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What is Puck Line in Hockey Betting? Know How To Bet on NHL Puck Line

November 18, 2021

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Hockey is one of the great sports to bet on if you are looking for something different than too common Cricket & Football in India.

NHL (National Hockey League) – a premier professional league of Ice Hockey is one of the most popular leagues in all the sports that gains much traction in the betting world.

In Hockey betting, you will find different types of betting options including puck line which we will discuss in detail in this article.

By the end of the article, you will understand what puck line betting is in hockey and how you can bet on NHL puck line.

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What is the puck line and how does it work in hockey betting?

puck line in hockey betting

You can consider the puck line as a form of the point spread in hockey betting. Puck line is a type of betting option available specifically to hockey.

The puck line combines the concept of a point spread and a money-line.

The Moneyline bet option would look like this:

Arizona Coyotes: -165

Minnesota Wild: +120

In this matchup, the Coyotes are the favorite to win and the Wild is the underdog team. A bettor would require to wager a $165 on the Coyotes to win the profit of $100. Whereas, a bettor can wager $100 on the Wild to win the profit of $120.

The point spread bet would look like this:

Favorite Point Spread                    Underdog

Detroit Red Wings                 -2.5                              Toronto Maple Leafs

In this example of a point spread, the Red Wings would require to win the game by more than 2.5 points for a bettor placing a bet on the Red Wings to win the bet.

In puck line betting, these two betting styles are merged into one. Hockey is a low-scoring sport, so the point spread in puck line bets is generally +/- 1.5 goals.

The bet also contains a money-line associated with it. A puck line bet would look like this:

Montreal Canadiens +1.5 (-230)

Edmonton Oilers -1.5 (+185)

In the above example of puck line, the Oilers are the favorite and the Canadiens are the underdog. Puck line bet tends to level the playing field by providing a 1.5 goal handicap to the underdog before the match.

For the bet on the Oilers to win, they have to win the game by more than 1.5 points. If they don’t, then a bet on the Canadiens wins. The payouts for the two sides are not the same. The payout favors more to the Canadiens.

What happens to puck line bets when there is overtime?

Overtime has an interesting impact on puck line bets. If the game goes to overtime, the outcome of the bet has already been decided.

The overtime in the hockey match is over once any team scores the first goal. So, the point spread of the puck line bets won’t be covered and the bets on the underdog will win. If you have bet on the favorite and the match goes to overtime, you will lose your bet.

3-way puck line betting

The 3-way puck line betting is a form of puck line betting that also considers the draw outcome. It is similar to a 3-way money-line bet except that there is an advantage of the point spread or handicap provided to one of the teams to start.

This type of puck line is considered a good market for betting if you think a team can easily defeat their opponent team by three goals or more.

How To Bet On NHL Puck Line?

Now, you have understood how the puck line works in hockey betting, you can visit your favorite sportsbook to check out the available puck line bets on NHL matches.

If you are new to online betting, then you have to choose a licensed and safe sportsbook like BetBarter that offers NHL betting.

Create an online betting account, fund your account by choosing a convenient deposit method and place smart bets.

Consider the following factors before placing puck line bets.

a. Important stats

Know the important stats of ice hockey games and events to get a better idea of how teams will perform in a game.

One of the important stats that you have to consider is Corsi percentage which is a term used in hockey for a shot attempt in a game of 5 versus 5. “Corsi for” is when the team shoots the puck at the net and “Corsi against” is when the other team gets the shot.

The Corsi percentage is the difference between “Corsi for” and “Corsi against” actions. In theory, if a team has a Corsi percentage higher than 50%, then the team would have higher scoring chances than they allow.

So, such teams are good to target for betting if provided betting odds are favorable.

Another similar stat is “Fenwick” which just doesn’t consider blocked shots. A hockey team will have similar Corsi and Fenwick numbers.

b. Check the Travel Schedule of Hockey Teams

You should check whether the NHL team is playing games back to back or there is a gap. Try to catch the news of the travel schedule of hockey teams before the lines are adjusted by bookmakers. Travel schedule has an impact on the performance of teams. If you are aware of the travel schedule of NHL teams, you can gain the advantage of puck line betting.

c. Home or Away Team

There are certain NHL teams that have performed better on their home ice than when they are an away team.

So, don’t forget to consider the home advantage when you make puck line betting decisions.


Now you know what the puck line bet is and how you can place puck line bets on NHL, you can explore the available bets and enjoy betting on NHL games.

Research more about the NHL and its teams to get a better idea of how teams will perform.

Always choose a licensed and safe betting platform for any online betting activity. You can choose BetBarter India for the best experience of online betting India.

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.