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Beginner’s Guide to Online Badminton Betting

July 27, 2021

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Badminton is a fast-action sport that has been around for decades now. The game is

played with racquets and a shuttlecock (a feathered projectile). The racket is used for hitting a shuttlecock across the net. Each team aims to hit the shuttlecock over the net and land in the designated court areas.

These days, due to its increasing participation and popularity, many betting sites allow betting on top badminton matches. And many bettors have started to place their bets in online badminton betting these recent years.

However, if you’re a complete beginner, then you might be wondering where to start. If so, then you have landed on the right site. This article will cover everything you need to know about online badminton betting.

Moreover, we shall also enlist some of the important factors, without which betting on badminton has no sense.

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Before knowing about online badminton betting, let’s know the rules of the game.

Rules of Badminton

Below are the basics gameplay rules of badminton that you must be aware of before placing your bet.

A badminton match can take place with either singles or doubles. In singles, two players will play the match whereas in the case of doubles four players will play.

  • An official game must be played indoors on the proper court.
  • Scoring is made if the shuttlecock or birdie hits within the parameter of the opponent’s court.
  • In case, if the shuttlecock hit by a player lands out, then the opponent will get the point.
  • Players must serve underarm or below the server’s waist. Note that, no overran serves is permitted and there is no second chance for serving.
  • Every badminton match will begin with the toss. And the toss results will decide the team to serve first and the side of the court from where they would like to start the game.
  • If a player touches the net with any part of their body or their racket do so, then opponent will be awarded a point.
  • Each game is overlooked by the referee on a high chair and line judges.
  • ‘Lets’ can be called by the referee if the shuttlecock gets stuck on the net or if the opponent is not ready when the serve is made. And when let is called, the game will be stopped and will begin once everything is okay.
  • The game generally has two breaks after the first and second games. In the first game, the break is allowed for 90 sec while 5 minutes of a break is given in the second game.
  • In case if any players don’t follow the rules, then the referee has full right to dock that player of points.

Scoring and Winning the Game

 A badminton game generally has three sets of rounds and the highest point in each set is 30. And to win the game, players must win 2 out of these 3 sets. And to win this set, players have to reach 21 before their opponents.

In case, if the sets are tied at 20-20, then the team that manages to get 2 point margins will win the match. Moreover, if the game is still tied at a 29-29 score, then whoever receives the next point will be the winner.

Factors that influence online badminton betting

Tournament Rules

One of the main factors that can affect the results of matches is tournament statuses. Sometimes, especially in the Cup system, the team who loses the game will simply drop out of the tournament. The same incident has already happened in London Olympia, where everything was planned and one team was playing without any fighting spirit.

Thus, knowing the rules of the tournament and matches, you can predict the match outcomes faster than the bookmakers and other punters.

Fixed Matches

Unfortunately, fixed matches do exist in badminton even today. Punters, especially newbies, do not have any idea about such things and they tend to lose their money.

To overcome such a situation, you can do a thorough analysis of the market. And place the bet only after examining the game scenario. 

Progressive Systems

A progressive system is a system where players double their betting amount after each win.

A gambler often thinks that a progressive system will enhance their winnings chance and bring them huge profits within a short period. However, it may not work the way they feel as the progressive system doesn’t do anything to influence their winning chances.

Moreover, if it didn’t work the way you planned, then it may even turn you bankrupt in a long run.


Badminton Betting Strategies and Tips

Now, as you’re familiar with the basic rules and winning score, it’s high time to learn the few strategies that will help you to beat the badminton match.

  • If you’re a complete beginner in badminton betting, then the first thing which you should keep in mind is the variety of bets available.
  • Once you do, then start the match with common bets like a handicap, over/under, or match-winner.
  • After you learn all these common bets, then you can start placing your bet on outright betting or live badminton betting.
  • Before you play with real money, make sure to know the meaning of badminton odds and use it to enhance your chance of winning. These odds are very important as they tell you the likelihood of an event and the winning payout.

How to make online bets on badminton

  • Firstly, create your account at an online casino. For this, you can click here, and register now.
  • Then, deposit some amount on your account to place your bet.
  • Choose a live badminton match (either domestic or interaction) and place your bet
  • Press on the confirm bottom.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, betting on badminton matches online is very easy. In badminton betting, you either count on luck or proper knowledge of game basic rules. And if you’re aware of badminton basic gameplay, then you’re all set to place your first bet.

However, before playing with real money, make sure you are aware of the factors that can influence the game. Those factors play a vital role in boosting your chances of beating the odds.

Furthermore, you must also find a trustworthy and legitimate betting site if you want to have a great online betting experience. Presently, several online sportsbooks offer online or live badminton betting in India and among them, you must find a licensed online betting app that has much to offer.

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Good Luck!

FAQs of Online Badminton Betting

What are the bets to play in badminton betting sites?

  • Some of the bets on badminton betting are,
  • Match-winner,
  • Win in the set
  • Correct score,
  • Total Set Points
  • Handicap, and
  • Outright.

When is the next badminton championship?

  • The upcoming badminton tournament is the 2021 BWF World Championships. This event will start on Monday, November 29, and end on Sunday, December 5.

 Where can I bet online on badminton?

  • Today, there are plenty of online bookmaker’s sites available in India that accept betting on badminton. They are:
  • BetBarter
  • Betway
  • Royal panda
  • 10 CRIC and others.

Out of all these online casinos, you can choose any of your preferred sites.  You can register at BetBarter, India, to enrich your gambling experience.

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.