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7 Up Down: How to Play This Online Dice Game for Real Money?

April 4, 2022

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

How to Play 7 Up Down


7 up down is a dice game where the host throws the dice and the players wagers on 3 numbers below 7, 7, and numbers above 7. Here two dices are rolled by the dealer where the goal of you as a player is to match your bet with the addition of numbers on both the dices. If your bet matches with the addition, you will win. The game features a simple betting system and is only usually played online with one person against the dealer.

This article discusses about how you can play this dice game including the rules and a few useful strategies. Read till the end and find out about the best online casino site where you can play the game online!

Basic Rules and Payout Rates of 7 Up Down game

7 Up 7 Down dice game is played by placing your wagers on numbers more than 7 or less than 7.

Below are the 3 bets options available for 7 up down game before the dices are rolled:

  • Numbers below 7 – 7 Down
  • Number 7 – Lucky 7
  • Numbers above 7 – 7 Up

The table in an online 7 up down game is often coloured blue and you can see the betting options spread out on the screen. Here a glass jar holds the two dice that can be seen in the top right-hand corner or the center of the table. The glass jar generally has a cover over the top so that you cannot look at the two dice values. The glass jar is shaken and the values are revealed.

The two dice when thrown need to be facing directly upwards on the dice for any winning bets to be paid out. If one or both of the dice end up inclined with each other the dice will be thrown again.

Below is the payouts chart for the 7 Up 7 Down game:

Lucky 74:1 (sometimes 3:1)
7 Up1:1
7 Down1:1

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How to Play 7 Up 7 Down?

7 Up Down dice games follows simple rules and gameplay. Though the payout rules may differ from site to site, its basics and procedure remain the same. Below are the steps explaining how you can play this game online and offline:

Step 1: The first step to playing the game is to pick your betting option from one out of 3 alternatives i.e., 7up, 7, or 7 down by the player. These betting options have a winning amount that may be alternated from the positive and negative sign buttons under the boxes.

  • Lucky 7 – The two rolled dice numbers totals an accurate seven.
  • 7 Up – The two rolled dice numbers totals of over 7.
  • 7 Down – The two rolled dice numbers totals under 7.

Step 2: The player can decide to change their betting amount relying upon the bankroll they have set.

Step 3:  Finally, you will be ready to roll the dice. The dealer rolls the pair of cubes, and you just need to wait for your results.

Result: If the result range is above or below 7, the player gets double the selected quantity. If the range is exactly 7, the player gets up to 3xs of their selected amount. If the range doesn’t appear consistent with the selected bet, the player loses the bet amount.

7 Up 7 Down strategy guides

7 Up 7 Down dice game functions best with the use of the Martingale betting strategy. The strategy basically requires the pattern of doubling your betting amount with every loss. The strategy then continues till you win.

The main idea here is to gain back what you lost all in return and even make a side profit. This strategy works the best in gaining your profit back most time but it does not guarantee that you always make a profit though. You also need a big bankroll to use the martingale betting strategy to play through your losing streaks.

Hence it is always wise to set a betting limit suited to your budget and stop playing when you make a profit. You can also learn some useful betgames tips for 7 up down to maximize your odds in the best way possible.

Compatible Devices

This best online casino game is compatible with various devices including PC, tablets, and smartphones. Playing 7 Up 7 Down on a mobile phone makes it more convenient and accessible regardless of where you are. Most of the top online casinos like BetBarter also come with a professional online betting app that you can download online. Or you can even access these apps directly from the casino site.

With this playing 7 up 7 down becomes easier and all you need to have is fast internet and a suitable device to play with.


7up down is a great option that you can try out for real money. You can win 2x or even 3x money in the ideal scenario. Just make sure you learn its rules and use effective strategies and tactics and you are good to go! For the martingale betting strategy set out a good betting amount and leave when you make a profit.

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Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.