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Chinese Lucky Charms for Gambling

February 23, 2022

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Chinese Lucky Charms for Gambling


In gambling culture, lucky charms are considered necessary, and few gamblers would be without one.  In both Eastern and Western cultures, lucky charms are very popular and these lucky charms are believed to increase confidence and higher power, allowing supernatural assistance to reach the gambler and provide opportunity.

A lot of Client treasures, including the Great Wall Terracotta Warriors and fantastic, delectable food,  can all be found in China.

China being one of the largest populated countries, appreciates many traditional beliefs, and even the slightest stuff, such as little animal figurines and incense sticks, matters to them. And when it comes to gambling, some lucky Chinese charms are popular out there.

If you want to learn more about these exciting lucky charms and beliefs, take a look at the article below. This article discusses some of the common lucky charms people believe to bring good luck while gambling!

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The Most Significant Chinese Good Luck Charms For Gamblers

Chinese fortunate charms involve a variety of symbols and dress codes and sizes. These good luck symbols have been employed for everything from gambling luck boosters to treatments and accompaniments for different Feng Shui applications, from the imperial dragon and fortunate golden cat statues to red envelopes.

Chinese characters (particularly in Feng Shui) are recognized to have a significant meaning and powerful purpose in one’s life, home, and job since they are deeply entrenched in Chinese history and culture. They’re known for reviving sluggish energy and boosting positivity, as well as functioning as both healers and 8 Chinese Lucky Charms

A good luck charm, also known as a fortunate charm, is a charm that is said to bring you luck. These are also considered to act as a barrier against negative energy and vibrations. These lucky charms can include Physical objects, rituals, or anything else humans have utilized for as long as we can remember.

It makes no difference whether you play at a brick-and-mortar casino or through an app on your phone. You can always rely on these lucky charms.

Continue reading to learn more about these fortunate Chinese charms and how they might assist you when gaming.

Clothing in the Color Red

If you’ve ever visited a Chinese restaurant, you’ll notice red is the predominant hue. It’s because red is considered a lucky color in their culture. According to their beliefs, if you want to give yourself an additional boost of luck, wear a red t-shirt, socks, or underwear, as long as you don’t stand out too much!

Gambling During Your Periods

It is also a common belief in Chinese culture that gambling during your period brings females good luck and can make them win a big. It’s also presumably due to their belief in red’s mystical properties.

A Unique Amulet

The so-called cat’s eye amulet is a fortunate Chinese charm worn by persons who like to bring good luck while gambling. They think that this little golden trinket in the shape of a cat’s eye will bring them tremendous success. It is believed that its reflecting properties protect you from bad luck. And for the same reason, you may give it a try too!

A single number

In most cultures, some digits are considered to be special and lucky. Similarly, Chinese folklore believes several digits to have magical properties. It is the number 8, most likely because of its form, which resembles eternity. They believe that your luck will continue if you do in this manner. You may wear a blouse with an “8” emblem on it or carry it on your keychain — the choices are unlimited!

Chinese Good Luck Symbols

With all of this in mind, it’s past time for you to investigate how they function! Go to Intertops and look at the latest bets and offers! After that, you may gamble to discover if the fortunate Chinese charms are helping you. Also, keep in mind that you have nothing to lose! The potency of these symbols extends to crafts like gambling (can we call it that?) and serves a valuable function for those who participate.

If you’re interested in Eastern culture and beliefs, or if you’ve ever wondered what the Chinese good luck symbols for gambling are, we’ve put together a list of 15 popular Chinese lucky objects that people bring to their games in the hopes of getting them luck.

Pinyin – Chinese Symbol for Luck

Pinyin is a well-known Chinese emblem of good fortune. During the Chinese Spring Festival and Chinese New Year, the sign fu is hung over the main door. Fu symbols are drawn in black ink calligraphy on red paper by artists and kept in their houses.

Lucky Golden Cat Statues

The two-sided cat statue is a unique emblem of plenty, good luck, and protection in Feng Shui. The golden cat (also known as the fortunate cat) is a powerful symbol representing protection against evil in particular.


Oranges are regarded to have a lot of yang energy in Feng Shui. Like the sun in the middle of the day, Yang’s power is uplifting, bright, and vivid. Oranges make individuals feel elevated and joyful because of their color, scent, and flavor.

Chinese Dragons

The qualities of all dragon emblems are the same. The turtle dragon (dragon tortoise) is Baxia’s most well-known symbol (Bixi). Water dragons enjoy swimming in lakes and will bring you wealth. In ancient Chinese tradition, Imperial Dragon is supposed to have fathered nine dragon sons.

Red Envelopes

Red is one of the most yang colors in Chinese culture, representing life force, riches, and success. Feng Shui considers red the luckiest color, as it is associated with protection and the fire element. Because red envelopes can only store one coin, they’re an excellent amulet to have in your handbag or wallet for good luck.

Jin Chan (Three-Legged Toad)

Jin Chans (golden toads) and Chan Chus (toads) are two fortunate charms that bring good fortune and news. It is said to appear near houses that will soon receive money, good news, or any other type of fortune on a full moon.

Double Happiness Symbol

Jin Chans (golden toads) and Chan Chus (toads) are two fortunate charms that bring good luck and news. It is said to appear near families on a full moon to receive money, good news, or any other sort of fortune shortly.

Twelve Chinese Zodiac Animals

The twelve Chinese zodiac animals must be well-known to horoscope fans. Each year has its meaning and is associated with one of the twelve animals. It is considered fortunate in Chinese culture to have an image of all twelve animals together. When the animals are in a group, it is said that they will bring balance, peace, and wealth.

Carp (Koi) and Goldfish

Follow these Feng Shui regulations if you wish to add a fortunate Chinese charm to your collection. The sign comprises eight red and one blackfish in a koi pond or aquarium. Goldfish and carp (koi) are lucky charms used to increase riches. This sign, like many others, is worn as jewelry to promote fortune.

Three Chinese Lucky Coins, totaling

The three Chinese good coins are among the most famous Chinese lucky charms for gaming. The three coins, which are strung together with a scarlet ribbon, bring good fortune, success, and luck. If you want to keep this sign, put it at the southeast corner of your house.

Chinese Symbols

Chinese characters are popular fortunate charms for folks who desire to wear their good fortune around their wrist or neck. Symbols symbolizing love, health, knowledge, happiness, wealth, riches, and success, among others, are frequently worn as pendants to attract whatever their chosen symbol represents. Can put them at the correct spot within the house.

Prosperous Bamboos

Bamboo stems are abundant in good fortune and positive energy. By reactivating any sluggish energy in the environment, the plant increases chi flow throughout the room.

Mystic Knots

Whether used alone or with other good luck symbols, mystic knots are known as happy knots. They are the eternal sign of the shape eight and may be used to hang a variety of Feng Shui remedies.

Lucky Chinese Numbers

These are likely Chinese emblems of good fortune in motion. Three, five, and eight are said to be the luckiest of all the numbers, whereas four is unfortunate. Each time you decide to sit behind that gaming table, you may tap into these numbers and benefit from their chi energy.

Buddha Statues Number

Laughing Buddha sculptures (also known as ‘Hotai’ or ‘Pu-Tai’) have long symbolized wealth and prosperity in China. Those who rub Hotai’s belly are thought to get good luck and wishes. The hotel has recently become a famous Chinese lucky charm for gaming and good fortune at home.


These Chinese good luck charms are considered to provide you with the most incredible good fortune in both gambling and the outer world. And who knows choosing one might benefit you as well in winning your favourite casino game.

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Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

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