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Fortune Miner Online Casino Slot: Game Review and Where to Play?

March 29, 2022

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Fortune Miner Online Casino Slot


OneTouch’s Fortune Miner is a fine-rated three-reels online video slot game. Most of the newly released online slots have 5 or more reels available whereas this online video slot was released on 13th October 2019 with three reels and 27 paylines. The paylines are quite good in comparison to its 3×3 reels feature.

The game become more popular and highly rated even the fortune miner slot has fewer reels than other online slots games. Read till the end to find out if the slot is the right fit for you!

Symbols and Features

Symbols are used to represent the game’s name and qualities as in other online video slots. All symbols are structured like a gem with different colors and forms.

The wild is the most crucial symbol in this online video slot game. the symbol “wild” appears in a dynamite shape which functioned as a substitute symbol for all others symbols. The wild symbol can help you to make a winning combination symbol by replacing another symbol whenever you need it.

Your fortune miner gaming journey may begin after you take the place of a miner and begin spinning the reels. As you go towards the treasure, you will have the opportunity to visit several tunnels designed specifically for your entertainment.

This online video slot masterpiece has a free random re-spin feature which attaches more excitement and winning possibility to the game.

The fortune miner covers not only the mining theme, but there are also more fun things just as Fairy tales, The gold rush, Gemstone, Jewels, and War & Action including some subthemes like Gold Mining, Cave, etc.

Primarily the five themed symbols such as a pickaxe, gems pot, dynamite sticks, shovel, and lantern are present in the game.

Minimum of $0.4 and Maximum of $100 betting options provided by the Fortune Miner Online Video Slot. The Returns to Player (RTP) range of 97.13% and globally good rating of the game adding extra highlights on this game.

You will not be able to earn a big win if you play the Fortune Miner slot for free. So, be sure to check that you’ve placed real money.

Theme and Soundtrack

Fortune miner is a well-crafted cartoon-themed game that is popular as a gold mining theme slot.

The attraction of jewels, treasure, and gold in mines is increased by the mystery and legend surrounding them. Explosives were used to unlock the way for the miners to enter, which is why there is dynamite in Fortune Miner.

The color combination of the game is dark with bright highlights. This slot has a background of a dark mine with an older miner with a white beard standing there on left.

The major attractions are beautifully designed and colorful with modern visuals which look the same as a cartoon. The background, symbols, and buttons are all clear and bright, making this a visually beautiful slot. This nifty and upbeat slot reflects the spirit of the American gold rush age.

If you’re inactive on the game screen,  the miner lifts his leg and uses his foot to scratch the other knee with a scream. this is one of the most hilarious touches in the game.

Fortune Miner Bonus Rounds

The bonus round is available in most of the slots, and they’re usually entertaining. It provides more possibilities to win a big and it keeps gaming excitement as it is. But unfortunately, Fortune Miner has no bonus game.

Fortune Miner Free Spins Feature

The free spins option is another major function in the game. As we already mentioned that the bonus feature is not available in the game but there is a randomly generated free spins feature that makes it more interesting and improves winning chances.

How To Play Fortune Miner? 

You should know the fundamentals before jumping into the gameplay. The betting games are based on strategy and decision-making. However, get to know the major rules and payout schedule of the game before entering any gambling sites.

Here, are some basic points of gameplay:

  • Adjust the betting size (20-200) by clicking on the coins logo.
  • After adjusting the bet range between 20 to 200, change the coin value from 1 to 10.
  • Get back to the game by pressing the tick mark.
  • Be sure that all paylines of the game are fixed.
  • launch the spin and wish the miner’s pickaxe lands on gold.
  • There is Autospin and turbo to help you get things moving faster.

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Bet Range and Wins

You can join the gameplay with a minimum of 0.20 of stake, With a 20 wager size and 1 coin value. This is suitable for casual gaming or those on a limited budget. With such a 200 bet size and 10 coin value, the maximum investment is a reasonable 200.00. this video online slot attracts the big rollers, and there may be some attractive rewards.

  • Combinations of three symbols pay for all symbols. 
  • The pot of gems is the most valuable at 600 for the maximum stake. 
  • The gems are worth 60 points and the lantern is worth 40 points at the lowest stake.
  • The card symbols are there for the lowest value, with all of them costing 5 at the lowest stake.

Device Compatibility – Where to Play Fortune Miner?

Fortune miner is not the only slot for laptops and computers, you can experience this online slot on a phone or tablet also. Most of the latest slots are available for all platforms so you can easily get access to this slot.

The slot is Highly optimized and designed with compatibility for all devices. There are tons of online platforms and sites available for fortune miners. Certified and trustworthy web browsers offer this slot on the free and paid version.

There are numerous authorized slot casinos available to offer Fortune Miner such as BetBarter and Skylive where you can enjoy the game openly. You only need a good internet connection and supporting device to play this game.


In this article, We have covered the basics of the Fortune miner video slot. Every slot has its interesting features and components. Players always wanted to know about the core information of the newly released. The game specifications and structure define user engagement.

In the same way, OneTouch developed this online slot in 3×3 format with 27 paylines. The online slot collects good responses and is highly recommended.

If you’re planning to go with an online casino after gathering some fundamentals of this game. We suggest you visit Betbarter India for a trustworthy and reliable which is a highly rated best online casino site in India. Join now and get access to plenty of casino games online!

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.