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Online Cricket Betting – A Complete Guide, Betting Tips & Predictions

October 23, 2020

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Introduction to Online Cricket Betting

Because of the massive craze of cricket in India, online cricket betting sites in Indian rupees have extended around the Indian subcontinent. People don’t like cricket in India; they love and worship it. Due to its huge popularity, it has become the religion among most of the Indian cricket fanatics.

online cricket betting

When it comes to online cricket betting, numerous sites offer a wide array of pre-game and in-play markets across all forms of the game. Whether you are a starter or a seasoned punter, here we have covered everything you need to know for online cricket betting.

So let’s get started!

What to Consider for Selecting an Online Cricket Betting Site?

While choosing the best online cricket betting site, first consider the following things before you make a decision.

Before the Registration (Find the answer to these questions.)

• Does the betting site provide competitive odds and active markets on different sports bet?

• Does it have a variety of legitimate deposit and withdrawal options?

• Does it guarantee the utmost security of personal and banking details?

• Does it provide friendly and effective 24/7 customer service?

• Is it licensed and regulated by the prestigious gaming authority?

• Does it have provision of enticing welcome offer, promotional offers and VIP program as additional perks?

• Does the site load fast without lagging? Also, browse the site to check if it has seamless and smooth navigation.

• Does it make prompt payment of your winnings? Also, read the terms and conditions of the site thoroughly to check the wagering requirement and other important information.

During Registration

  • Did it ask you to complete the KYC (Know your Customer Process) before the deposit and withdraw?

    Remember that only the legitimate site will request you to do the same during or within 30 days after completion of the registration process.

If you haven’t yet found the online cricket betting sites you were looking for with all these features, don’t worry. Check our recommendation for the best sports betting sites below.

Best Online Cricket Betting Sites in Indian Rupees

The best online cricket betting site is subjective. According to us, the two of the best online cricket betting sites in India for cricket bettors are:

  • BetBarter
  • Bet4Plus

Registering on these sites is super easy as it only takes 3-4 minutes to complete the registration process.

When it comes to depositing, both online betting sites allow you to fund your casino account with Indian rupees. Apart from several deposit and withdrawal options, you will get 24/7 customer support via social media, free phone, email, Call-back as well as Live chat.

Both BetBarter and Bet4plus are regulated and licensed by the Curacao gaming authority, so the betting process is fair and transparent. When it comes to online cricket betting, both of these sites offer quality odds, ball-by-ball updates and plenty of fantastic cricket betting markets and variants.

These top online betting sites in India are known for their exceptional and customizable online betting service. And when it comes to securing the privacy and banking details of the customers, both betting sites are one step ahead of the regular betting sites. The integration of the latest technology on their platforms is proof of their security measures.

BetBarter comes with a dedicated section for cricket betting on their site. The site is easy to navigate and fully optimized. There is no need for you to download a separate mobile app. You can access the site via browser on your mobile, tablet or PC and get the best online betting experience in India.

So what are you waiting for? Register at your preferred online betting site and win up to 100% bonus on your first deposit.

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What are the Odds?

After creating and depositing your account in an online cricket betting app or site in Indian rupees, you can navigate your betting site for the cricket fixtures and match odds. You may be staring at something like this while checking the match odds.

cricket match odds

Here you find information on the IPL 2020 game between Sunrises Hyderabad and Chennai Super Kings that was scheduled for October 13, 2020. Also, you might be wondering about the two columns next to this information that displays ‘2.04’ and ‘1.83’ respectively. 

These are the betting odds set for each team to win the match. The odds under the ‘1’ tab (2.04) is set for Sunrisers Hyderabad. If you back the home team Sunrisers to win, you have to bet on it. Similarly, the odds under ‘2’ tab (1.83) here represent the odds offered on the away team, Chennai Super Kings to win.

How Cricket Betting Odds Work?

When somebody talks about the cricket betting odds, you have to understand that they are talking about how much you stand to win if the bet you place wins.

For instance, if you place a $15(1,099.62 INR) bet on Sunrisers Hyderabad to beat Chennai Super Kings at 2.04 odds, you will get back $30.6 (2,243.22) if they win, where $15 (1099.28 INR) is your original bet and $15.6 ( is your winnings.

If you bet $15 on Chennai Super Kings with 1.83 odds to win, and they managed to win, you will get back $27.45, 15$ is your original bet, and $12.45 is your winnings. Losing either of the bets will cost you $15 that you placed on a team.

If you want to check and be assured of how much you get as a return on your winning bet, then multiply your desired bet amount with the odds you get Remember that this return includes the amount you wagered.

Once you are ready to bet, click on the wager you want to put, then enter the exact amount you want to bet on that outcome and finally click confirm.

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Betting on the Different Forms of Cricket through Online Cricket Betting App

At present, you can bet on three formats of cricket through an online cricket betting app which is played at the International level namely Test Matches, One-Day Internationals and Twenty 20 matches. The International Cricket Council (ICC) also known as the governing body of cricket set the rules and regulation of each format.

Each format of the game requires a different set of skills and mentality.  Depending on the format, it takes a few hours to five days to complete the entire inning. Knowing the duration of each format helps you to know the time it takes for your cricket match bet to be settled.

Test Cricket

Test cricket is considered the highest standard of the game that is played with a red ball over three to five days. Only the nations that have been granted Test status by the ICC can participate in test matches.

Australia, England, India and New Zealand are some of the popular test playing nations accredited by ICC. The first test match was played between two strong rivals England and Australia in 1877 at the historic Melbourne Cricket ground.

This form of cricket is played by two teams where each team plays a four-inning match, bowling a maximum of 90 overs each day. The first team to bat Team ‘A’ sets the target first. After setting a fixed target by Team ‘A’, Team ‘B’ continues to bat.  In such a case, either Team ‘A’ should declare or become all out to invite Team ‘B’ for batting.

Once the Team ‘B’ finishes the first inning, Team ‘A’ turn to bat again- unless Team ‘B’ is 200 or more runs behind. In such circumstances, Team ‘B’ will be forced to bat again. The winner will be declared when two teams complete their inning; otherwise, the result will be a draw.

One-Day Cricket

ODI (One Day International) is a form of limited overs cricket that lasts for five to seven hours. The first ODI was played between two cricketing rivals England and Australia in 1977. At this match, 48 balls per over per side were played, and until 1983, 60 overs per side was the trend. 

Only after that, the 50 over per side got incorporated in ODI matches. Over the years, there was a change in the dress code and the colour of the ball. Now ODI matches are played with a white ball wearing coloured uniforms. 

Although this form of the game is less grueling than a Test match, it demands a great deal of patience and skills. Here the Team A bats first and sets the initial target for Team B to surpass and win. If Team B falls short of achieving the target, Team A will be declared as the winner.

Twenty 20 Cricket 

T20 cricket is a short cricket match limited to only 20 overs of gameplay. Such a fast and furious form of cricket lasts for about three hours with each team playing 20 overs. Each inning lasts for 90 minutes, and the team gets a 10-15 min break between the innings.

This short and limited format of cricket has garnered huge cricket betting fans from around the world. Like ODI Cricket, here, Team A sets the initial target for Team B to eclipse. While chasing the target, if team B is bowled all out or falls short of required runs before or after the completion of 20 overs, Team A wins the match.

Easy, right? Due to the simple, thrilling and fast-paced gameplay, twenty 20 cricket has amassed a new generation of cricket fans.  The ongoing IPL 2020 tournament is based on this format that is equally popular in the world.


Popular Cricket Betting Markets Explained 

Now you know the different forms of cricket and the online platform to lay down your cricket bet, it’s time to levelup your understanding of most popular types of cricket bets.

Markets like straight match-winner and tied match need no further explanation. So let’s discuss more exciting options available at the top online cricket betting sites in India. 

Total Innings Runs

This is one of the most-liked and preferred betting markets for live cricket betting. Here you simply have to predict whether the batting team scores more or less runs than the line set-200 runs.

For example; if you bet on the team to score more runs than 200, they must post 201 runs or more for your bet to win.  It goes without saying, but if the team score 200 run or less, you will lose your bet.

Top Team Batsman

Is there anything more enthralling than watching an explosive batsman smashing sixes into the stands? The best online cricket betting platform allows you to bet on a player whom you think will score the highest runs in a team’s inning.

Typically, shorter odds are provided on regular six hitters like David Warner and Rohit Sharma.  But remember there are other players like Ab De Villiers and Virat Kohli, who can play any shots regardless of the tight length bowling by opponents.

Top Team Bowler 

Sometimes it becomes quite hard to figure out which bowler will take the most wickets in an inning. Most of the punters usually bet on the bowler considering his previous match bowling figures, but it isn’t guaranteed that the same player will shine in the next match.

Many factors, like the pitch condition and opposing team skills, determine the bowler’s performance. So while betting for top team bowler bet, consider the likes of Kagiso Rabada and Jaspit Bumrah who are the top bowler for South Africa and India respectively. 

Next Wicked Method

In cricket, even an excellent form batsman can be dismissed with a tricky and length bowling. Indeed, there are several ways to dismiss a batsman, and most of the online cricket betting sites allow you to bet on each of them.

The bowlers may send the ball blowing the stumps or for a catch behind the wicket. Sometimes when the batsman couldn’t execute the shots properly in slow delivery, the bowl could reach one of the fielder’s hand.

In addition to being bowled and caught, a batsman could be dismissed through stumping, run-out or leg before wicket (LBW). Naturally, all these options mean exclusive cricket betting odds are available for online cricket betting prediction.

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Best Free Online Cricket Betting Tips


Analyze the Team and Players Stats

It is essential to look at the players and team form, fixture history and the condition of the play when betting on cricket matches. Likewise, the injury news, weather conditions and different other statistics play a crucial role while predicting the outcome of the match.

Like in several other sports, home advantage is one of the things that that have some impact on the result of a cricket match.

Consider the Outcome of Home Matches

In cricket, home advantage play a huge role in due course of the match. Apart from the confidence gained from the home fans, the strength-suited pitches can be helpful to expose the weakness of the opponent and pose a strong challenge. So, the home team has always some advantages over the away team. 

Compare the Skills of the Team in a Different Format

Since cricket is played in different formats, some teams may be proficient in long over formats like Test, and some may be adept with one day or T20 format. For example, the South Asian team, like Bangladesh, can show an exceptional game in ODI and T20 format as compared to Test game. 

Even when some of the key players from the team get injured, and new players replace them, that team may perform at a lower standard. Please keep these things into consideration while betting online. 

Research about the Home and Away Records of the Team

You might have looked at the fixture history that the team that shined in the home ground may not level their previous performance in the opposing team ground. This drives the match to an unpredictable situation, but once the out of form player starts sweating the opponents, things take a pretty interesting twist.

Some players with a good record against the away team can revive their game suddenly. Before making the match prediction for betting, consider these aspects as well.

Identify the Betting Variant 

The betting variants also play a vital role in determining your win on a specific bet. Some variants are straightforward and may not need much of your thinking, but one that requires you to use your knowledge and analytical skills may not be easy for you. So you have to differentiate between these two to be a successful cricket bettor

Online Cricket Betting Prediction for Several Betting Markets

There are several betting markets in cricket that you can choose to play online cricket bet. But before delving into that, consider the things mentioned above. Like if you are placing ‘Match winner Bet’ or ‘Top Team Batsman Bet’, you should punt on a batsman who has good run average and playing with excellent form in previous matches against the opponents.

Players like Kane Williamson, David Warner, Rohit Sharma, Steven Smith and Virat Kohli are often safe bet on this category. Similarly, when placing ‘Top Team Bowler Bet’, you can trust exceptional bowlers like Mitchell Starc, Trent Boult, Jasprit Bumrah and Afghani sensation Rashid Khan. These bowlers are considered as a safe bet both in the ODI and T20 format of the game. 

Besides, the players like Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli and some of the players from India, West Indies and England are renowned as the merciless hitters who cannot blast sixes at a crucial time. You can consider these things if you are wagering on ‘Most sixes bet’. Some bets like ‘Highest Opening Partnership‘, ‘Most Runs Outs‘ are difficult to predict because it relies more on luck.

Nevertheless, looking at the average opening partnership of teams, their home and away records can help you to gauge the form of any teams. Based on your research, you can place a ‘Highest Opening Partnership‘ bet and improve your chance of winning. 

The Popularity of Online Cricket Betting in India

Cricket is undoubtedly the most well-liked and popular sport in India. The craze of cricket surely has an impact even in the world of online cricket betting as a massive number of Indians bet on cricket matches and tournaments.

When India play head to head match against Pakistan or Australia, then there will be much more excitement in the air, and people usually stake high. During this time, the oddsmaker set the competitive odds because it is considered as the prime time for the online betting sites to make sizable profit.

The statistics provided by the UK based betting website named Betting ‘Adda’ claims that it accepts more than 5000 new registration and welcome 5 lakhs visitors every month from India alone. 

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In nutshell, you have to find the best online sports betting site to place your bet on the popular format of cricket. Besides, it is also equally important to learn about cricket betting odds and some useful online cricket betting tips we mentioned in the article.

Whether you are betting on the International or domestic tournament, you can make BetBarter your one-stop destination for all forms of cricket betting India.

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Online Cricket Betting FAQs

How do I bet on Cricket? 

Betting on cricket online is easy-peasy. Once you register on your preferred sports betting site, you will be all set to start your cricket betting journey.

During online registration, you will be asked to deposit a certain amount of money on your casino account for the betting purpose. You can top up your Indian online casino account either using an e-wallet, credit cards or bank transfer.

Once you furnish your credentials properly, you can check out the available match fixtures navigating on the sports category of sites and place your bet if you like the odds. 

Is Cricket Betting Legal in India?

It mainly depends on your location. In some European countries like Malta and UK, the online betting has been fully legalized, and there won’t be any problem in creating an account, depositing money and cash out the winnings. 

However, in places like India, the law hasn’t explicitly stated that cricket betting is illegal. The law also varies by state. Still, the multitude of online betting sites in India is operating from abroad. Since they are hosted outside of the country territory, there will not be any legal constraints for you to bet.

It is challenging for the state administration to enforce such kind pf law as there the Public gambling act of India hasn’t envisioned about the legality and illegality of cricket betting in the country. So there is nothing to worry about. Choose the suitable online cricket betting site for you and start weighing your luck today. 

Why do I have to send ID documents to the betting site? 

Every online betting site needs to adhere to laws and regulation in their country, and they must maintain the credibility of their website, allowing real people to play. Without clear regulatory measures, some people may create fake IDs purposely for money laundering, funding terrorist organization and carrying other illegal activities.

So to stop such malice, online betting sites request you for your original ID.  You can’t even withdraw your casino winnings unless you upload your ID like Adhar Card, License, Electricity bill, etc.

What are the Best Online Betting Sites for IPL Betting? 

Bet4plus and BetBarter are two of the best online betting sites for IPL betting. Here you can find the best odds, variety of markets and plenty of winning opportunities for IPL betting. 

Also, these sites are ideal for all the cricket betting fanatics who want to get the most bangs for their betting buck.

Can you win Real Money Betting on Cricket?

Yes, many people have won real money betting on cricket so you cannot be an exception. However, it isn’t an easy task to win. First, you should be familiar with the game itself, then its available markets and betting odds. Then you have to find the right sports betting platform to place your bet. 

While luck plays a vital role to guarantee your win, you should also have some research and analytical skills to enhance your chance of winning. All you need is to make a correct prediction of the winning team to bring the outcome in your favor.

Depending on the markets and bet type, you may have to make different sorts of predictions. After all, there will be no one to stop you from making real money betting on cricket if you are betting on legitimate sites like BetBarter or Bet4plus.


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Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

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