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Staking Plan, Tips & Strategy for Lightning Roulette Live Stream – How To Bet & Win Money

June 9, 2022

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Live Lightning Roulette Guide

Roulette game has gained massive popularity all over the world. But have you heard of Lightning Roulette live stream? Well, it is one of the versions of classic Roulette that offer a more exciting gameplay.As the name suggests, you can expect blazing fast rounds, electrifying sound effects, and fantastic high definition video in lightning roulette to ramp up your excitement.

lightning roulette betting guide

Lightning Roulette is a live stream betting Game that has revolutionized the way Roulette is played and seen. Our Online Casino Lightning Roulette allows you to bet live during any game and be confident that you are in full control at all times of your bets and what you want to bet on next.

Whether you are a casino veteran, little experienced player or a total newbie; this article will be your best source of information to know more about the game mechanics of lightning roulette. Ultimately after you gain in-depth knowledge about this game, you can choose your preferred online casino site to bet and win instant payouts.

Live Lightning Roulette Rules

Live Lightning Roulette is played on the standard wheel that consists of 37 pockets, including zero (Green). The remaining 36 pockets are coated between Red and Black. In terms of rules, Lightning Roulette is similar to classic Roulette game.

How To Play Lightning Roulette?

This exhilarating and visually stunning game is identical to its predecessor at the core, with a provision of RNG lucky number for higher payouts. Almost each game round begins with one to five lucky number struck by Lightning, which gives multiplied payouts between 50x and 500x.  Each lucky number is selected by the random number generator.

After the players place their bet adhering to the table restrictions, the RNG creates lucky numbers (1-5 along with lucky payouts. Based on the randomly generated lucky number, the payouts will also be accordingly. Suppose if you make a straight-up bet on a specific number and the ball lands on that number, your lucky payouts will be between 50:500:1.

Except for the Non-Multiplied Bets that pays 30:1, all other bets pay the same as standard Roulette.  The table below will illustrate about the payouts on other types of bets.

Lightning Roulette is suitable for all class of players. You can start playing it betting an amount as little as 20.02 INR per spin. If you want to improve your odds in the game, you can also check the previous win/loss statistics, which could help set playing strategy. Another main attraction of the game is a video view option which enables you to chat with the dealer and other participating players.

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Lightning Roulette Payout with Betting Options

Since Lightning Roulette is an extended variation of online roulette game, it offers all bets of standard European roulette plus additional chances for players to win big through Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts.

Moving on to the betting options, you can choose either to make an Inside bet or Outside bet on lightning roulette. And you will be paid accordingly based on your betting types. The table below further illustrates the betting types and the winning payout ratios.

Inside Bets 

Types of Bet                             Betting  Instructions Winning Payouts
Straight up betClick on any number square inside the roulette table to place this bet. You can place your bet on any single number you desire.  30 to 1 (different from European Roulette)
Split bet You can place your bet on any two numbers at the same time. For this you have to place your chips on any separate lines that split two numbers.17 to 1
Street bet   Place your bet on any three numbers at once. Simply place your bets on the lines that separate the inside and outside of the table.11 to 1
Corner bet or square betHere you can place your bet on four numbers at once. For this, place your chips on the line intersecting four numbers. 8 to 1
Line betYou can choose to bet on a total of six numbers at once. To place this bet, you have to put your chips on the intersection between the two lines down the side of the betting area.5 to 1

Outside Bets 

Types of Bet                             Betting  Instructions Winning Payouts
Dozen betYou can place your bet on 12 numbers at once. As three sets of 12 numbers make total of 36 numbers in the roulette wheel (excluding zero, you can place your bet on any set of 12 numbers. 2 to 1
Column bet You an choose to place your bet at the end of the three number columns 2 to 1
Red/Black You can select any Red or Black box on the table and place your chips for this betting. 1 to 1
Even/OddYou can choose to place this bet on one of the even or odd numbers at the roulette table. Please remember that you cannot place your bet on zero.1 to 1
Low/ High
As two set of 18 sums up to make total of 36 number in roulette wheel, you can place your bet either on low or high numbers.1 to 1

Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts

This is what separates Lightning Roulette from standard online roulette game and makes the game special and more exciting. The Lucky Numbers feature of Lightning Roulette offers additional chances to players to win big money prizes.

After all Roulette bets have been accepted, the amount of Lucky Numbers (this can be from 1 to 5), the Lucky Numbers themselves and the Lucky Payout Odds (this can be 50:1, 100:1, 200:1, 300:1, 400:1 or 500:1) are randomly generated.

For the player to win Lucky Payouts, the roulette ball should land on the Lucky Number and he/she should have placed Straight Up bet on that number. Keep in mind that other bets covering the number other than Straight Up bet do not qualify for Lucky Payouts.

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Is Lightning Roulette Rigged? 

No. It is not rigged. Since Lightning Roulette is played online with a live dealer and many other players, it is impossible to cheat. Like all the other online casino games, Lightning Roulette also used RNG (Random Number Generator) software to generate the winning number. So your win and loss in the game depend upon it.

On the other hand, online casinos primarily benefit from House advantages. And the winning odds are also mostly in their favour. Thus, regulated and licensed casino sites don’t need to adopt any tactics to rig the game. 

However, if you end up choosing a shoddy and unreliable casino site to play Lightning Roulette, you may get duped by them. Therefore, you only have to play on trusted and monitored sites. 

Apply Lightning Roulette Strategy

The strategies for a regular or standard roulette game are not effective for Lightning Roulette. For the standard roulette game, you are likely to be suggested to place even money bets implementing betting strategies such as Martingale or Fibonacci.

Those strategies with even money bets are not recommended for Lightning Roulette. Only Straight Up bets are qualified for Lightning Roulette’s Lucky Payouts and it is of no use to play Lightning Roulette instead of regular Roulette game if you don’t want to play for Lucky Payouts or multiplier win.

So, in Live Lightning Roulette, you bet in patterns covering whole numbers only. You have different choices for placing bets. You can cover a section or different sections of the wheel. You can also place bets on different numbers randomly. By selecting more than half of the numbers on the wheel, your chances of winning will be more than average.

Also, you can place bets on all red or black numbers or all even or odd numbers by making Straight Up bets on each number. Whatever betting pattern you follow, you do so by making Straight Up bets on each number so that you don’t miss the opportunity to win superb cash prizes through Lucky Payouts.

Remember that there is no strategy that guarantees your winning in Live Lightning Roulette. Also, there is no guarantee that the lucky number will be the winning number. So, there is a luck factor that matters.

However, using the above strategy, you improve your chances of winning. Set aside a budget for the game and play responsibly. Also, utilize your casino bonuses to maximize your chances of making profits.


To sum up, you can always play Lightning Roulette online in any site following the guidelines as mentioned above. If you wish to make a more significant impact in your game, you have to follow the betting rules & place your bets accordingly.

Even though all casino games are based on your luck and instincts, you can’t walk away merrily with bigger rewards if you only stick to your chance. So, make a clear plan about the game to attract a good fortune in the future.

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.