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Online Soccer Betting Guide & Tips in 2021

October 22, 2020

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Introduction to Online Soccer Betting

Soccer is undeniably one of the well-liked and biggest sports in the world. Not only it is watched by billions of people worldwide, but it has also become one of the most favored sports to bet on at top online soccer betting sites. 

soccer betting guide betbarter

If you want to turn your passion for sports into a profitable income source, soccer betting is probably the best place to start. 

By far, soccer has more markets, and more tournaments and events than other sports occurring throughout the calendar year all over the globe. 

Soccer is played almost in every country, so, you’ll find plenty of exclusive markets in Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South America and many other locations. 

Of course, you could jump in and weigh your luck, but what if you couldn’t succeed? It is just as easy to lose your money at online soccer betting as it is to make maximum profit. 

Do you think finding the best online soccer betting tips and strategy improves your winning prospects? How about some tried and tested tips by the sport betting experts?  

Our brief and easy to learn guide is specially designed to help passionate sports betting enthusiasts like you. We are sure that our soccer betting guide, betting tips and strategy mentioned in this article will help you to get fast and profitable results, now! 

Are you ready to start your soccer betting journey with flying colors? 

Then, Let us hop in!

Difference Between Real Life Soccer and Virtual Soccer Betting

One of the biggest differences between real soccer and Virtual Soccer betting is that in Virtual sports gambling, the result is determined by the software using a complex mathematical process. 

In real-life soccer, the quality of the players, their performance and strategies as well as weather condition play a vital role in deciding the outcome. However, in Virtual soccer, such things have no context or meaning as they are only focused on producing a set of results. 

Likewise, in a real-world soccer game, there is plenty of possibilities that could happen, but in the virtual soccer, the game is designed to produce outcome adhering certain parameters. 

These are some of the key differences that matter to betting enthusiast when it comes to betting on virtual soccer compared to real-world soccer.   

If you want to experiment and try your luck in Virtual sports, you can get into it and start betting. It could be one of the ideal options for those who want to work out on results in a much simpler way. Also, sometimes when there are no real-world soccer game fixtures or match schedule, Virtual betting could fill that gap.  

How to Bet Soccer Online in India?

When it comes to betting on any types of soccer tournaments, there are varieties of ways you can do it. Here we will cover a guide for both novice and experienced bettors to get familiar with soccer betting through different types of betting methods. 

Betting the three-way Moneyline as the name suggests, you have to bet on three consequences when betting the three-way Moneyline: 

  1. Team A wins
  2. Team B wins
  3. Team A and Team B end in Draw

Three-way Money-line outcomes are based on 90 minutes gameplay, so it is also called “Regular Time.” 

Regular time includes referee decision of injury or extra stoppage time except for overtimes or penalty shootouts. 

Here’s the example of three-way Money-line: 

Liverpool -150

West Ham +250 

Draw +300 

In this case, Liverpool is the favorite that is likely to win the match, and West Ham is the underdog. There is a less chance of game resulting in a draw, but in case it happens after 90 minutes, the draw will reward you $300 (₹ 21,931.35 ) on a $100 (₹ 7,312.54) wager. 

Soccer Spread Betting 

Soccer Spreads is closely identical to traditional point spreads that is known as goal lines in soccer. Soccer is sports that use goals instead of points for scoring. 

The spreads in soccer are comparatively lower than other sports because the goalscoring isn’t overly high in soccer games.  

A common spread you may usually find is -0.5/+0.5, which means the oddsmakers are giving a one-goal head start to underdog before the start of the game. It implies that for the bet on underdog to win, underdog should win the game and for the bet on favorite to win, the favorite must win by one or more goals. 

If the spread is -2.5/+2.5, the oddsmakers are guessing that the favorite has potential to win by more than three goals. Now, for the bet on underdog to win, at these odds, the underdog should lose by less than three or win the game. 

Soccer Totals Betting 

If you are used to betting on other forms of sports like Basketball, Tennis, then you will find it quite different than you expect. Even though it is similar to Over/Under bet where you bet on the total score for two competing teams, it comes with a little twist. Since the scoring on soccer is usually low, here the totals are displayed in multiples of 0.25. For example, the totals are presented as 2.5, 2.75, 3.0, etc. 

One of the best parts about the totals is that it is a convenient bet to place as you don’t have to choose one team over the other. It is a perfect bet to place if you are not sure of the team that will grab the winning point, or don’t want to bet for or against a specific team.  

If the game total is 2.5, you have to decide which team to bet on, with the over or under. 

If you pick the under, and the game ends with an outcome of 1-1, you lose your bet. In case you choose the over and the result is 4-2, you will win. 

This May Tickle Your Fancy: Popular Soccer Betting Markets offered by Betting Sites


Professional Soccer Leagues for Betting

People have been betting on soccer for decades, especially in the European countries where there is an intense fan base of this game. If you have stumbled here searching for the best soccer leagues to bet on, then you are stepping on the right place. 

Here, we will outline the most recognized and popular soccer leagues to lay down your bet. On the bottom of our page, we have also recommended the best online soccer betting sites offering a wide range of markets and competitive odds. 

But first, let’s dig into the major soccer leagues of the world that are popular among the punters.

Major League Soccer (MLS) 

MLS emerged after the popularity of European leagues, in an effort to produce local star power, systematizing the professional soccer in North America. Although the MLS is not as popular as European Leagues, it has its share of sports bettors. 

MLS takes place from March to November, just opposite to European leagues. Here, 26 teams, 23 from the United States and three from Canada, compete each year for the MLS trophy. 

English Premier League (EPL) 

By far, EPL is the most-watched and intensely popular soccer league in the world, with world-class players, exceptional talent and world-renowned teams like Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea.

Total of 20 teams play 38 matches a season in EPL which runs from August through May, making it possible for punters to bet on soccer year-around.

Serie A 

Seria A is an Italian based professional soccer league that boasts top Italian start power, as well as signings from around the world.

Serie A was founded in 1898. So, it is also considered as one of the oldest soccer league in the world.  

Only from 1929, it changed its form to round-robin tournaments. Like EPL, it runs in the same timeframe from September to May. 

La Liga  

La Liga is commonly known as ‘Primera Division’ in Spain. Due to its rich history in its century of existence, world-renowned teams and players, this top Spanish soccer league garners plenty of attention every season. The top La Liga teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona feature some of the highly talented and world-class players on their squad. 

Cristiano Ronaldo had spent prime time of his career in Real Madrid assisting the club in lifting LA Liga and Champions league trophy through his mesmerizing gameplay. Likewise, the Argentine star Lionel Messi is still presenting his unparalleled game for Barcelona to succeed team to significant victories. 

Much like EPL and Serie A, you can bet on La Liga tournaments from August to May.

German Bundesliga

The Bundesliga is a popular German Soccer league which has a record of over 45,000 attendances per game. Even though it doesn’t have a huge fan base in the world, its attendance surpasses the records of EPL.

Bundesliga league run from August to May where 18 teams clash for the title. During the weekend of the league, you can find good soccer betting opportunities at German Bundesliga. 

Champions League

The UEFA Champions League is commonly known as the European Cup where top European elite teams compete in group state and knock-out format.

Founded in 1955, it is the most recognized soccer tournament which runs in late June after the end of European leagues season. And it finishes up in mid-August. 

The experience of betting on Champions league is far more satisfying than any other leagues due to the fierce competitions, favourable odds and plenty of exclusive Soccer betting markets.  

Europa League 

Europa Leauge is an annual UEFA tournament founded in 1971. Formally known as UEFA Cup, it is the second-tier league to the Champions League.

Despite the better performance, some European teams may not make it to top three on their respective leagues. In such, any team who wins the UEFA league directly makes entry to the Champions League. 

FA Cup Soccer Betting 

The FA (Football Association Challenge) Cup is a knock-out tournament held annually in England or Wales. Any eligible club down to the level ten of English football League System can participate in FA cup. 

It is the oldest domestic soccer competition of the world that has cherished reputation in England. 

World Cup Soccer Betting

The FIFA World Cup is highly prestigious men’s national soccer tournament. Viewership of the FIFA World cup surpasses the Olympics, with estimates in more than 650 Million watching the final matches each year. 

In the FIFA world cup, 32 qualified teams from all over the world represent their nation and compete to bring the World Cup trophy home in every four years. 

Euro Cup Soccer Betting

The European teams have their continental football association named Union of European Football Association, which organizes a Euro Cup every four years.

This quadrennial international men’s soccer championship was scheduled to take place from 12 June to 12 July 2020, but due to the COVID 19, it has been delayed by a year. So, from 11 June to 11 July 2021, you can look for best betting opportunities in this soccer tournament. 

Online Soccer Betting Tips – Improve your chance of Winning

Two types of betting enthusiasts usually perform online soccer betting—those who bet for entertainment and those who bet to win real money. 

Whatever type one is, the primary aim is to beat the bookie. Being one of the highly unpredictable sports, soccer has earned the name of tempting sports. 

Even though it is an unpredictable game, if you follow the specific instructions, you can indeed improve your chance of winning. 

In soccer betting, either the match will end in a win, draw or lose. There are no possible consequences apart from these except the weather condition that could sometimes obstruct the game, and both teams may have to share a point. However, in knock out tournaments, the match could be postponed as well. 

The online sportsbook considers all these possibilities and sets the odds. 

And when it comes to online soccer betting India, you and your bet are all that matter. So, it can be helpful to learn and understand what other bettors are applying. Sharing of useful soccer betting tips can maximize your odds of winning sizable profit.

Doing in-depth research about the soccer betting tips that you find over the internet can prepare you for the best. Not only it spices up your betting experience, but it also directs you to set a goal and try your best towards it. 

Whether you are a starter or a sports betting veteran, it is essential to broader your understanding and be well-equipped with better plans to beat the bookie. So we would like to usher you to these valuable soccer betting tips below that will give a much-needed boost to your confidence and bankroll both.  

Take the following tips into account before betting on a soccer team. 

Do Some Study

Either it is soccer or other sports, it is necessary to do some research about the game before pouring your stakes on it. 

It is recommended to access all the primary and secondary source of information while doing your research. Remember that fondness and requirement is a different thing. 

Even if you are not fond of reading sports magazine, papers or watching sports analysis and discussion, you have to start it right away to collect enough knowledge. 

Once you gather information from all kinds of sources, you can quickly determine which team to bet on. Remember that your knowledge remains with you wherever you go, and the facts and figures you get from the publications, sports news and newspapers assist you to predict accurately.

Set Your Limits 

Create your betting limit and never rely upon others to borrow money. We also advise you not to use your emergency fund for online betting. If you lose them all, you may have to face dire consequences in life. Therefore, make a goal regarding profit and allocate a certain amount of money for betting purposes.

You can only taste the benefit of your efforts if you cultivate a habit of saving and managing your bankroll. For instance, your deposit is 2000 INR. When you win up to 4000 INR, withdraw your 4000 INR and continue playing with 2000 INR. 

It is likely that until you withdraw your winning money from your betting account, you will feel the urge of betting with it every time. 

So, the best thing is to continue the process of deposit and withdraw along with keeping records of your loss and profit. 

Bet Carefully

You should train yourself in the soccer game you want to stake. Although luck plays a vital role in betting, with the right information, you can succeed in the game.

The worst condition comes when you find yourself in debt. Most people continue betting until a point where their losing streak starts.  

So don’t pour an enormous amount of money at a single bet even if you feel like you can manage to pull off a huge profit. Make sure that you have stable method and patience required to make a sizable profit.

Keep up with the News and Up-to-Date Form of the Teams

Keep yourself updated with the recent soccer news before calculating the consequences and placing your stakes. If the team has less potential players due to the injury of their star talent, then it will damage the team’s possibilities to register a solid victory. 

So, it is of vital importance to analyze the team’s form thoughtfully and differentiate their form in home and away matches. You can examine the form of the players in the earlier games as well as analyze the reviews.

We also cannot ignore the possibility of a team playing exceptionally well in other matches despite their bad run in the earlier contests. 

Study Soccer Statistics 

Several sports betting results come from the understanding of how teams showcase their skills on the field along with their statistics and players execution. 

Watching appropriate soccer tournaments will motivate you to have a clear picture of a team’s strength. Nothing is more reliable than personal understanding and intellect. 

Knowing this figure, you can easily measure and examine factors that add to the making of profit and losing money on a bet. Also, you can come up with your formula regarding betting through try and error method. 

Make sure that you are checking the league position, current form, team statistics and their head to head records. Considering all these things, you can maximize your profit on any betting market. 

Never Follow Your Losses 

Players fall into the trap of following losses in the excitement of winning sizable profit. If you lose money, don’t even try to retrieve your money by going over your edge. It will further intensify your chance of losing more. Remember that the house edge is highly skewed in favour of the betting sites. 

Although the short term advantages can work for you, extending your betting activity can practically assure your loss.  

While it may not be utterly true for everyone but more than 90 percent of the punters have had a bad experience of losing enormous sum following the losing streak. 

Control your Emotions 

If you win, the happiness will follow you, and if you lose, the gloominess can cover you. It is the common experience among the sports bettors who easily get carried away by their emotions. So, clear your head and keep calm. This way, you can handle your situation better. 

For instance, if you are on a cold streak, you can quickly become annoyed, which in result urge you to raise your stakes to win back your loss amount. It cannot be all guaranteed that you will win back your money, but if you keep on prioritizing your desire, you will ultimately lose even more. 

Avoid Placing Bet When You Are Drunk or Sad 

You cannot make ethical decisions about betting if you are under the influence of alcohol or some psychedelic substances. Sometimes your lousy mood also helps in emptying your bankroll. So, it isn’t right to get into the habit of betting if you are sad, angry or under the control of intoxicating substances. 

With such mental conditions, you will end up making poor betting choices. For someone placing high stakes may provide an escape from the nasty feelings, but in the long run, such things will cause critical financial problems for them. Thus, it is always good to remain secured and bet smart than to regret later. 

It may Fascinate You: Best Odds on Soccer Betting Market  

Best Online Soccer Betting Site

Your choices matter a lot when betting on soccer. For instance: which team to choose to lay down your bet, which market is suitable and what kind of tactics to implement. If you want to be successful, you have to get these choices right. 

Another choice that needs special consideration is the site to place your bet. Although it may not look as vital as other aspects, it is the choice that makes a big difference in the long run.  

It may influence your betting odds and overall activity while wagering on soccer. Thus, using the best and reliable soccer betting website is an ideal way to start your betting journey. 

Betting on best online soccer betting sites offers numerous advantages over the alternatives. Please note it down, only the best soccer betting site like BetBarter provide you with full benefits of these advantages. 

By registering at BetBarter, you can benefit from a variety of bets and an extensive range of rewards and bonuses. As a special offer to Indian sports betting fans, it provides money back offers, enhanced multiples, and, of course, free bets to boost your bankroll over time.

Besides, BetBarter has incorporated the latest technology on its platform to secure players data and provide exceptional online betting experience. 

Additionally, be assured of a wide variety of betting options, up-to-date information and the best available odds that you get in BetBarter along with 24/7 top-notch customer care service.

Last but important, Betbarter has integrated the best and secured payment methods on its platform to make your transaction process quick and easy. Now you can make hassle-free deposits and cash out your winnings quickly and securely. 


In this article, we covered everything from soccer bet online, professional soccer leagues betting and useful tips to the best site recommendation for placing your bets. If you sincerely follow the tips we mentioned above, you can indeed enhance your soccer betting odds. 

Today, everything is done online and the sports betting industry is not left behind. Whether it’s betting on online soccer or gaining first-hand match insights, you only have to visit the sports betting website for the match analysis and predictions. Also, for betting, you can just log in to your account, and place your bet on any of the matches happening at any part of the world.  

And as we talked before, what could be the best soccer betting website in India other than BetBarter? 

It’s up to you to decide where to bet. All we could do is to guide and recommend.

If this article resonated with you, please don’t forget to share it with your friends, family mates or/and acquaintances who are interested in online sports betting. 


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Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.