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Online IPL Betting(2022) – Ultimate Guide & Live Betting Tips

October 23, 2020

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Online IPL Betting Guide – IPL Satta Online

If you are an Indian, we don’t have to tell you about the craze of IPL (Indian Premier League) in India. If we do, it’ll be like telling jungle stories to Tarzan.

IPL, the most popular Twenty20 cricket league in the world, has its craze in the world of betting too. 

A large number of Indians are involved in online IPL betting using their computer, smartphones or other devices as they are highly interested in IPL matches.

Many online betting sites in India offer Indian bettors to bet on their favorite IPL matches. 

IPL betting has much to offer to bettors with various betting options, including pre-game and in-play betting markets.

With IPL 2022 currently going on, you want to find out much-needed information about online IPL betting if you are looking to bet on IPL 2022 matches.

We here provide you with an ultimate guide for IPL 2021 betting.

Know about IPL Format

IPL is a Twenty20 (T20) cricket league where eight cricket teams compete; each represents a different city of India.

The eight teams that are competing in IPL 2022 are:

  • Mumbai Indians
  • Chennai Super Kings
  • Kings XI Punjab
  • Delhi Capitals
  • Kolkata Knight Riders
  • Rajasthan Royals
  • Sunrises Hyderabad
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore

Each cricket team has two matches with each other; one match is played at home and another away in a round-robin format. After that, the top four teams get qualified for the playoffs.

The first Qualifying match is played between two top teams of the league stage. The winner of the first Qualifying match reaches the IPL final, and the loser of that match gets another chance to reach the IPL final.

Meanwhile, the third and the fourth team of the league stage plays an eliminator match. The winner of the eliminator match goes to the second Qualifying match to compete against the loser of the first Qualifying match.

Likewise, the winner of the second Qualifying match reaches the IPL final to compete against the winner of the first Qualifying match. The winner of the IPL final match is crowned as the champions of the IPL tournament.

IPL 2022 betting

IPL Satta Bazar Strategy – Types of Bets for Online IPL Betting

The best online betting app for IPL offers various betting options to meet the diverse needs of bettors. 

Here, we discuss the popular types of bets available in online IPL betting.

Outright Pick (Winner of the tournament)

This is the betting on the winner of the IPL tournament. This bet is available before the tournament begins, and it gets constantly updated as the tournament progresses. 

Coin Toss

You can also bet on which captain wins the coin toss before the match begins. For this bet, you don’t require in-depth research or skill.

Match Result

One who chooses to bet on a match result places their stake, hoping one team to win the match. 

This is available in both pre-match and in-play betting markets. In the case of in-play betting, the odds change as the match progresses.

Top Run-Scorer and Wicket-Taker

You can bet on the batsman who will be the top run-scorer and be the Orange Cap winner. Also, you can bet on the bowler who will be the top wicket-taker and be the Purple Cap winner.

These bets are also available before and during the tournament. However, the odds for these bets change as the tournament progresses.

IPL Cricket Betting Odds Explained

You have to understand IPL cricket betting odds before you place bets on an online betting site.

To put it simply, betting odds are what online bookmakers or betting sites think the likelihood of certain even occurring, which is the implied probability. 

Betting odds are displayed on the websites, usually in one of the three formats: Decimal, Fractional and American style.

Let’s know about them.

Decimal Format

Odds written in the decimal format are simple to read. To turn the implied probability into decimal odds, all you have to do is divide 100 by that implied probability percentage.

If the bookmaker’s implied probability of a team to win the match is 40%,: then you can calculate its equivalent decimal odds as:

Decimal odds = 100/40 = 2.50

You can easily calculate the total return on winning from decimal odds. All you have to do is multiply the decimal odds with your wagered amount. For example, you bet INR 1000 on that team with odds of 2.50 to win the match. If that team wins, the total return you will receive is –

Total return = ₹ 1000 × 2.50 = ₹ 2500

And, your profit = INR 2500 – Your wagered amount = ₹ (2500 – 1000) = ₹ 1500

Fractional Format

Odds can also be displayed in the fractional format in an IPL betting app. If the odds offered by the online bookmaker on the bet is 3/1 or 3-1 (read as 3 to 1), you get 3 rupees as profit for every 1 rupee you bet on winning.

You can easily calculate the profit earned on a winning bet by multiplying the fraction by the amount wagered.

If you bet INR 2000 on the odds of 3/1, then you can calculate profit earned on winning as: 

Profit = 3/1 × 2000 = ₹ 6000

Total return = ₹ 6000 + wagered amount = ₹ (6000 + 2000) = ₹ 8000

American Style Format

In American style format, a minus sign is used to indicate odds for favourites, and a plus sign is used to denote the odds for underdogs. American odds are also referred to as Moneyline odds.

The odds with a minus sign represent how much you have to wager to win $100, and the odds with a plus sign indicate how much you earn for every $100 you wager.

For example, Mumbai Indians (MI) and Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) are competing in the IPL match. Suppose the bookmaker offers the odds of -220 to MI and +180 to KXIP. So, here, MI is a favourite, and KXIP is an underdog.

To win $100 on the winning bet of MI, you have to wager $100. And, if you bet $100 on KXIP to win, you will win $180 on the winning bet.

Best IPL Cricket Betting Tips for Effective Betting

You should know how to bet effectively on IPL matches to gain an edge in betting. For online betting IPL, apply the below tips to make effective betting decisions.

Understand Betting Odds and Choose the Best Odds

For online IPL betting, it is advisable to understand IPL betting odds.

By understanding IPL betting odds, you will know the probability set by the online bookmakers and the profit you can make on winning bets.

Know the format of betting odds represented by the online bookmaker and calculate the profit you can earn if you win your bets.

Research the betting odds offered by different online betting sites and compare them. Go with the best odds, i.e. the odds that return you the best possible money on winning. While going with the best odds, you should ensure that the IPL betting app or site you choose is trusted and licensed.

Know About the Competing Teams in IPL

One of the best free IPL betting tips is that you shouldn’t bet on IPL based on pure guesses. 

Merely betting on pure guesses without researching about the competing teams may not go well. 

So, research is important to come up with wise betting decisions on IPL matches. 

Know about the competing teams’ strengths and weaknesses and how the teams have performed on earlier IPL tournaments.

You can check the IPL T20 stats of each player online and be updated with the latest news about teams and players of the IPL tournament.

Also, focus on the skilled players competing in an IPL match while betting.

Click this to know about IPL 2021 betting fixtures and the list of teams and players.


Take Benefits of IPL Betting Live

In online IPL betting, you have the option of not only wager on pre-match bets, but you can also wager live on various in-play bets. In IPL live betting, you don’t have to wager before the match, but you can place your bets on a match in real-time.

IPL live betting offers you extra opportunities to make profits in online IPL betting. Odds keep shifting in live betting. You can concentrate on how the match progresses and take advantage of the situation when you can earn maximum profit by betting.

Betting on IPL matches live adds much more to your online betting experience, offering you extra chances of earning profits on bets.

Best IPL Online Betting App or Site in 2022

Below is a list of trusted and licensed online betting sites or apps in 2022 that offer a wide range of markets and a great IPL betting experience in India.

  • BetBarter
  • Sky247
  • Bet4Plus
  • Betwinner

If you have any other site or app in your mind for betting, make sure that your chosen app or site is a genuine and licensed online IPL betting app or site.

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Why BetBarter for Online IPL Betting?

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Brijesh Mehta

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