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Complete Guide On Baccarat Casino Game – Betting Tips & Tricks, Game Strategy

October 20, 2020

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Baccarat Casino Game Online

Live Dealer Baccarat offers you the immersive standard Baccarat experience as in a standard brick and mortar casino through your mobile devices.

Though Baccarat is one of the oldest casino games, its craze has not diminished a bit. Still, millions of gamblers around the world get in front of the Baccarat table in online casinos and enjoy live Baccarat to win real money.

Further, Live Dealer Baccarat has assisted much more in garnering more Baccarat players in the online gambling world. The baccarat casino is highly popular among the card games category.

In this article below, learn everything you need to know about the live version of this popular and classic casino game. With the right baccarat strategy, you can help grow your bankroll, raise your winning odds, and take your gameplay to the next level.

How Live Dealer Baccarat Works

Live Baccarat is hosted by a real dealer as in a land-based casino and streamed live in real-time as all other live casino games.

The studio has cameras set up at different places that give adjustable multiple angled views to the customers for an immersive gambling experience.

Players place their bets on online casinos through their smartphones, tablet, or laptop.

With a live chat feature, you can chat with the dealer and other players and enjoy the atmosphere of a land-based casino.

Know the Rules of Baccarat

Online casino Baccarat game is played with 6 or 8 decks of 52 cards.

Before the cards are dealt, players are required to place their bets. After they do, the dealer deals two cards each on Banker and Player sides.

The side with the highest value close to 9 wins the bet. If both sides get the same hand value, the result is tie.

If the total value of any side exceeds 9 then the value of 10 is subtracted from the total score.

For instance, if the total score of the Player side is 13 then 10 is subtracted, and the real value of the side becomes 3. Similarly, if the total value of two cards on the same side becomes 10 then after subtracting 10, its real value becomes 0.

Further, if the first two dealt cards on either Banker or Player add up to score 8 or 9, the winning bet gets settled ending the round. The score of 8 and 9 are termed Natural in Baccarat game.

Card Value

  Card(s)  Value
  Ace  1
  2 to 9  Face value
  10, Jack, Queen, King  0

Third Card Rule

The drawing of the third card depends on the total score of the first two dealt cards on Player and/or Banker. Under specific circumstances, the third card is dealt on Player and/or Banker side to improve their total value.

Player’s 3rd Card Condition

  Player’s hand value  Action
  0 to 5  3rd card drawn to Player
  6 or 7  Player stands
  8 or 9  Round ends

Banker’s 3rd Card Condition

  Player  Banker
  Player stands  3rd card drawn if the hand value is 0 to 5   Stands if the hand value is 6 or 7   Round ends if the hand value is 8 or 9
  3rd card drawn  3rd card drawn if the hand value is 0 to 2
  3rd card – 2 or 3  3rd card drawn if the hand value is 0 to 4   Stands if the hand value is 5 to 7  
  3rd card – 4 or 5  3rd card drawn if the hand value is 0 to 5   Stands if the hand value is 6 or 7
  3rd card – 6 or 7  3rd card drawn if the hand value is 0 to 6   Stands if the hand value is 7
  3rd card – 8  3rd card drawn if the hand value is 0 to 2   Stands if the hand value is 3 to 7
  3rd card – Ace, 10 or face card  3rd card drawn if the hand value is 0 to 3   Stands if the hand value is 4 to 7


Live Baccarat Betting Tips, Bet Types, Odds, Payouts, and RTP

Main Bets

There are three main bets in Live Dealer Baccarat that predict the result of two sides: Player, Banker and Tie. Read the betting system explained briefly.

👉 Player bet has the winning odds of 44.62%, and the payout is 1:1. RTP is 98.76%.

👉 Banker bet has the winning odds of 45.85%, and the payout is 1:1. RTP is 98.94%.

👉 Tie bet has the winning odds of 9.53% ,and the payout is 8:1. RTP is 85.56%.

Note that most of the casinos charge a 5% commission on each Banker’s win. You can enjoy No commission live Baccarat without having to pay any percentage to the house.

Side Bets

Some online casinos may also offer side bets on a few live Baccarat variants. Some of the common side bets include:

👉 Banker Pair: Same rank of the first pair of cards dealt to the Banker. The payout is 11:1

👉 Player Pair: Same rank of the first pair of cards dealt to the Player. The payout is 11:1

👉 Perfect Pair: Same rank and same suit of the first pair of cards on the same side. You can place the bet on any one of the sides. The payout is 25:1

👉 Either Pair: Same rank of the first pair of cards on any of the side. This bet covers both sides. You win if any of the sides get a pair. The payout is 5:1

👉 Big/Small: Big means that the total number of cards dealt is 5 or 6. The payout is 0.54:1

Small bet means that the total number of cards dealt is 4. The payout is 1.5:1

You can increase your winning odds, and raise your bankroll applying proper baccarat casino game strategy that can take your gaming experience to another level. Follow the best baccarat roadmaps to make the right decision and step out to play fair gameplay and avoid the card count.

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Types of Live Baccarat

We ensure the best immersive gambling experience for all of our customers. To meet the varieties of the taste of different customers, we offer you the best online live dealer Baccarat variants.

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Baccarat Tips and Tricks

1. Be clear about the Banker’s cut

Banker’s cut is unavoidable in casinos as that represents the house edge and is how casinos generate profit. In Baccarat, the casino takes some commission on winnings on Banker’s hand. Such a banker’s cut should be around 5%.

Know the percentage of a banker’s cut before you play Baccarat for real money at online casinos as some casinos will try to take advantage of this by taking as much as 20% commission on banker’s wins.

It is important to read the terms and conditions of the game before you risk your hard-earned money. To know the banker’s cut, you can also ask the customer service representatives. You should have the right information and strategy to win at baccarat.

2. Manage your bankroll

Do not underestimate the importance of bankroll management as it will help you more than any other Baccarat slick tricks based on pattern reading.

By managing your bankroll properly, you know when to stop playing even if it’s tempting to continue playing. This can help you save your winnings before the casino house takes back everything if you fail to control the duration of your gaming. It can prevent you from losing the money that you can’t afford to lose by keeping track of wins and losses.

3. Avoid Tie bet

Tie bet of Baccarat is one of the worst wagers as it has a terrible return percentage which is even lower than almost every slot game. And slot games are casino games with a high house edge. The chances of winning on the Tie bet are very slim and the risk is too high.

Choose to bet on Player or Banker’s hand. Banker bet is the best bet considering the house edge. Even there is a deduction of 5% commission on Banker’s win in most casinos, the house edge of 1.06% of Banker’s bets is lower than that of Player’s 1.24% bet.

However, if you are using a progressive betting strategy, a Player’s bet will be more suitable than a Banker’s bet as the payout after the deduction of commission is not even and that will cause a problem in the case of a Banker’s bet.

4. Check the small print before depositing and accepting any casino bonus

Casino bonuses mostly come with wagering requirements. You need to know the terms of casino bonuses before depositing money on the site and accepting those bonuses.

Many online casinos do not include Baccarat in their list of games with wagering requirements for withdrawing bonus winnings. If there are casinos that do so, then you might have to wager more to fulfill wagering requirements than you would be required at other games.

Reading the small print and knowing about such wagering requirements in advance is always better. It is always beneficial for you to choose casino bonuses with fewer wagering requirements.

Real Money Online Baccarat Vs Free Online Baccarat

Most of the online casinos offer a free version of online casino games where you can play the games for fun without having to pay anything. This is a great way to check if the games can be of your interest and if you can make some money while playing the real game.

As there is no risk of losing your money, if you are a beginner, you can take advantage of free online Baccarat to check if the game is worth your time and money. You can also benefit from the free version by practicing the game before entering into the real game with your real money.

Remember that you cannot win real money in the free version. To have the opportunity to win some real cash, you need to play online Baccarat for real money where you will be risking your real funds.

So, if you want to earn money through online gambling, you must enter the field where you wager your real money. But before that, do not forget to practice and enhance your Baccarat skills in the free demo version.

You see, both are filled with their specialties, and you can benefit from both. You just need to choose the one according to your purpose.

Benefits of Playing Live Baccarat Online

There are plenty of benefits of playing Live Baccarat online. If you have been missing this amazing game, below are the perfect reasons for trying it out.

  • Convenience: Playing live Baccarat online gives the topmost convenience of playing from your own home or from anywhere you like. You do not have to worry about getting dressed in formal attire and ordering standard cuisine.

    You can play at your home in your comfortable dress, sitting in a comfortable position, and eating any of your favourite foods or junk. That’s relaxing!
  • Saving: You are going to save some real money and your precious time while playing live Baccarat online. Here, you do not have to go to a casino; it comes to you.

    And, of course, it does give a feel of being in a land-based casino. So, you will be saving travel expenses and travelling time which must be a lot precious.
  • Responsible Gambling: Gamblers tend to spend less money and play for less time through online mediums.
    You are more likely to get affected with the flow of other gamblers in a land-based casino, so you usually don’t take account of time and money.

    In contrast, when you are gambling through your mobile devices, you more often check your time and money spent on a casino. Also, online Baccarat has a lesser minimum bet than that in a land-based casino. With all these, you are more likely to follow responsible gambling while playing live Baccarat online.
  • Social Interaction: Top online live Baccarat casino allows you to interact with the dealer and fellow gamblers. You can chat with them through the chat box. Other gamblers reply to you in the same chat box while the dealer replies verbally.

    Live Baccarat can be a great option for both social gamblers and introverts. If you do not like the crowd, you can still enjoy the atmosphere of brick and mortar casino while being alone at your home.
  • Fairness: Many new gamblers doubt if online casinos are fair. So, to clear the doubt, you can watch, play and know how the live dealer Baccarat game works.

    Every action in a Live Dealer Baccarat unfolds in front of you. Real dealers deal real cards on the real table in real-time. When everything is happening in front of players, there is no way for the house to rig the game.

Where To Play Baccarat In India

Thanks to the advancement of technology that we no longer have to spare extra time in travelling to a brick and mortar casino to play live Baccarat or any of our favourite casino game.

Now the casino follows us wherever we are. So, delay no further to feel the experience of the casino that you might have seen on movies and social media.

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1. How to win Baccarat online casino game?

Baccarat is more a game of chance, but you can apply a simple strategy to increase your winning odds. As Banker has the highest odds, bet on it the most. You may occasionally bet on a Player by trusting your instinct and seeing the order of previous results, but you should avoid Tie.

2. How many decks of cards are used in Baccarat?

Either 6 or 8 decks are used to play Baccarat.

3. Is Online Baccarat rigged?

No, online Baccarat is not rigged when you play at a licensed and trusted casino. In Live Baccarat, real dealers deal in front of players in real-time. The shoe is filled in front of players and kept on the table so that players can see it clearly. After the cards are shuffled manually and kept in a shoe, there is no chance for dealers to rig the game.

4. What is the best bet in Baccarat?

As Banker has the lowest house edge in Baccarat, it is the best bet to bet in Baccarat.

5. Can I play Online Baccarat for free?

Yes. Online casinos offer a free version of online virtual Baccarat. You can play it for free to practice online Baccarat before you enter into the real field to play live Baccarat for real money.

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.