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Know Everything about No Deposit Casino Bonus

July 20, 2021

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Understanding No Deposit Bonuses – No Deposit Casinos

Due to advances in technology, there is huge competition among online casinos to attract new players and keep them hooked on their sites.

Thus, to get huge traffic to their site, online betting, company offers lucrative welcome bonuses for their players.

Some of these bonuses are,

  • Free Play Bonuses
  • Free Spins Bonuses
  • Match Bonuses
  • Free Cash Bonuses
  • Deposit Bonuses
  • No Deposit Bonuses

Among all these bonuses, the no deposit bonuses are one of the most popular bonuses offered by online casinos. These specific bonuses are mainly tailored for newbie players.

With no deposit bonus, players can try some of the best games offered by the casino without spending their hard-earned money. However, these bonuses are not so easy to come out as they are attached to certain conditions, especially during the cashout.

Online Casino is a business, and they need money to run it smoothly. So, before you claim or use this bonus, you must be familiar with the implied rules that come with casinos free bonuses. And always choose the best online casino that suits your expectations.

On this page, we shall explain all the essential things about the no deposit bonus. Moreover, we’ll also be covering the most frequently asked queries related to this awesome bonus.

Let’s get started:

What is a No-Deposit bonus?

No deposit bonus is the promotion used by online casinos to grab new players. It is one of the most appealing features offered by online casinos for bettors of any level.

no deposit bonus

In this bonus, players can get the free bonus without depositing any of their cash. The amount of the no deposit bonus may differ from one site to another and it normally ranges from $5(₹373) to $1000(₹7461).

Online casino gives this bonus in two ways for its players. They offer it for new players as a welcome bonus or loyal players as a reward.

Terms and Conditions of No Deposit Bonus

Before you accept a casino any bonus, you must know the terms and conditions of these bonuses that an online casino has set. And, you’re bound to fulfil their requirements, if you want to cash out your amount.

So, let’s look at different requirements (T&S) that casinos will impose in their free bonuses and promotions.

Wagering Requirements

Before you claim the bonus, make sure to understand the casino’s wagering requirement.  The wagering requirement is the crucial part of the terms and conditions and it varies from one casino to another.

Thus, it is important to read the various offers of different casinos and make the right choice by evaluating their clause thoroughly.

So, what exactly is the wagering requirement?

Well, it’s simply referred to the number of times that players must bet to cash out any winnings from the bonus as cash. This wagering requirement is generally multiple of the player’s bonus amount.

Let’s illustrate the wagering requirement with an example,

If you are given a $20 (₹1492) bonus with a wagering requirement of x6, it means that you will have to wager up to 6 times the assigned bonus money i.e., a total of $120(₹8953) times before you claim any of the winnings from the bonus in real money.

Casinos use this requirement in their clause to ensure that players bet with a certain amount of money before they cash out their winning.

For more information on wagering requirements, you can also view our guide on Understand Wagering Requirement of Casino Bonuses.

Know the Cash Limits

Casino’s bonuses and promotions are always subjected to a maximum cash-out limit. This limit may be extremely low, i.e., below $ 50 or high up to $ 1000.

A cash-out limit may vary from one site to another. So, always check the casino maximum withdrawal limit before you claim a no deposit bonus. Furthermore, look for the site that has the highest cash-out limits and sign up on that.

Know other Welcome Bonuses

Many online casinos in India don’t allow players to benefit from other bonuses like free spins, free play, or others if players have already claimed no deposit bonus casino. This is because once players receive this bonus; they will no longer be considered novice players.

Thus, as a player, you must also read the T&Cs carefully and claim only the bonus that suits your needs.  

How to Claim your No Deposit bonus?

Below, we’ve created a step-by-step procedure to help you in receiving your first no deposit bonus. Check this out,

  • Initially, you need to do a bit of research and find the best casino that offers the no deposit bonus in your favourite casino game.
  • Once you find the one,  you must sign up on it and accept their offers for novice players. Just remember, some offers need to be redeemed manually.
  • Then, once you fill in your credentials, read the terms and conditions (T&S) of your preferred casino properly you have to click accept to proceed further.  It is up to you to make this decision. Only tick on accept if you’re okay with their restrictions.
  • Once you complete the registration process and claim a No deposit bonus, your fund/bonus will be transferred to your account within a few seconds. Some casinos may ask for credit card details, but you can ignore them and play with your no deposit bonus.
  •  After this, you can start your gambling journey with your preferred casino games without investing your money.
  • Now, you’re all set to play. Just enjoy the games and try to win as much as you can with your no deposit bonus.
  • If you win, then you must fulfil the wagering requirements to cash out your winning amount. So, complete the casino’s required wagering requirement.
  • And once you’ve met the requirements, you can cash out your winning amount and head home with huge profits.

The Bottom Line

To wrap up, hope that this guide has been informative. Now, as you know everything about no deposit bonuses, it’s high time to start playing.

But, before you dive into the game, always choose a legitimate online casino with a wide variety of games that you can turn the bonus on. This way, you’ll find the perfect game that suits your needs, plus, you’ll also earn more money out of it.

We recommend you to try deal or no deal India game once on your favourite online casino platform for winning substantial money.

Furthermore, if you want to try playing casino games on a new website and want to get an incredible no deposit bonus, then register with Bet Barter.

We offer various bonuses and promotions to new players that can be utilized to enjoy our casino games for free. 

So, sign up and grab the benefit of huge bonuses, free spins, and cashback from Bet Barter now.

Good Luck!

No Deposit Bonus FAQ’s

Which games can I play to get a no deposit bonus?

No deposit bonus is mostly given on online slots games. However, it also varies depending on the online casino you’re placing your bet at.

This is because some online casinos can also award you with these bonuses in table games like roulette, craps, blackjack, and others.

Can I withdraw the no deposit bonus?

Yes, but you must fulfil the casino’s conditions like wagering requirements and others before you try to withdraw it. Also, some casinos may ask for a first deposit to cash out your winning amount.

Thus, we always advise you to play from the licensed casino to ensure that you’re deposited amount remains in safe hands.

What is a no deposit code, and what is it used for?

No deposit code is the code or digits number used to access the no deposit bonus. It is used to activate the casino’s bonus offer in your account.


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Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

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