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Players to Bet on IPL 2021 Player of the Series

August 31, 2021

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Players to Bet on IPL 2021

The season of IPL is going to start soon and like in every season, a lot of IPL lovers will be waiting to participate in IPL betting. IPL betting offers a wide range of cricket bets, betting on the Player of the Series being one of the interesting betting options. Although the bet on the Player of the Series involves risks, the bet provides a high return on winning.

A lot of people will be betting for the first time and beginners can place their bet on the Player of the Series as the bet is simple and easy to understand. If you are one of those new people to IPL betting, we are here to guide you on who you can put your precious bet on.

Here, we discuss the top players who are likely to win this upcoming IPL season. Also, we talk about why people love IPL betting online which might be worth knowing. So, read on.

Players Likely to be IPL Player of the Series 2021

From the outlook of cricket betting predictions, we have assembled the list of the top five players who can be players of the Series of IPL 2021. These players are known for their excellent overall performances on the field and their ability to turn a match around.

Virat Kohli – Royal Challengers Bangalore

Virat Kohli has won many hearts with his impressive performances over the past several years. He has scored five half-centuries in his last seven matches and recently had led India to win over England in all three formats of the game. Virat is now ready to deliver the same spirit and brilliant performance in this IPL season.

He would be leading Royal Challenger Bangalore, who have come a long way to build a strong squad.

Rishabh Pant – Delhi Capitals

Rishabh Pant is one of the youngest cricketers from Delhi Capitals who performs brilliantly as a player.

Rishabh was seen brilliant in the ODI series against England, where he was able to score 78 and 77 runs respectively in just two matches. In IPL 2018, the young player scored 684 runs.

In the past two years, people doubt him for his reduced totals. However, after IPL 2018, he is back in IPL 2021 and looks to be in great form.

The player will be leading the Delhi Capitals in IPL 2021 after Shreyas Lyer withdraws from the tournament.

K.L Rahul – Punjab Kings

K.L. Rahul is the highest run-scorer in the IPL 2020. He played the top batsman for Kings XI Punjab, where he scores the highest of all 670 runs in 14 matches.

This IPL season, he is going to lead the Punjab Kings where the coach Wasim Jaffer has already promised a more brilliant performance of Rahul.

Rashid Khan – Sunrisers Hyderabad

Rashid Khan is a popular Afghan bowler who is best known to take the wickets at the right time. He is currently ranked number #2 in the ICC’s T20I Men’s Bowling Rankings.

The player is set to play for Sunrisers Hyderabad this season. Over the years, he has been one of the most desired players after players in franchise T20 leagues, and with his number of remarkable achievements he is going to be a threat to the opposition.

Dawid Malan – Punjab Kings

The final player on our list is Dawid Malan who will also be playing for Punjab Kings. Malan may not have had the best run in the recent tour of India but he is still known to bring tremendous experiences while playing T20 leagues like IPL all across the world.

This will be the player’s first time in Premier League and will be batting side by side with Chris Gayle and Mayank Agrawal. The squad is stronger with these two players who have made history in the tournaments. 

Why do people love betting on IPL online?

If you want to know why people love betting on IPL especially Indians, below are the top five reasons:

IPL betting is convenient and easily accessible

As betting and gambling are considered illegal in most parts of India, online betting can be an accessible way to satisfy the cravings. These online sites are very convenient and are best for enjoying the game and putting bets without any worries.

All you need is a stable internet connection and choose a reputed betting site where you can simply go and start betting. This grants you the opportunity to bet for your favourite team and also win the money.

Online IPL betting is safe

As already discussed above, any form of gambling or betting is illegal for most of India. And if you got caught you could face a particular amount of fines, or prison, or even worst.

However, no law stops you from betting online. These sites are safer and an easier option that draws people’s attention.

Online IPL betting is exciting

Betting has always been attractive and very popular. No wonder why gambling market is worth above $150 billion. People love to bet on the sport they love and know. Every new bet brings more excitement and is also an easy way of winning some money.

Quick and easy way to attract money

Quick and easy money is the prior reason why cricket betting is so popular in most places. As cricket is simple and easy to understand, betting on this sport doesn’t require any special training or skill. Even if you have zero knowledge about this game, you can easily learn everything.

Placing a bet is very easy and once you place your first bet, the rest is effortless. While it doesn’t guarantee money and the chances of winning are not certain, people still bet hoping to get a worthy return.

Free streaming

IPL is the most-watched cricket league that people watch as a form of entertainment and to relax. Many online betting sites and apps offer the option of free streaming. Live streaming gives more encouragement to the fans to watch the league and bet on their favourite teams. Live IPL betting is also offered by tons of online betting sites or sportsbooks these days.

Betting can be a way to support your favourite team

Cricket is the most worshipped sport in India and IPL is like the biggest festival there. More than 1/3rd population of India are active whenever an important IPL cricket match is playing. Not only adults but even children watch cricket and analyze who will win.

People bet online to support their favourite team and also earn some money. Since everyone is not able to go to the game or watch it live in the stadium, betting can be seen as a form of supporting your favourite team. This can be a way to let people know who your favourite team is.

Many best cricketers come from India

India’s professional cricket team involves some of the best players in the world and every Indian is proud to have such world-class players in their country. Indians love supporting their favourite teams and betting is one of the ways they show their love for cricket.

Every international match is fun to watch, memorable, and provides a topic for analyzing different moments and reasons. IPL is India’s own cricket league and many top Indian players participate in IPL. The popularity of IPL itself is one of the main reasons why IPL betting is so popular.


We have mentioned the players worth betting on the upcoming IPL tournament. This is just our opinion, and don’t get offended if your favourite cricketer is not mentioned.

IPL betting is the best thing to try out and if you haven’t yet, make sure to try out this time. However, it is always recommended to always do proper research before placing any bets to prevent any heavy losses. Players who are trying to bet on IPL this season can look at these helpful IPL betting tips, by clicking on the given link.

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Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.