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Cricket West Indies President Ricky Skerritt Has Come To The Defense Of Head Coach Phil Simmons

July 2, 2020

Written By,

Payel Gosh

Ricky Skerritt, Cricket West Indies President has gone to the resistance of Phil Simmons, the occupant lead trainer. He has named him the ‘most ideally equipped man’ for the activity. The open support of Simmons comes after he had left the bio-secure air pocket that he and the West Indies group are in presently, in Manchester. So as to go to the memorial service of his dad-in-law a week ago. Simmons has stayed in disengagement since his arrival and has twice tried negative for COVID-19.

In spite of the fact that the memorial service was held in a similar nation, Simmons’ move earned backfire and requires a sacking. Skerritt, however, rushed to refuse those cases. And uncovered that Simmons had looked for merciful leave and had been conceded so by the load up. West Indies have been practicing for future matches and keeping themselves fit. They want to stay prepared once the cricket events start after the pandemic crisis.

“I want to assure West Indies cricket fans that Phil Simmons still has the full backing of Cricket West Indies no matter what has been said,” Skerritt said. “He went through a very rigorous recruitment process nine months ago and was the best man we could have found for the job. He’s still the best man. I’m confident the people of the Caribbean have already thrown their support behind Phil and will continue to do so.”

Skerritt stated Phil being back is a blessing

Strangely, Simmons’ arrival as the lead trainer of West Indies last October matched with the beginning of Skerritt’s residency in charge of CWI. Beforehand in 2016, Simmons had been questionably sacked only a half year after his group won the T20 World Cup. This switch the board referring to “contrasts in social and vital methodology. Skerritt named the decision to bring back Simmons as a move that may have been ‘amending a past wrong’ and has bolstered him since.

He stated that Phil is the correct man at the opportune time. They are so honored to have Phil back with them and to have Jimmy Adams as chief. He doesn’t think that he has to stress at all with those two folks driving the cricket.

The much-anticipated resumption of worldwide cricket begins with the principal Test among England and West Indies in Southampton from July 8.

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Written By,

Payel Gosh