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Latest Online IPL betting Tips | Indian Premier League 2021

September 8, 2020

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Best IPL Cricket Betting Tips

The Indian Premier League is the most popular Twenty20 league worldwide. Its popularity is more than any cricketing league happening. 

The 14th edition of the IPL season is also fast approaching, and bettors are excited to bet on their favourite team and players.

Due to the popularity of IPL, IPL betting has been made easily accessible on online sports betting sites.

Bettors across the world bet in this biggest cricket league. But remember that not everyone wins. Only those with a good strategy can win their bets.

IPL Cricket Match Prediction

To increase your winning odds and place winning bets, we have some betting tips for IPL 2021 season so that you can bet confidently.

Let’s dive in!

1. Select the Best IPL Betting Site

As there are countless online betting sites, you must first identify and enroll in the best IPL betting site with the best odds. It is the first tip that we recommend you for your betting process.

No matter how strong the strategy you apply in placing a winning bet, if you cannot identify a trusted betting site, the strategy may be of no use. Some online sites are there just to cheat people.

So, whether you win or lose your bet, we cannot assure you that you will receive your money from every online site you find on the Internet.

To avoid this from happening and make your online presence rewarding, you must consider the following factors for choosing the best IPL betting site in India.

  • Is the Betting Site Licensed and reliable? 
  • Does it accept Indian Currency? 
  • Does it provide competitive odds and a wide selection of betting options? 
  • Can you enjoy live streaming on it?
  • Does it offer IPL specific promotions? 
  • Does it facilitate you with easy deposit and hassle-free withdrawal options?
  • How long does it take to process your payout? 

If you want to find all these features on one platform, it is recommended to create and register your account at

BetBarter is renowned as the best IPL betting online site in India, where you can bet without bothering about risking your personal and banking information.

So, get an online account there and follow the following tips to increase your winning payouts.

2. Set Bankroll and Stake Plan

Betting is about risking your money to win more money. So, setting a proper plan for bankroll and bets is the most important tip for every kind of betting.

Your bankroll must be the money left after fulfilling all your essential needs like food, medicine, house rent, etc. Your bankroll must be the money that you can afford to spend in a carefree manner. Also, do not take a loan; bet only with the money that you own.

After setting your budget, make a plan for the stakes that you want to wager in IPL. IPL runs for almost two months. You can stake a plan according to your wins and profits, setting a daily or weekly budget.

For each bet stake, 2-3% of your bankroll; make sure that it does not go more than 5%. Now bet on the match in which you are sure about your prediction. And if you are not sure but still want to try your fate, bet only a small amount so that you will have less risk.

3. Research IPL History

It is IPL, so you cannot avoid its history each time you get into IPL betting online in any of its matches. It is always wise to check how each team has played against its every opponent in each match. Also, research how the weather had affected each team in the previous years.

We recommend you to research the winner’s list, runner ups, a man of the match, a man of the tournament and other titles of each match and the entire league. Also, study how teams have been upgrading or degrading in each year’s IPL.

4. Study all the Teams

You might have a favourite team which you want to support this time too. You may support with your blessings. But helping them with your money may not be a good idea. If you want to win your bet, you must keep your emotions aside and bet with your logic.

Out of the eight teams, no one can be 100% sure about the winning team. The team that did not do well last year might perform extraordinary this year and vice versa.

So, don’t just depend on the previous year’s result. Also, do some research on the current status of the players. You can study how each player performed in other recent leagues and tournaments.

You may think that the defending champion Mumbai Indians may be the strongest team this year as they need to defend their title and trophy. But you know that Chennai Super Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad are right behind.

Some teams have already lifted the IPL trophy, while some have just reached the finals. Thus, it is difficult to predict the outright tournament winner as any team can come out as the best team in the league. 

You have to check the team and players stats and their previous year performance. 

5. Study Various Other Factors

Not only the teams and players, but there are several other natural and artificial factors that affect the outcome of any cricket match. So, dedicate some time to various other factors too.

Weather condition, ground, pitch, match time, temperature are different factors you have to consider before making any bet. The 14th edition of IPL is all set to happen in India.

So, research about the cricket fields and pitch where matches are to be played. Also, to increase your winning odds, study how each team and player have played in a specific condition.

6. Line Shopping

Line shopping is one of the important tips we recommend on every sports betting. In line shopping, you get into the betting markets and shop for the best odds.

There are countless sportsbook and betting markets online. The odds they offer may differ. Though they do not differ much, you can notice that choosing the site with the best odds does make a huge difference in the long run.

Through odds, you will know your bet’s winning probability and the winning amount that you will receive upon winning. 

After you decide the bet you want to place, check the odds offered by different sportsbook and bet on the one that offers the best odds. Finally, wait for the result while having fun watching the live matches.

Bet on the IPL 2021-Place Your Bets

After creating your account at your preferred betting site and depositing some cash, you can look into placing your first IPL bets. Most online IPL betting sites will offer the same or pretty different betting options for you to choose from.

First of all, you have to navigate the sportsbook category and find the IPL under the cricket markets. You can find both the pre-match and live betting odds for a particular match at your betting site. Check out the match schedule and the odds assigned for the competing teams.

Once you pick the match you want to bet on, you can either place a single, multiple or even an accumulator bet. You can choose any available bets displayed on your betting slip.

The most common online IPL bets you will find are:

  • Match Winner
  • Match Handicap
  • Winner of Coin Toss
  • Top Batsman
  • Top Bowler
  • Total Wickets
  • Player Performance
  • Highest Opening Partnership
  • Total Ducks
  • Total Maidens
  • 1st Over Total Runs
  • Total Fours/Sixes
  • Man of the Match

You either bet on your personal preference or make an informed bet by learning about the teams and players forms and records. 

Many first time bettors go with their personal choice but experience one bet with their knowledge and expertise. 

Even if you are new to the IPL betting world and sports betting in general, there is nothing to bother about.

First, test your luck betting on the popular IPL markets as they also offer better odds and money winning opportunities.

Then after you get used to it, look for more niche markets to find good bets. The more you explore and experiment with available IPL bets, the more you will grow as a successful bettor and make handsome cash out of it.


Making money is not so easy. And you cannot do it overnight. But if you spare some time to study, you will know that it is not much difficult.

Besides, it is an exciting process where you will be making way to bag in a lot of money while cheering for your team and having all the thrills you have been waiting for.

Luckily, this year the IPL is happening at the scheduled time. The 2020 IPL was postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Starting from September 19 to November 10, the cash-rich league was successfully held in UAE, barring all the spectators. In this regard, there is not much gap between IPL 2020 and IPL 2021. 

As the 14th edition of IPL is knocking on your door, we hope you are all prepared to enjoy the live match action and bet on your favourite team. 

The betting tips we mentioned in this article can come in handy to make successful IPL bets. 

So, make the most out of this league when you finally have something exciting after a month’s long struggle against the threat of COVID 19. 

Make proper plans with proper research and stick to your strategy for safe and responsible gambling.

So if you want to make BetBarter your go-to cricket betting site during this IPL 2021 season, then join BetBarter today!

IPL Betting Tips FAQ

What are the best IPL betting tips?

The best tip for betting on IPL matches is to understand the format. Test and ODI matches have a long format and are popular on the international stages. Most of today’s T20 players emerged from the ODI and Test format.

ODI and Test have a long history, but T20 cricket is a newly introduced variant of cricket where a match is limited to 20 overs of gameplay. It is a condensed game format that comes with certain rules.

Bettors should consider placing their match and prop bets carefully in this format as the game is highly unpredictable. The bowler restriction and higher run rates make IPL more fun and rewarding to betting enthusiasts.

Where Should I bet on the IPL? 

You can bet on the IPL setting up your account at a trusted and reputable online sportsbook such as BetBarter.  

BetBarter is licensed under the Curacao gambling commission and provides better security and protection to bettors regarding privacy and banking transactions. It is India’s highly recommended site for IPL betting fans. 

BetBarter provides better odds, a wide range of betting markets to choose from and a chance to grab attractive bonus rewards. 

Create your IPL betting account at BetBarter and make the most out of your online betting experience. 

Which IPL team is the strongest?

IPL is the highly unpredictable and enthralling cricket format that has produced many strongest teams over the decades.

From the first edition to reaching the 14th edition, the two teams, Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings are considered successful IPL teams.

Mumbai have won the champions title for the 5th number of time and have made it to the playoff on multiple occasions.

Likewise, Chennai Super Kings have made it to the playoff in almost every IPL season, except the 13th edition. They have also lifted the IPL trophy three times and have ended up in a runner up position several times.

Apart from these two, Kolkata Knight Riders and Sunriser Hyderabad are considered the strongest teams in IPL. 

What types of IPL t20 bets should I put my money on?

Though you will have an option to choose from plenty of available bet types with bookmakers, you can consider wagering on the most popular ones.

The most popular ones include the match-winner, tournament winner, top bowler, top batsman, MOM (Man of the match), highest opening partnership, and toss winner. The match-winner bet type is the simple one in which you have to guess the winner of the match.

In contrast, the top batsman/bowler and man of the match bet types require having some knowledge of the player forms, stats and playing style.

So whether you want to go for a simple alternative or more advanced and rewarding betting options, it is up to you.

What is the minimum amount I can bet on IPL t20 online?

There is no limit on the amount that you can bet on IPL t20 cricket online and it varies from sportsbook to sportsbook. BetBarter and Sky247 both offer a minimum bet of ₹10.

What does dead heat mean in IPL cricket betting?

In the context of IPL cricket betting, a dead heat means there is more than one winner in a bet. 

For example, you wagered on a batsman to score the most run in a match, but in the end, two of the batsman scored the same number of runs. In this situation, the rules of dead heat will be applied, and you will only receive half of the amount upon winning your bet.

Where Can I do the best mobile IPL betting?

Although BetBarter doesn’t have a dedicated mobile app, its betting website is compatible with every smartphone type.

The mobile website of BetBarter is easy to navigate. Transitioning from one page to another page is smooth and seamless. The mobile site is highly responsive and user friendly. 

We recommend you to use BetBarter for the best mobile browsing and betting experience.


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Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

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