit their wagering amount.

  • Strong Bet:

A bet that involves all three dice and usually has low odds. However, because it is the least likely to occur, it has the best odds.

  • Tai Sai:

In Asia, the phrase Tai Sai is used to refer to the worldwide name Sic Bo.

  • Three Dice Total:

A bet on the entire amount of all three dice’s face-up heads. The payouts for these bets differ based on the probability of the number appearing.

  • Three Single Number Combo:

A bet that states that all three dice will reveal the player’s chosen number. Depending on the house principles, this stake is only allowed at certain casinos.

  • Two Faces:

Another word for a combination bet is in which a player chooses two numbers and hopes that they will appear on two of the three dice.

  • Weak Bet:

A bet on only one or two of the dice’s outcomes. A weak bet is the total opposite of a strong stake. This has a larger chance of happening, but a considerably lesser payoff if you win.

  • Yee Hah Hi:

Yee Hah Hi is a Macau version of Sic Bo, where instead of numbers, the dice have different symbols.

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All of these Sic Bo terms are simple to grasp even by beginners. Trying the game a few times is a great method to quickly pick up on the terms used in Sic Bo online. After a few plays, you’ll quickly get used to every term used in the game.

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Brijesh Mehta

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