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3 Ultimate Winning Strategies for Online Dream Catcher in India – A 2021 Guide to Win Money at Online Casino

July 15, 2020

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

How to Play Dream Catcher Live Casino in India?  

Dream catcher live casino is an engaging and appealing game with simple rules. Even if you are a novice Indian player, you don’t have to put extra effort to understand the playing methods. Also, for seasoned Indian players, the dream catcher casino game is ideal for its immersive gameplay.

There has been a huge craze among the Indian casino players to play this game in the last few years. Their craze is intelligible because a live dream catcher offers the highest rewards to players upon winning. 

To win, first, you have to place your bet on your predicted number on the wheel. And after that, if the wheel stops at your expected number, you will win a corresponding payout. Also, there are many opportunities for you to win super-sized payouts in the Dream Catcher Live Casino.

Yet, it is not an easy thing to win in the first place. It will be best if you have luck and a little bit of strategy to succeed at it.

Though the game is easy, your random style of playing won’t yield any profit if you rely only on luck. There are different betting combinations available in Dream Catcher with its reward system, which are important to know to enhance your playing style and winning methods.

This article will guide you through three ultimate strategies to win at the online Dream Catcher in India.

Let’s dive in!

3 Top Dream Catcher Winning Strategies

dream catcher strategy

There are several ways to approach Dream catcher strategy depending on your betting style. Below are the most popular styles of betting on Dream Catcher:

Strategy One: Expand Your Bet 

The multiplier is one of the recommended strategies for the Indian bettors who wish to maximize their winning chances.

To begin with it, you have to put your wagers only on the purple, green, orange, and red segments of the wheel.

By doing this, you will have covered 26% of the total wheel.

It helps you to secure at least one of the bets to give you a potential winning edge.

The multiplier segments offer you pretty good payback. It will not only cover your bet expenses but also give you a reasonable profit.

Although this strategy improves your odds, you should remember that you have only covered 26% of the total. After all, there are 74% other probable winning spaces. So we suggest you expand your horizon.

Strategy Two: Make a Safe Landing 

Well, if you have made up your mind to expand your horizon, let us get familiar with this strategy. Whether you call it a dream catcher casino game hack or safe flight to the rich land, this strategy is for you.

Now you are recommended to bet only on the yellow and blue segments of the wheel. After this, you will secure 38 potential winning spaces. It means you have covered 70% of the wheel. Isn’t it cool now?

With 70% wheel coverage, you will be in full adrenaline mode. Congrats! You will be bolstering your chances to win far more regularly.

Well! There’s one more thing that you should know. Since your winning potential will drastically improve, your pays will downgrade. At 1x and 2x, you will not get much payback. Even the Multipliers won’t be much beneficial.

Strategy Three: Go Empty or Loaded 

There is nothing to mull over this strategy. If you have a risk-bearing mindset, you are most welcome to adopt it in your dream catcher gameplay.

To start, keep betting only on the red and orange segments of the wheel. These are also the highest paying segments on the wheel.

The matter may look worse this time as you will be covering only 5.5% of the wheel. But don’t worry.

Losers usually quit when they fail, but winners keep trying until they succeed.

So, it’s up to you to make a move. Keep aside the losing mentality and think of that 5.5% chance. If luck favours, you will walk out with a massive reward.

If you hit 7X on the red, you will be rewarded with a whopping 280x pay. And the same on the orange will give you 140x of prize money.

What is the Best Dream Catcher Strategy? 

Honestly, it’s down to your playing style. There is no sure-shot way to win at this game. No matter which strategy you choose, the casino will still retain its RTP (Return to Player) and house edge.

Although some multiplier tactics could put you in a better and balanced position towards the highly coveted 7x multiplier, it has a slim chance of appearing.  

For more information on Dream Catcher winning strategy and winning tips, please go through our blog posts and keep yourself updated with our latest news and highlights about the online casino industry.


These are the best-recommended strategies for playing live dream catcher. Even though your luck plays a crucial role in winning an online dream catcher, the strategies mentioned above will help you gain the upper hand in the game. 

Winning is all about setting a mindset of a winner and treading on that path. And having a strategy is like holding archery to face all the obstacles coming your way. 

If you want to meet your fortune, you should at least try playing live dream catcher at one of your preferred online casinos.  

In case you are looking for the best online casino in India for playing dream catcher, we recommend you to join BetBarter. 

BetBarter is one of the safest, top-rated live Dream Catcher sites for playing live Dream Catcher for real money and hundreds of other live casino games.

Dream Catcher Strategy FAQs

How to win a Dream Catcher every time? 

Betting consistently on the 1, 2 and 20 segments of the wheel will help you win a dream catcher every time. You have to place your bets covering the wide section of the wheel as possible, considering the risk and reward ratio. Your balance will last much longer in the game through this tactic and your chance of winning increases by 74%. 

Which Strategy Wins Big in Dream Catcher? `

If you want to win big in dream catcher, it is recommended to bet exclusively on the 40 segment. Winning on this segment will profit you a 40x total stake prize. Although this number only has a 1.85% chance of appearing, it has some lucrative winning potential. 

What number has the highest Chance of winning in Dream Catcher? 

Segment 1 is the number with the highest chance of winning in the live dream catcher. This segment is equivalent to even money bet and has a 42.99% chance of appearing on any game spin. However, it is not the best choice to capitalize on the multiplier segments as it offers low prize potential. 

What is the best Dream Catcher tip? 

It is advisable to play a strategy that best suits your budget and playing style. If you want to win more often, choosing a low-risk strategy will be beneficial. And for rare and massive wins, take the risk of betting on the 40 segments. The gameplay of dream catcher is straightforward, but it is down to the player how they want to play. 

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.