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Wheel Bet by TVBET: How to Play?

March 9, 2022

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

How to Play Wheel Bet by TVBET


WheelBet is one of the most fun and exciting games in the online casino world. Players will have a great time playing WheelBet once they give it a try.

The concept of WheelBet is similar to that of American roulette live, but instead of using numbers only zero through nine as chance positions, one can select sectors. Position 0-1-2-3 has a color white color and four sectors with figures 0-1-2-3.

If a player bets on this combination he will get back the same stake (as in roulette). Position 4-5-6-7 has a black color and once again four sectors with figures 0-1-2-3.

It will be played in front of a special gaming table with a big easy to use the electronic spinning machine, which works similarly to the one used in casinos. The difference between the two games is that the result will be visible instantly after the deal, and it won’t have any influence on its subsequent spins.

Whenever someone wants to know how to play Wheel Bet by TVBET, we have an answer for you! Check out this review with all details and steps you need to know about Wheel Bet.

Game Overview

Wheel Bet by TVBET is a fast-paced game with a minimum bet of only $0.5, played on the roulette wheel. If your bet wins, you get a bonus to multiply your winnings up to 10 times. The winning number is determined by the roulette wheel.

The wheel is spun automatically. After the result of these actions, you will receive some numbers with positive or negative values, depending on the outcome of the wheel. Values ​​can be multiplied by your bet. The ratio depends on the probability of getting a particular number after spinning.

So how does it work?  Wheel Bet is a wheel game based on random generator numbers. Each round of the game has three stages:

1. The wheel spins and the ball lands on one of 37 sectors.

2. The wheel spins again, but this time it stops at the sector which is designated for it by the ball from the previous stage.

3. The wheel spins for the last time and stops at the sector which is designated for it by the second wheel from the previous stage.


The rules of Wheel Bet by TVBET are simple: there is a wheel with 54 segments (colored white and red), each of which has a number from 0 to 53.

Every bet in this live game requires selecting a number or several numbers on which you want to place a bet. Then the dealer spins the wheel and if it stops at the number that you have chosen, you win.

The following are some of the major rules which needs to be considered while playing Wheel Bet:

  1. The game is played on a vertical wheel with 38 stops that is numbered and colored like a normal roulette wheel.
  • The payout for each win is one-to-one.
  • All bets except those specifically on zero and double zero lose.
  • The following bets are offered:
  • Specific number: Pays 36
  • Specific column: Pays 12
  • Group of 12: Pays 3.008
  • Color: Pays 2.006
  • Odd/even: Pays 2.006
  • Low/high: Pays 2.006
  • Over/under 18.5: Pays 2.006
  • Under 14.5: Pays 2.579
  • Over 14.5: Pays 1.641
  • Under 22.5: Pays 1.641
  • Over 22.5: Pays 2.579
  • Under 9.5: Pays 4.011
  • Over 9.5: Pays 1.337
  • Under 27.5: Pays 1.337
  • Over 27.5: Pays 4.011

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How to play Wheel Bet?

Wheel bet is a game of chance that is popular with many punters. Unfortunately, many of them lose not because they are unlucky but because they have not studied the wheel or used a wheel that is difficult to cheat on.

It is a game of chance, where the player places a bet on the outcome of spinning a wheel with numbers 1 to 12. The host or presenter spins the wheel and then the ball is dropped into it. If the ball lands on any one of the numbers that you have placed your bet on, you win!

It is easy to cheat on the wheel bet in India as well as other countries but it comes at a high price as you need to pay protection money to the organizers and also give them a cut of every win.

At BetBarter, we want customers that win more than losing. Furthermore, we emphasize the customers who play mainly for fun and entertainment. This is why we have set up our wheel so it is difficult for cheaters to beat.

The wheel runs counterclockwise, meaning that most people are used to seeing it run Clockwise. This makes it hard for scam artists from another country to cheat on our wheel.

Also, there is a computer-generated random number generator rather than using numbers drawn out of a container which will be easier for people to cheat on. The generator also has a high degree of accuracy which helps stop us from getting calls from irate customers saying their favorite number was not drawn.

The following points clearly give you an idea of how to play Wheel Bet games:

  1. Place your bets before the beginning of each round by selecting the desired numbers and sectors and confirming them by clicking “Place Bets”.
  • To win, you need to correctly predict the number on which the wheel stops. After making bets, the presenter starts spinning the wheel and launches a ball from the opposite direction. When the wheel stops, the presenter determines whether there is a winning bet on this number. If there is no winning bet, betting continues.
  • Wheel Bet is based on a 60-segment wheel with dynamically changing multipliers. To play this game you need to choose a segment and a multiplier before the wheel starts to spin. If the wheel stops on the segment you have chosen, you win your bet multiplied by the multiplier.
  • Wheel Bet is a live game by TVBET which offers an opportunity to win up to 500x your original stake. It is based on American Roulette, where the rules are the same, but two balls spin on the wheel. The game is streamed from a studio in real-time, and you can place bets on a special table.
  • When you load Wheel Bet, you will see a standard roulette table with all the standard betting options. You will also see betting options for ball 1 and ball 2, which are placed at the top. You can place bets on both balls and just one of them.
  • You can make several bets at once in different betting zones. You also have the opportunity to split your money between numbers, colors or sectors on the betting field. It all depends on your betting strategy.
  • The winning numbers are called out by the presenter after each round. The winning numbers light up on the display above the wheel. To speed up the game, you can use Auto-Bet feature and place multiple bets simultaneously in just one click.
  • Placing bets on this game is easy:
  • Select the chip value from 0.1 to 100.
  • Double click on the betting area to place that bet on that option.
  • Repeat as many times as necessary to place your chosen stake.
  • You can also clear all bets with the button at the bottom of the screen or spin immediately using the button next to it.

If you’re interested to play online roulette, then you should definitely check

roulette betting strategy before beginning to play in order to enhance your winnings!


WheelBet is an exciting and engaging game that adds an element of fun to any online slot and casino site. Although WheelBet does not offer the high odds you will generally see in a lot of other games, it is extremely popular.

It is designed with a wheel that spins around to select random numbers on a betting table. This can then be used to move around the board similar to bingo.

WheelBet can be played as an online casino game or it can be found in land casinos. Find out more about WheelBet, how to play, and other details here at

Other than WheelBet, you can also play unlimited casino online games at Betbarter. So, hurry up! Sign up and get a chance to win amazing online casino promotions on our website.

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

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