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Know the Basics of Beach Volleyball before You Bet for Real Money

August 23, 2021

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

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Beach volleyball is a fast-paced and exciting sport for betting. The game has managed to earn a huge army of fans globally. Initially, the game wasn’t as popular as now.

But, today with its participation in professional tournaments and Olympic events, beach volleyball betting has developed enormously within a short period. Also, the game unpredictability, huge payouts, and tanned bodies of athletics are the reasons to attract bettors.

This article will provide you everything you need to know about this exciting game as a bettor including the basics of the game, how the game is played, and skills required in the game.

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Beach Volleyball Basics – Rules and Regulations

Before we start with the basics of beach volleyball, let’s get familiar with the main governing body of beach volleyball. This action-packed sport is governed by the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball, FIVB abbreviated.

The FIVB publishes the official Beach Volleyball rules every four years and discloses a complete framework of how the game should be played internationally.

Now, let’s jump directly into the rules of beach volleyball.


The FIVB changed their previous rules and accepted these new sets of rules officially in 2002. 

  • The court size is 8×16 meters and the size of volleyball is 66-68 cm.
  • The distance between the two posts is 10m.
  • For men’s volleyball, the height of the net is 2.43m whereas it is 2.24m for women’s volleyball.


  • Every team in beach volleyball is comprised of two players. These players are fixed in the game and they can’t be replaced or substituted.
  • All the players are free to move within the court as they desired, there is no exact position.
  • Each team is allowed to touch the ball three times before they pass it to the opponent’s side.
  • Every rally starts with a serve and the serve is only valid if it reaches the opponent’s court.


Points and Scored: 

In beach volleyball, points can be scored in several ways. Some of them are:

  • The ball lands on the opposition’s section of the court.
  • The opposition hits the ball out of the court boundaries.
  • The opposing team receives a penalty.
  • If the opposing team commits a foul.

The results of the game are declared based on the result of three matches or sets. The first two matches are of 21 points and the third set is of 15 points. In case, if the final result of the match is a draw, then the set continues until one team scored higher at least with two points difference.


Beach volleyball also includes plenty of faults. And, if a fault happens, then the opposing team gets the advantage to serve the game or they gain a point.

The fault occurs if the following things happen during the match:

  • If players touch the ball twice consecutively.
  • If a player touches the net as touching the net during the gameplay is prohibited during the gameplay.
  • If players pass the ball with four touches.
  • If the player misses the serving order.

How the Game is Played?

  • The game begins with the referee tossing the coin. This coin is tossed to settle the argument between receiver and server. Whichever team wins the toss gets to decide the side of the court and start the game with service.
  • After the coin toss, the game starts with the service. After the service, the serving team will aim to cross the ball over the net and not under it using three touches. The team generally follows the order; bump, set, and then attack to get the ball over the net.
  • To this, the opposing/receiving team goes to attack, and they aim to stop their attempt. For this, they use a block and a good defense.
  • The rally continues until the ball touches the ground or a fault occurs. If this happens, then the respective team will get one point. And, the match will be played until one team reaches the top points of the game i.e. 21 in the first two sets.
  • In the case of the third set, the game ends if a match reaches 15 points. Furthermore, the teams exchange the side of the court after every seven points during the first two sets. And after five points in the last set to balance the effects of the weather.

Five Fundamental Skills of Beach Volleyball

Have a look at some of the skills required for beach volleyball betting.

1. Passing

Passing (“the dig”) is one of the most important skills that everyone should perfect first while playing beach volleyball.

When passing, players must extend both arms in the straight position, butt up against each other, and have a good balance of feet. This position is called platform or forearm passing as the ultimate goal is to develop a platform with a forearm.

The major mistakes which players generally do while passing is double touch or lift.

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2. Setting

Another important technique required for beach volleyball is setting. There are two types of setting; dig or bump and hand setting.

The bump setting is almost similar to passing. On the other side, hand setting is executed with hands forming a bowl in front of the forehead. When setting, players must make their wrists flexible and touch the ball only with the front part of their fingers.

Players who master these skills will flawlessly bump and set the position of the ball.

3. Hitting

The technique of hitting is required for hitting the ball with a flat hand. When hitting, players jump high into the air and hit the ball hard with a straight arm.

It is executed with three different steps. They are initiation, long step, and short step. All these steps allow players to jump higher while hitting the ball in beach volleyball.

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4. Blocking and Defense

Blocking is an action of reading the attacker and rebounding the ball back to the opponent’s side’s ground. This skill can ensure a quick and easy scoring of the match.

Although blocking can lead to easy scoring, there are various aspects that players must consider while blocking the ball. Some of these factors include:

  • Right-hand positioning and footwork
  • Jump Timing
  • Opponent’s mindset
  • Weather conditions.

Additionally, defense is also a must to block the ball from entering into the player’s side of the court. By doing so, players will prevent the opponent’s ball from scoring or sliding out.

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5. Serving

The last technique needed in beach volleyball is serving. This skill allows rally to start.  There are four different ways to serve the ball. They are: overhand serves, float serve, jump serve, and skyball serve.

Underhand Serves: This serve is done by holding the ball in one hand and hitting the ball with the other hand.

Float Serves: The float serve is executed by jumping and throwing the ball up with a flat hand. This serve is greatly affected in windy conditions as the ball can easily fall or fly out of bounds.

Jump-Serve: This is the advanced type of serve which is often very challenging for the opponent receiver. It is almost similar to hitting and is executed from the backline. Its execution requires a complex body, making it more difficult to execute.

Skyball: A skyball is rare and quite hard serve to keep on the court consistently. It is similar to underhand serve, but the ball is thrown high into the air. This serve is primarily used by skilled pro player Adrian Carambula.

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The Bottom Line

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Good Luck!

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.