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Top Basketball Betting Strategies of 2021 for Beginners

November 25, 2020

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Introduction to Online Basketball Betting

Alongside soccer and cricket, basketball is the most dignified and favored sports in the world. Whether it is online or offline, thousands of Indian sports fans bet regularly on Basketball.

From NCAA college basketball to NBA and other major basketball tournaments, the sports betting fans in India have been following the latest fixtures and odds in their preferred betting sites.

You can lay down your bet on Basketball games online from your desired betting website or mobile dedicated online betting app. However, without the right betting strategies, it will be difficult for you to increase the likelihood of winning in Basketball Betting. Thus, we are providing our expert tips and strategies to bet on Basketball so that you can take larger benefit from the odds in available markets in 2021.

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Top Basketball Betting Strategies

Bet on the Underdogs

It is common for the average Indian Bettors to bet on the favorite, but such practices lead to market distortion. As a result, the underdog gets handicap advantage. In the Basketball match, there are several examples of favorites who have driven the game in their favor with minutes of focus play.

Coach has a significant role for this as during the second half, they come up with vital instructions. Usually, there is a growing trend of backing the favorite team in any sports betting. It is prevalent in basketball betting as well. So, only with proper basketball betting analysis, you will be able to know the difference in odds between the favorite and underdogs. 

However, the expert gamblers have learned the art of backing the underdogs for favorable odds. In any situation, betting on underdogs is like betting on reasonable odds despite the considerable risk attached to it. 

Use Basketball Lines

You can use this tip while the favorites are competing in European basketball league or other prestigious international tournaments. It is usual for the top class team to take advantage of the less competitive games.

So, when they compete with the underdogs, the top class team coach gives few minute plays to a new squad or rotational players. It helps them to boost the fitness of their first-team squad ahead of the more important game.

With this into consideration, it is advisable to bet on the underdog’s lines in a league game before an NBA or European fixture, mainly when the handicap point is high. 

Use the Basketball 4th Quarter Betting Strategy

One of the ideal things to do before betting on basketball is to understand the betting rules. Usually, most online sportsbooks take note of all points scored during the additional time as part and parcel of the fourth quarter.

Thus, if you jump into a match that is likely to end in a draw when no team has managed to build a sound point difference, you may consider betting on over points total. Doing this, you will have equal opportunity to register a possible win at the last minutes.

However, if the match fails to stretch to extra time, you can still enjoy additional minutes to beat the point limit.

Use the Standard Moneyline Wagers

Moneyline wagers are the common type of bet in Online Basketball betting. And Indian bettors usually choose to bet on a team that is destined to win and lay down their bet on it.

Based on the betting odds given to the respective team, the potential winning can be either high or low. In this situation, you can receive a surprisingly better payout by betting on underdogs than on the favourite. But it comes with the cost of your bet as the winning probability of the underdogs will be less than imagined.

Bet on Combined Point Score 

It is one of the trendy types of Basketball betting used by Indian bettors. Depending on the tournament or league, the total number of points scored will differ in such type of bet. For example, the total points range from 180 to 220 points in NBA league based on the competing teams. And usually, in European and college basketball tournaments, the total points differ between 120 and 160 points.

Therefore, you have to eye for team long term average instead of a short one. For instance, Chicago Bulls might have averaged 190 in their last five games, but they could have scored 250 points in one of their games. So, please take account of occurrences as it has a role in altering the average points. 

Besides, it is recommended to focus your analysis more on teams under and over points than the averages. Moreover, paying heed to team performance in home and away matches helps you to form a sound conclusion. 

Importance of Basketball Betting Strategy in 2021

With the growing number of online sportsbook in India, many Indian sports fans have shown considerable interest in Basketball Betting. New Indian bettors are utilizing their time and effort to learn about the best basketball betting tips and strategies to maximize their winning chances.

Indeed, such strategies are crucial for gamblers whose goal is to find long term success in sports betting. Considering the sporadic and unpredictable nature of gambling, you should come up with a good plan and techniques to succeed at Basketball betting.


In a nutshell, the basketball live betting tips & strategies discussed above are well-suited for your budget and risk appetite. If you stick with these strategies, it will help you to simplify your betting process with a chance to make extra profit. Not only these strategies work best for you, but you will also stand apart from the crowd by following it.

So, register to BetBarter today ─ one of the best online sports betting site in India, and make the most out of online Basketball betting applying the right strategy in 2021.

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Basketball Betting Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best wagers to go with in basketball betting?

This depends on what aspect of the basketball game you pay more attention to. Do not place bets unless you are sure of how they work. Over/under, moneyline, point spreads and handicaps are considered some of the best wagers in online basketball betting.

2. Is basketball good sport for live betting?

Yes, no doubt. Basketball is one of the exciting sports for live betting because of its dynamic nature. In a basketball match, many things can change in a single quarter. Live betting adds more fun and enjoyment to watching basketball matches.

3. What are the best online betting platforms or sportsbooks for basketball betting?

The best online betting platform is subjective. However, the best basketball betting sites have to be properly licensed and regulated, easy-to-navigate and well-optimized for great betting experience and offer safe and secure betting on a variety of betting markets with the best odds.

Betbarter meets all those mentioned criteria and is definitely one of the best, if not the best online betting platforms for basketball betting to Indian players. Other betting sites that we recommend are 22Bet, Spin Sports and Betway Sports.

4. Which is the best strategy to win money on basketball betting?

There is no basketball betting strategy that works all the time and guarantees your win. However, you can enhance your winning chances in basketball betting by apply above discussed important strategies.

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.