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Guide To Play Jhandi Munda At An Online Casino

January 10, 2022

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

If you are an India, you are likely to know the Jhandi Munda game. Jhandi Munda is originally a street game and it is also known by the name Langur Burja, Crown and Anchor, and Khor Khore.

The game was originated in the 18th century in Arunachal Pradesh. Although you know this game, you might not know that this game now can be played online for free or on real money.

Jhandi munda playing guide

In this article, we will guide you to know how you can enjoy playing Jhandi Munda at an online casino and where you can play this game.

Introduction To Jhandi Munda

Jhandi Munda is an Indian betting game that uses 6 dice, with each dice containing six sides. People usually play this game during Hindu festivals Dashain and Tihar. This game is also well-known in Nepal by the name “Langur Burja”. Royal Navy Sailors call this game “Crown & Anchor” in English.

Jhandi Munda has been this popular till today because of its high entertainment value and social networking nature. It is a fast-paced game and lucky players can win good profits in a short time.

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Jhandi Munda is not just played on the street today. You can play this game in some land-based casinos especially in Arunachal Pradesh as well as online casinos. You can enjoy playing this fun game on real money safely from anywhere at an online casino.

How to Play Jhandi Munda Online Casino Game

The rules of the street Jhandi Munda and online Jhandi Munda might differ. However, the game is not complicated and you can easily play this game online by checking the rules.

Jhandi Munda is played with six identical dice. The dice are similar to Ludo dice with six sides but they have symbols instead of numbers. Each dice contains the same six symbols which are also displayed on the gaming board where bets are placed.

The six symbols of the game are:

  1. Crown (Burja)
  2. Flag (Jhandi)
  3. Club (Chidi)
  4. Spade (Hukum)
  5. Heart (Paan)
  6. Diamond (Itta)

In an online Jhandi Munda game, players place bet on any symbol predicting that the symbol will come out (face-up) the most when the six dice are rolled. Dice are rolled by the software and the outcomes are random. If the player wins, he/she will be paid out based on the payout rules of the game.

Jhandi Munda Payouts

The payouts of online Jhandi Munda can differ based on the version you are playing. So, it is important to check out the payouts of the game before playing on real money. The payouts of the game are based on the number of a selected symbol that appears face up.

Below is the table that shows the typical Jhandi Munda game payouts.

Number of SymbolsTotal Payout including Bet Amount
1 SymbolStake + 1x Stake
2 SymbolStake + 2x Stake
3 SymbolStake + 3x Stake
4 SymbolStake + 4x Stake
5 SymbolStake + 5x Stake
6 SymbolStake + 6x Stake


Suppose you place a bet of ₹100 on the Flag symbol. When the six dice are rolled, three Flag symbols come face-up. Here, your payout will be ₹ (100 + 3×100) = ₹400 which includes your stake.

Where to Play Jhandi Munda Online

Not all online casinos offer this traditional game popular in India. However, there are online casinos that target to Indian betting market and offer this game.

Some casinos might include this game with names other than Jhandi Munda. So, you can search with other names of the game to find Jhandi Munda on your chosen site.

While making your selection of an online casino, make sure that the casino site is licensed and properly regulated.

We recommend BetBarter for playing Jhandi Munda online on real money from India. BetBarter provides the best online casino platform for Indian players with payment methods popular in India.

Furthermore, you can find an exciting online casino promotion bonus at BetBarter India that maximizes your chances of winning.


Jhandi Munda is a straightforward game of dice with simple rules. Online Jhandi Munda has an RTP of 97.14% which is better than many online slot games like live speed baccarat. If Lady Luck is with you, you can win huge on this game of chance.

Before playing Jhandi Munda online on real money, you can play the game for free to get used to the game. The game suits you if you are looking for entertainment value and better chances to win money.

For the best experience of online Jhandi Munda casino games in India, choose BetBarter India.

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.