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‘How can a schoolboy score triple centuries’ – Waqar Younis shocked when he heard about Sachin Tendulkar for the first time

July 4, 2020

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Much to anyone’s dismay, once Sachin Tendulkar left the field without precedent for Karachi on November 15, 1989. Everyone knew he would proceed to turn into the legend of the game. However, the name was doing the rounds for a fair timeframe as of now on account of his heroics with the bat while in school. In a similar game, another adolescent from Pakistan made his universal presentation and he was as a matter of fact Waqar Younis.

In spite of the fact that it was the first run through the pace bowler got an opportunity to bowl at the 16-year-old child from India, Waqar had heard Sachin’s name during the U19 days itself. Reviewing those days, he expresses that everybody was simply discussing how a student was scoring triple a very long time for no particular reason.

“About Sachin, the entire India Under-19 team, they were just raving about him, saying how good that little kid is. He’s only a schoolboy, scoring triple-centuries at school. Who scores triple-centuries at school? Even scoring a century at school is an amazing thing,” Waqar said on The Greatest Rivalry Podcast.

Waqar believed Sachin to be a great player in future

Waqar Younis, notwithstanding, conceded that he never imagined that the child who took the gatekeeper in Karachi without precedent for global cricket would turn out to be such an incredible player two decades down the line. He commended Sachin Tendulkar for his accomplishments on and off the field and figures that the difficult work he put in paid off.

The 48-year-old said that he knew there was this small child going ahead the square who would have been astounding. From the start look, he didn’t generally give Waqar the feeling that he will be the incomparable Sachin Tendulkar, what he is today. What he has done throughout the years is astounding, on the field, off the field. At that specific time, Waqar didn’t understand he would have been such a major name in cricket. In any case, his difficult work paid off.

Strangely, Waqar Younis is the primary bowler to excuse Sachin Tendulkar as the last marshaled just 15 runs in his introduction innings. Also, the pacer had hit him on his nose too with a bouncer. Yet, the ace blaster battled his nerves on presentation and afterward proceeded to hammer two half-hundreds of years in the arrangement.

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