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Online Sports Betting Tipsters – Top Sports Betting Tipsters 2021

October 13, 2020

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

How to Bet On Sports Successfully in 2021

Sports betting have become a huge business market. A large number of punters from all around the world are involved in betting on various sports. If you are interested in sports betting online in India, you can use BetBarter which is a great online betting app.

Everybody wants to make profits in sports betting. So, knowing about the sport, teams, and players are highly important to improve your decision making in sports betting. As part of a strategy, you might consider taking the help of tipsters like many other sports bettors.

In this blog post, we will discuss sports betting tipsters in general and how you can find the best tipsters Also, we will provide the list of our top sports betting tipsters in 2021.

Get Free Sports Betting Tips From Professional Tipsters

About Sports Betting Tipsters

Tipsters are people who provide tips and information to bettors on the probable outcomes of sporting matches, events, or tournaments. These people earn their living by providing important tips and recommendations to bettors.

If you feel like you have to seek out tipster for betting tips before you place your bet, you should be careful while selecting a tipster. Some tipsters are good, while others are not. Also, there are online scammers out there who want to trick you into getting  your money.

How to Find  Online Sports Betting Tips from Expert Tipsters in 2021?

People search for a sports betting tipster to boost their winning odds and make profits. It is always important for you to know how to find a good tipster who can put you ahead in the competition.

Value betting is one of the important concepts in sports betting that can help in long-term profits. In simple words, value betting is an act of betting on outcomes whose probability of occurrence is higher than the bookmaker odds reflect.

Many punters are not aware of this concept, and many of those who are aware can’t practically use it to the fullest extent. So, many punters seek out for the betting tips and recommendations. If you find a good tipster, he/she can help you to be ahead of many other punters who don’t utilize value betting in practical.

There are free tipsters as well as those who charge for their services. Remember that free tipsters are less likely to be better because they are less likely to be legitimate.  Some tipsters can claim or advertise that they have ‘Insider Information’. You have to be aware of them and prevent yourself from falling into their trap. Always research the tipster before choosing and read reviews. Don’t get attracted easily towards those tipsters who claim big and promise you the moon. You should always go for tipsters having good reviews, a wonderful track record, and an authentic approach.

If you are a cricket bettor from India who bets on IPL matches, you can choose a tipster who has in-depth knowledge about IPL teams and players and can detect value bets that are available in an online IPL betting app.

Benefits of a Good Sports Tipster

Working with a good sports tipster can provide several benefits to a punter. If you follow tips and recommendations from a skilled, responsible tipster, you can boost your chances of making profits in sports betting. For your assurance of making profits, you can check the historical records of tipsters to know if they have generated profits before.

You can gain valuable information from good and talented tipsters as they are experts in what they do. You can consider them as a source of important information and knowledge about a particular sport.

Also, good sports tipsters will help you minimize your stress level in betting by providing their recommendations. It helps you to keep your own opinions in control.

What Type of Tipster You Should Avoid

You should always be smart while selecting a tipster. Many bettors  have turned into tipsters to avoid taking risks in sports betting. Such tipsters might lure bettors through social media websites.

Remember that there are tipsters who can get benefits if you lose your bets. Such a case happens when the tipsters are affiliated with sportsbooks. Such tipsters won’t directly tell you that they are linked with sportsbooks. They might try to lure you with amazing sign-up offers frequently. Similarly,they might claim that this bet cannot lose and you’d be silly to miss out or something like that. You have to avoid such tipsters.

You should always conduct an effective research for selecting a tipster. You should be well informed about the track record of a tipster before the selection.  Many tipstersclaim that they make huge profits from their bets with little or no evidence. You should always focus on evidence rather than what they claim.

Top Sports Betting Tipsters 2021

Here, we mention the list of our top sports betting tipsters in 2020 in no particular order along with the sport they provide tipsters’ services.

1. Spurs 1967 (Horse Racing)

2. Jldean (Horse Racing)

3. Abarrybonds (Tennis)

4. Realitycheck (Golf)

5. KillieFC (Football)

6. Angelov (ESports)

7. Whippetman (Cricket)

8. Safeseen (Darts)

9. Homer18 (Ice Hockey)

10. Clar53 (Baseball)

The above list is not conclusive, and it is just what we consider some of the betting tipsters you can check on.


We suggest you to do more research about tipsters included in the list to know about their track records before selecting anyone as a tipster for online sports betting in India.

It is beneficial for you to know about betting tips to win bets on any sport you are interested in. If you are into soccer betting, then research to know about soccer betting tips to boost your chances of making profits. Always bet smart and improve your winning chances in sports betting.

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.