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Ultimate Dream Catcher Online Casino Strategy 2021: Spin and Boost your Payouts

February 3, 2021

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Dream Catcher Live Casino Game

Dream catcher live casino has everything you expect from Live Casino action: interactive live dealer, multi-camera view, realistic and enthralling gameplay and most importantly, a chance to win big prizes in an instant. 

Believe it or not, you can win surprisingly big money applying optimal dream catcher casino strategy. And with the blessing of lady luck, you may land the desired 7x on the biggest paying segments. 

If you have been searching for an easy to follow casino strategy for dream catcher, then you have stumbled to the right place. Follow our simple dream catcher playing guide and improve your winning prospect in just a couple of minutes work. 

Dream Catcher Betting Guide

Not familiar with Dream Catcher game before? It is probably one of the simplest and straightforward casino games to learn and understand.  The main component of this casino game is the big prize wheel. And your aim is simple: place your stakes on where you think the wheel will stop at the end.

There are a total of six betting positions in Dream catcher, and payouts are correlated accordingly. The scarcer the wheel segment is, the bigger the payouts you will receive in this game.  For example, you can only find one red segment on the wheel that pays at 40x.

We have listed the correlating payouts of each betting position on the following table for your knowledge.

Wheel SegmentPayoutsNumber of Segments

Best Online Dream Catcher Strategy

In dream catcher, there are multiple ways of approaching the game and see the desired results. Each player has his own playing style and they prefer different betting systems over others to for the effective results. Check out some of the best betting strategies below.

Strategy One: Multiplier or Bust 

Going into the strategy number one, first, you have to leverage the multiplier, which is considered as the most wonderful part of the game. Let us start with wagering on purple, green, orange and red at once. Betting on these color segments will cover almost 26% percent of the wheel segment. 

If you manage to land on a multiplier segment, then you are more likely to win on one of the big numbers. These numbers can reward you with average payout depending on the color where the wheel eventually stops. 

In no time, you will notice a problem with this strategy as your chances of winning is still less given the percentages of remaining winning spaces. Remember that, the wheel can also stop anywhere at other 74% winning spaces. For something safer, it is recommended to check other strategies below to gain more coverage. 

Strategy Two: The Safe Spread 

At first strategy we focused betting on purple, green, orange and red spaces, now we will lay down our stakes on the yellow and blue segments. Here there are a total of 38 potential segments- and this time, 70% of the wheel will be covered. It means you have a maximum chance to land regular wins. 

Even though you have a chance to land frequent wins, the potential payout you receive may not satisfy you. There will not be any sudden boost in your bankroll at 1x and 2x landing. Therefore you have to wait longer, and of course, you should have a great deal of patience with regular luck on your side to enhance your casino fund. 

Strategy Three: Win Big or Go Home 

If you are a high roller, then it is mostly recommended strategy for you. This time you are going to bet on the red and orange segments only which are undeniably the highest paying segments on the wheel.

Needless to say, here you have to keep your hope high despite the worst possible wheel coverage compared to the ones we mentioned above. It implies that you will be applying the risky strategy betting on the 40 segments, which is 5.5% of the total wheel coverage. However, it is the most lucrative section of the wheel which rewards you with insane payouts if boosted by one of the multiplier segments. 

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Dream Catcher Online Casino Winning Odds

Dream catcher online casino game is purely based on your luck. So there is no guarantee that every time you will land a multiplier. Based on the likelihood of appearing any one segment out of six on the wheel, we have presented this data for your information.

 Wheel Segment Winning Probability
1 (Yellow)42.59%
2 (Blue)27.77%
5 (Purple)12.96%
10 (Green)7.41%
20 (Orange)3.70%
40 (Red)1.85%
2x Multiplier 1.85%
7x Multiplier 1.85%


There is no sure shot or magical strategy that guarantees a 100% wins in the live dream catcher. However, some of the tried and tested strategies devised by the professional bettors have proved to be effective in this game to maximize the winning odds. Indeed, the strategies mentioned above are the contribution of the casino veteran that could significantly help in reducing your loss and improving your winning prospect.

Thus, make use of these strategies, play in licensed and trusted online casino site and stick to your budget for greater benefits and unlimited fun of Dream Catcher casino game. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is the best online dream catcher strategy to win? 

Undeniably, the best dream catcher strategy for frequent wins is to wager on the 1, 2 and 20 segments. With this, you will cover 70% of the wheel spaces. If you manage to get a lucky spin, you could land a multiplier win.

What is the Dream Catcher Strategy for massive wins? 

The best dream catcher strategy for massive wins is to wager only on the 40 segments. Although it is a risky type of bet and only has a 1.8% chance of success, it is by far the biggest winning segment on the wheel. 

With the blessing of lady luck, you could potentially win hundreds of times your original strakes if you land one of the multiplier spots on these segments. Please don’t forget that it will take a while to win on this segment has it is very scarce. 

Can you use the Martingale Strategy on Dream Catcher? 

Yes, like in the Roulette, you can use Martingale strategy on Dream Catcher. All you have to do is to bet on the 1 segment and if you lose, simply double up your bets. In case you win, start with your original stake value.  

The odds of winning with the D’ Alembert Martingale system in live Dream catcher casino are 42.5%. 

How much can you win playing live Dream Catcher? 

The maximum win on dream catcher is 40x your total staked bet- however; you can win way bigger than that after your original bet gets multiplied by two stacking multipliers. For example, if you spin 7x multiplier and then another 7x multiplier, that’s exactly a 49x multiplier. 

Where can I Play live Dream Catcher?

You can Play live dream catcher at one of the best and reputable online casino site in India, i.e. Whether you like to play live dream catcher or other live dealer variants, BetBarter is undeniably the best online casino platform to put your stakes.

The 24/7 effective customer service, use of high encryption for protecting your personal and banking information as well as generous promotional offer are some of the attractive features of BetBarter.  To enrich your dream catcher betting experience, always remember BetBarter India casino site.


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Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

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