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Guide On Becoming A Successful High Roller & Benefits of Being A High Roller

June 29, 2021

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Imagine, you are at the casino and playing your favorite game. Then, you saw a high roller casino player who is enjoying the best perks that the casino offers. Seeing this luxurious VIP treatment, you probably envy the lifestyle of high rollers and dreamed of entering such status someday.

live like a high roller

Now the question is: “How to become a high roller?” In this article, we will discuss different ways by which you can become a high roller and enjoy the elite status in casinos. 

For this, first, you must know the basic concept of a higher roller casino and tricks to get the status of a high roller. Also, you need to be familiar with some high roller casino games and casino high roller bonuses.

So, let’s start with what a high roller is and the benefits that all the high roller casino players enjoy in casinos. Stick with us for all the needed information and fulfill your desire of enjoying lavish life ahead.

What Is A High Roller?

The high roller is an experienced gambler who tends to consistently wager bigger amounts of money at an online or land-based casino.  These players are also known as “whales” and money players.

High roller casino players are offered many perks like a private jet, lavish bonus, luxurious accommodations, comps, the finest dining, and so on. Casinos offer all these to keep high rollers happy as they raise the casinos’ status and profits.

Casinos also compete to get high roller because these players contribute decently to the net income of casinos by betting high and without the fear of losing.  They attract this player through privileges like special bonus deals, better playing conditions, and negotiable comps.

However, for a player to get this status, they must wager big. But along with the wealth, high roller players should have style, guts to lose and enjoy the thrill of gambling.

Strategies On Becoming A Successful High Roller

There are several strategies you can apply to become a casino whale. You can bet for a long time by placing a huge bet and show the casino your willingness to give them lots of money. This gesture will catch their attention towards you.

Take a look at different ways of becoming a high roller casino player. Go through them and prepare yourself to reach the status of a high roller.

Place a Bigger Bet in the Start and Finish

The most basic thing for a high roller is to place bigger bets. This will attract the casino’s attention as they think you are playing with a lot of money.

Casinos mostly pay more attention to their new players to see how well they are playing games. And if they find you betting with higher stakes, then they will offer you some rewards like bonuses, drinks, comp points, and many more.

You can place the smaller bet once they moved away. Capture the gambling club’s attention again towards the end of your gambling session to collect as many incentives as possible before you leave the hall.

However, make sure to know where you are betting. As in some casinos, wagering with $100 per hand may make you a high roller whereas the same amount may not work at another casino.

This is more useful when you are playing at land-based casinos.

Make a Big Deposit

Draw the casino’s attention by depositing a big amount. Some gambling venues tend to pay attention to how much amount you deposited over how much you are likely to stick out in each round.

You’ll be treated well if you deposit more as it will give them a lot of business and they will do all the possible means to entice you more towards them.

Also, many gambling clubs offer lines of credits, private room to play, a high roller suite, or other perks to their player. Of course, they will do a background check before offering the benefits to minimize the risk.

Play at Smaller Casinos

This is another key factor to be considered for gambling at brick-mortar casinos. If you want to enjoy the best perk from a casino, then always target smaller gambling venues.

This is because big casinos already have tons of money, so they take a longer time to notice the clients. On the other hand, the smaller casino will notice the high roller player shortly and will offer some best rewards. Also, in a smaller casino, if you wager with a certain sum and lose, then you will be treated like royalty. But if you lose the amount at prominent status casinos, you might not get the VIP treatment.

So, choose the casino wisely and get the astounding benefits they have to offer.

Speak to the Casino Host

Every casino will have a host whose primary function is to keep the clients happy. Casinos hired hosts for you and they are the only ones who can solve your issues. So speak to them about your queries and if possible you can also develop a good relationship with them.

This will help them to figure out your likes and dislikes so that next time when you visit the same casino, you will be offered with best facilities. Although they may not have full jurisdiction over your entire request, they will use their power to satisfy you.

Thus, interact more with them and enjoy the finest experience while gambling at your favorite casino.

Find The Best High Roller Casino

Nowadays, there is high competition among casinos to attract VIP level players. Due to this, the casinos are including something extra to stand out from the crowd.  Hence, they have offered many rewards, high banking limits, cashback, and bonuses to specific player types.

Of course, different casinos offer different variety of services on offer. It is a must to check out the privilege that casinos bestow upon their player.

So, next time whenever you planned to visit the casino, don’t forget to check their offers. And always hunt for the best royalty treatment casino.

Benefits Of Being A High Roller

Every casino offers numerous perks for high rollers that can give them a lot of rewards and opportunities to make profits. Casinos aim to make VIP clients special with their offers.

So, here are the few generalized perks that high-standard players receive from casinos.

VIP Programs

Casinos have their VIP programs, and they all deal with high-standard players somewhat differently.  They offer many red carpet treatments for their high rollers to attract them. So let’s have a look at some of the VIP programs that land-based casinos provide:

  • Exclusive Events and Holiday Vacation
  • Luxury Rooms and Suites
  • Personalized Account Managers
  • Fine Dining
  • Shows and Entertainment
  • Extended Lines of Credit

However, the facilities differ from one to other. So, do check your favorite casino offers and enjoy their A-list treatment.

Bag bonus

Casinos offer many great promotions and bonuses to players. Out of these ample bonuses, there are still some bonuses that are provided only for a standard casino player.

These exclusive deals include more points per stake, higher cashback rates, more deposit bonuses, special anniversary or birthday bonuses, or participation in slots and table contests.

All these bonuses are available only for high roller players and they aren’t for the average casino players.

Play New Games in front of others

With the rise in demand, many new games are also launching in the casino. Whenever these games hit the casino floor, many players rush crazily to play them.

However, not all players are allowed to grasp this opportunity. In some big casinos, this privilege is only granted to VIP-level players. These high roller players are likely to wager more money than the average casino players because the betting limits are tailored for them.

Check the casino today and bag this offer!

Private Gaming Areas

When you’re in the high roller club, the casino will provide you with luxury rooms with A-class facilities like an assistant sitting next to you to top up your glass, rub your shoulder, or change up your casino chips.

You get this nonstop special treatment in a land-based casino. These casinos carefully take care and fetch you with every perk if you are a high roller player for them.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, though becoming a high roller involves a huge risk of losing money, it also offers an outstanding payout. You just need to know when to stop to avoid losing more money.

Also, if you are playing like a high roller player, then it is important to do a bit of research before selecting the casino. Know the casino’s reward schemes before you popped into the casino. And most importantly be smart and keep your focus sharp while playing.

You can follow the ways discussed above to become a high roller and enjoy the benefits casinos offer to high rollers. But, we also recommend you to play casino games responsibly and don’t risk money that you can’t afford to lose.

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Good Luck!

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Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.