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Online Tennis Betting – A Complete Guide, Strategy & Ultimate Winning Tips

October 23, 2020

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Experience Tennis Betting Online in India

Tennis, one of the popular sports in the world, is watched and followed by millions of people from all around the world. With the popularity of the sport, many betting sites offer tennis betting online in India.


Online tennis betting is a great choice if you are looking to bet on a sport other than too-common football and cricket betting in India. Tennis betting offers numerous betting opportunities to make real cash.

From Grand Slams to various other tennis tournaments and events including the ATP and WTA Tours, Fed Cup, Davis Cup, Challenger matches, and many more, you can bet on tennis matches happening across the world.

Online tennis betting is fun and exciting as you can also wager in-play bets in addition to pre-game bets. It has much to offer to Indian betting enthusiasts. If you are from India, enjoy the best online betting experience by betting on tennis matches and tournaments with BetBarter.

Understand Odds for Tennis Betting Online

For online tennis betting, you need to understand the odds placed by online bookmakers. By understanding tennis betting odds, you can make smart bets that provide the best return possible on winning.

So, what do betting odds represent? Betting odds placed by the bookmaker represents the likelihood of the occurrence of a certain outcome i.e. implied probability from the bookmaker’s perspective.

Such odds are usually expressed by a bookmaker in either decimal, fractional, or moneyline formats which are explained below:

Decimal odds

If a player is provided the odds of 2.50 to win a match by a bookmaker, the implied probability of the player to win the match from the bookmaker’s perspective can be calculated as:

Implied probability = 1 / Decimal odds = 1/2.50 = 0.4 = 40%

So, according to the bookmaker, the player with the odds of 2.50 has a 40% probability to win the match.

From the decimal odds, you can easily calculate the total return on your winning bet. All you have to do is multiply the provided decimal odds with the amount you bet.

For example, you bet INR 1000 on the player with the odds of 2.50, if that player wins the match, the total return and profit you will receive is –

Total return = INR 1000 × 2.50 = INR 2500

Profit = INR (2500 – 1000) = INR 1500

Fractional odds

Another common format for representing odds is a fraction. With fractional odds, you can easily calculate the profit on winning the bet. If the bookmaker offers the odds of 5/1 or 5-1 (read as 5 to 1), then you win 5 rupees for your every 1 rupee bet.

If you bet INR 1000 on the odds of 5/1, then your profit and total return on winning can be calculated as –

Profit = 5/1 × 1000 = INR 5000

Total return = INR (5000 + 1000) = INR 6000

Moneyline odds

Moneyline odds are popular in US betting markets and are also known as American odds. In moneyline format, odds are written with a minus sign for favorites and with a plus sign for underdogs.

The odds with a minus sign indicates the amount you have to bet to win $100. On the other hand, the odds with a plus sign indicates the amount you can win for every $100 bet.

For example, to bet on a favorite at -140, you will have to place $140 bet to win $100. And if you bet $100 on an underdog at +140, you will win $140 if that underdog wins.

Tennis Betting Markets – Types of Wager for Tennis Betting Online

One of the major reasons for the popularity of tennis among bettors is the wide range of markets offered by tennis betting. Tennis betting markets cover the betting on various top events and tournaments including –

  • ATP World Tour
  • WTA Tour
  • ATP Challenge Tour
  • Australian Open
  • French Open
  • US Open
  • Wimbledon
  • Davis Cup
  • Fed Cup

Now, let’s discuss the various types of wager available in online tennis betting.

Match betting: Bet on the winner of a particular tennis match.

Outright betting: Bet on the winner of a particular tournament, not just any single match.

Handicap betting: For tennis betting online, handicap betting is of two types. In the first type of handicap betting, a favorite is given a handicap that has to be overcome for a bet to win.

A bettor can choose to bet on an underdog with the provided head start or a favorite on overcoming a handicap and win nonetheless.

For example, let us assume that in a match between player A and player B, A is a favorite and B is an underdog. Now, suppose A is provided a handicap of -5 to beat B. Here, in order to win the bet on A, the player must win B in the match with more than 5 points. If A wins the match by 7-5 and 6-4, then the overall score is 13-9 to A. In this case, although A wins the game, the handicap bet on player A loses.

In the second type of handicap betting, the focus is on individual sets, and the player is provided a particular number of games.

Over/Under betting: It is a bet on the number of sets or games that will occur in a match. For example, in the case of a three-match format, a bettor can bet on either over or under 2.5 sets.

If a bettor thinks that there would be two sets in a match, then he/she can bet on under 2.5. On the other hand, if the bettor thinks that there would be three sets in total, then he/she can bet on over 2.5.

Exact score betting: It is the bet on the exact score of each set in a match or the number of sets that will be won or lost by a player in a match.

Prop bets: Prop (proposition) bets provide you more opportunities to make some more cash in online tennis betting. These can be any bet proposed by the online bookmaker and you can bet on your prediction on the proposed idea.

Few examples of prop bets can be:

  • Which player will win the first set in a match?
  • Will there be a tie-breaker? Yes or No?
  • In what round, will the player be eliminated?

Live Bet Tennis

In addition to the above-mentioned wager types, live bets are also available in tennis betting which adds more enjoyment and excitement in the game of betting. Live bet tennis is betting on a match-in-play.

In live tennis betting, the odds can alter after every point as the game progresses. So, you must watch the game live and stay alert so that you don’t miss any opportunity while betting live on tennis.

Commonly Used Terms in Online Tennis Betting

Know these commonly used terms in online tennis betting so that you don’t be in confusion and can bet confidently.

  • Love: Love in tennis represents zero score. For example, a 30-0 score is referred to as 30-Love.
  • Deuce:  It is a tied score of 40-40.
  • Advantage: After Deuce, if the player wins the first point, then he/she is said to have an advantage referring that the player only needs one more point to win that individual game. If the player loses that point, then the score reverts to Deuce again.
  • Set: A set in tennis is a collection of games (with the minimum being 6). A tennis match can have two to three sets. To win a set of a match, the player needs to win at least six games maintaining a difference of at least 2 games with the other player.
  • Tie-break: In most tournaments, a tie-break is played when the score of a set reaches 6-6 or 6-all to decide the outcome of a set.
  • Ace: Tennis ace happens when the player earns a point from a serve without the receiver touching the ball.
  • Break: Break in tennis means breaking serve and this happens when the player wins the game as a receiver.
  • Break Point: It is the point which, if earned by the receiver, results in breaking the serve of his/her opponent.
  • Match Point: It is the final point that needs to be earned by the player to win the match.
  • Career Grand Slam: This happens in tennis when the player wins all four major championships of tennis across his/her career.

Apply Ultimate Tennis Betting Tips & Strategy


Read and apply these important tennis betting tips that will help you to make smart betting decisions and enhance your winning chances on tennis betting online.

Research to know about players and their performances

If you want to come up with smart bets, then research is important for you to know about the players and to analyze their performances on the tennis tournament or league you are placing your bet on. Read the stats and check how players are performing in their recent matches.

Know the surface of the tennis

Tennis matches are played on three different surfaces – Clay-court, Hard-court, and Grass. The performance of a player could vary depending on the surface of the tennis match. Some might perform better on grass, others might do on other surfaces. So, you should consider how the player performs on a particular surface before placing bets.

Choose the best odds for betting

This is one of the important tennis betting tips if you want to make more profits. You can check the odds provided by different legitimate betting sites and choose the one that provides the best return on winning.

Be quick and ready for live bet Tennis

In live bet tennis, a value can be there in the bet for only few seconds. So, you have to be ready and not miss such opportunities if you are interested in live tennis betting. Ensure that you have a fast live stream for in-play betting in tennis.

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Best Sites for Tennis Betting Online in India

Below is a list of trusted and legitimate betting sites that offer the best experience of online tennis betting in India.

  • BetBarter
  • Bet4Plus
  • Sky 247
  • Betwinner
  • Bet365

Click this to read more about the above-mentioned betting sites for tennis betting online in India

Why Tennis Betting Online with BetBarter

There are numerous betting sites that offer online tennis betting in India. But if you want the best online tennis betting experience in India, then you should select Betbarter as it has much to offer to Indian bettors.

Betbarter offers to bet on a wide range of tennis markets and provide more types of wagering opportunities to make real cash. You can bet on your favorite tennis match and tournament with Betbarter. We offer you the best possible odds in tennis betting and various frequent bonuses and promotions to add more to your betting journey.

The site of Betbarter is fully-optimized and easy to navigate. You can easily access our site on your mobile device with great user experience and you don’t even need to download an app on your device to place bets.

In addition to tennis betting, Betbarter also offers various betting options for table tennis betting. Interested in table tennis betting?

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Tennis Betting FAQs

1. How many games and sets are there in a Tennis match?

Except for Men’s Grand Slam tennis matches that are played as the best of five sets, the professional tennis matches are played as the best of three sets. For the player to win a set, the player needs to win at least six games maintaining a difference of at least 2 games with the opponent.

If the players have their score tied at 6-all or more, then there will be a tie-breaker. To win a tie-break, the player needs to win 7 points along with the lead of 2 points.

2. How many tennis tournaments happen during a season?

In tennis, there are four Grand Slam events that are the US Open, the French Open, the Australian Open, and Wimbledon. The number of other tennis events depends on what year it is.

3. What is set betting in Tennis?

Set betting is to bet on the exact score of a set in a match. In set betting, you not only place your bet on the winner, but also on the final result in sets. For example, in the match between Player X and Player Y, you can perform set betting by placing your bet on Player X to win by 2-1.

4. How to bet on Tennis over-under?

It is easy to bet on tennis over-under. All you have to do is place your bet by predicting whether the total number of games that will be played in a tennis match will be over or under the number specified by the online bookmaker.


In nutshell, tennis betting online offers numerous opportunities for bettors to make real cash with various types of wagers available in top tennis events and tournaments.

Understand the betting odds, choose the odds with the best possible return, and place smart bets on tennis matches to maximize your winnings.

Do not forget to apply the above-discussed tennis betting tips to make wise betting decisions. Always choose a licensed and safe online betting site like Betbarter for any online betting activity.


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Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.