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Christophe Dugarry: “Griezmann is afraid of whom? Of a kid who’s 1.50m and half autistic?”

July 2, 2020

Written By,

Miguel Prazeres

The former Barcelona player and current commentator at RMC Sport gave another one of his particular thoughts. Clearly, Christophe Dugarry speaks his mind without being concern about what others might think.

Regarding Griezmann’s lack of play, Dugarry was very harsh. World champion with France in 1998, he pointed his finger to Messi and Quique Setien as main responsibles for Griezmann’s lack of success this season.

About the alleged problem between Messi and Griezmann

“Griezmann is afraid of whom? Of a kid who’s 1.50m and half autistic? He just has to slap him in the face if there is a problem.”

Christophe Dugarry, RMC Sport

Strongs words from Dugarry, talking about the alleged problem between the players. The Frenchman criticized Messi but also told that Griezmann needs to improve his performances if he wants to have more game time.

“It’s been a year that people talk about a problem between Griezmann and Messi. It’s true that Messi can pass more the ball, but that doesn’t surprise me. Griezmann loses the ball many times and plays with fear.”

About Griezmann’s performances

Quique Setien was also a point in the discussion

Christophe Dugarry was also critic about Setien’s personality and ability to coach a team like Barcelona.

“Setien is very gentle but doesn´t have the ability to coach a team like Barcelona. It’s not about Griezmann. He’s simply an incompetent!

About Quique Setien

In the last round against Atletico Madrid, Quique Setien left Griezmann on the bench until the 90th minute. The Frenchman just played the injury time when Barcelona was facing a draw since the 60th minute. Barcelona can end this round 4 points behind Real Madrid if Los Blancos beat Getafe tonight.

Christophe Dugarry was in Barcelona during half of the 1996/97 season, playing just 13 games with the Blaugrana.

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Written By,

Miguel Prazeres