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Play Online Dice Games In 2021: Enjoy Free & Real Money Dice Game

February 5, 2021

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Guide to Play Online Dice Games in India

Dice is an ancient game which is popular since the time immemorial.  Everyone has enjoyed the fun gameplay of Dice at some time in their lives. Usually, most of us knew about Dice while playing board games.

online dice game for money

Before there used to be limited variations of dice game but now dice are available in different styles. You can play online dice games navigating the best casino sites for real money.

Take your Dice rolling to the next level by testing your luck on dice online.

Here at BetBarter, we offer dice games for players of all experience ranges, and it’s a simple game to get into. All you need to learn is which numbers are most likely to appear and have rare occurrences in dice. 

This guide will help you to know much about online dice gaming. You will also learn how to place a bet on dice and boost your winnings with dice bonuses. So before heading over to the casino, let’s take a look at our dice guide! 

What is the Dice? 

Dice is a fast-paced and exciting game you can play in the BetBarter casino that offers you the chance to win big without putting much effort. The beauty of this game is that players of all experience ranges can play it. 

Dice are made up of small cubes. There are dots on each of the six faces of the cube which have its numerical value. One face is embedded with one dot, another two dots, and all the way up to six dots. When the dice is rolled and thrown on the plain surface, one side of the cube stands still facing up which holds a specific numerical value.

It could be three if three dots are facing up or any other values. Historians and Archeologist have found Dice on different excavation sites of the world. It reflects that Dice game was a favorite pastime of our ancestors and was played as a betgame for centuries. 

Dice game is purely a chance-based game, and to this day people are keen to test their luck on a roll. Earlier, Dice games were mostly available in traditional board games. Now the Dices are used in popular casino games like Sic Bo online, Lightning Dice, Craps, etc. 

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How to Play Online Dice Game for Money?

You can play online dice game for money in several online casinos in India. Many online dice games involve a betting element, and this has become increasingly popular in India.  You don’t need any skill or judgment to play dice. If you are capable of throwing dice, then it will do it.  Besides, if you are playing online, you don’t even have to throw dice!

Betting on dice involves guessing what number will be rolled. The odds for number one to six is exactly the same so either you bet with one dice or multiple, you will have a thrilling rolling experience. 

It is tricky to predict the total number of three dice accurately. It could be anything between 3 and 18.  But there are higher chances of totals emerging on the dice as compared to other outcomes. Below, we will explain the dice combination for your knowledge.

The best way to understand the gameplay of casino online dice is to take a look at game action. You’ll find how simple it is to understand and follow. One of the significant things a player needs to know about dice game is its combination of chances.

Dice Probabilities Explained 

Chance of predicting the correct number with a single dice is one in six out of six possible outcomes. What’s more interesting is, adding more dice further increases your odds. If you play two dice game, then remember that it has 36 possible outcomes, with totals ranging from two to 12.  

And, with three dice, the possible outcome is 216 to be exact. Now, when you roll three dice and sum up the numbers together, the total will appear between three and 18. The below table will show how many outcomes are available for each number on that scale. 

Total of 3 — Only 1 way of roll

Total of 4 — 3 ways to roll

Total of 5 — 6 ways to roll

Total of 6 — 10 ways to roll

Total of 7 — 15 ways to roll

Total of 8 — 21 ways to roll

Total of 9 — 25 ways to roll

Total of 10 — 27 ways to roll

Total of 11 — 27 ways to roll

Total of 12 — 25 ways to roll

Total of 13 — 21 ways to roll

Total of 14 — 15 ways to roll

Total of 15 — 10 ways to roll

Total of 16 — 6 ways to roll

Total of 17 — 3 ways to roll

Total of 18 — 1 way to roll

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What is Lightning Dice? 

Here at Betbarter we offer the game Lightning Dice. It has taken dice betting to an entirely new age.  Lightning Dice is blazing fast and live, so you’ll be amazed by its gameplay and graphics. 

In Lightning Dice, three dice is used to offer betting choices from 3 to 18! When you play Lightning Dice online, you’ll be directed to our casino suite where a host will handle the gameplay. They are there to ensure the game runs seamlessly and confirm the numbers whenever they have dropped.

The host will put three dice at the highest point of the Lightning Dice machine. Whenever you have put down your wagers, the dice will tumble through the machine and settle at the base. Here you’ll know whether you have won or not.

To wager in Lightning Dice, you should decide the amount of cash you need to stake by tapping on at one or more of the chips. At that point, click on the number you need to back. You’ll see the payout sums accessible for each number, so you can remind yourself which ones are more common than others!

When you lay down all your bets, the round starts, yet, there is an added surprise to Lightning Dice.  While the host set up the dice, the game will enhance the odds of several numbers. You will not realize which numbers are set to get a lift before all wagers have been set. It could dramatically build your odds of winning a significant payout if the dice, at that point fall on your boosted number.

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Here at BetBarter, we don’t just offer dice for our Indian players. There is a library of various popular games in the casino that players can enjoy online. Your search ends here whether you are looking for adult dice game online or free online casino dice games. BetBarter is the best online casino platform for all types of Dice games and other table and slot games.

Access any of your favorite game 24/7 with BetBarter from the comfort of your home.

All you require is PC, your pocket companion-Smartphone or tablet to enjoy the best wagering experience in the online world. You can chat with the dealer and different players while contending on the various poker and roulette tables.

You can acquire reward focuses on finishing difficulties. Furthermore, you can even enter competitions to test your abilities against different players from around the globe!


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Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.