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Casino Holdem Poker Playing Guide for 2022

May 24, 2022

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Casino Holdem Poker Game

Casino Holdem Poker is a fun game that incorporates some strategy and mathematics. “What hands to hold and which ones to fold” is a common confusion in this classic poker game. The house edge varies between under 2% and approximately 2.5 percent, depending on the live casino games.

Unlike other casino games, this one requires a combination of luck and guts to increase your chances of winning. If you don’t have even a basic understanding of the game, you could lose a lot of money. So, if you are a novice player, you must be familiar with all the rules and strategies.

Here are the online Casino Holdem game instructions for your convenience. To make your games more engaging, you can study the rules and tips. Similarly, gaining the winning edge will require you to read this article.

Are you prepared for winning? Okay! Let’s get started.

casino holdem poker tips

A complete Tutorial of Casino Holdem

These are the steps to play casino Holdem:

  • To get an entry into the game, first, you have to place an ante bet.
  • After you place your bet, a dealer starts dealing two cards: one to you and other to the self. The dealer’s card will be placed face down on the table while yours will not. 
  • After that, the dealer deals three community cards face up at the center of the table. These three community cards are considered as “Flop”. 
  • At this point, you have to make up your mind to either continue playing or folding your hand. To secure your win, you have to make the best five-card hand out of the two hole cards and five community cards. 
  • If you don’t have a stronger hand, you can fold. Or else, you can make a call adding wager two times your ante amount. 
  • After your call, the dealer will deal with two extra community cards. Usually, the fourth and fifth card is called a turn and river, respectively. 
  • Now you will be left with two hole cards and five community cards to match for the best hand. 
  • Finally, the dealer will flip over their three cards. Here, both of your cards are compared. The one with the strongest hand, either house or player will be declared as winner.

Online Casino Holdem Tips

1. Know the Rules 

Casino Holdem is an entertaining game, but it isn’t the easiest one. There are different rules for it. You have to study those rules before diving into the game. For instance, you should learn about the hand ranking and payout ratios. For your guidance, here is the list of Payout ratio for each hand. Please focus on and memorize it. 

Payouts for Ante Bet  

Hand Ratio  
Royal Flush100:1 
Straight Flush 20:1 
4 of a kind                     10:1 
Full House 3:1 
Straight or lower 1:1 

2. Avoid Playing the AA Bet

There is no doubt that AA bet pays quite a lucrative sum to players. The players have chance to win up to 100 units of bets for their 1-unit bet. However, with every big win, the house edge also significantly increases. So it’s recommended to Avoid Playing the AA Bet. 

3. Understand the Position of the Dealer

Dealer represents the house so he will be instructed to deal as per the game format. He has his strategy and works ethics. Whenever a dealer deals, he tries to play with the best combination. Thus, the dealer position is fixed. You have to think only about your game and work on your strategy. If you learn to play your natural game, that would be the best thing to bring odds in your favor. 

4. Set Your Limit

In Hold ’Em poker, as the name suggests, you need to hold up your game for a while if you are going on an adrenaline mode. 

Do not get carried away by the game. Make sure that you are not emptying your pocket in sheer excitement of winning. Or you are playing more rounds to recover your previous loss. 

You have to manage your money. Play only if you can afford to spend. Don’t place your wager relying on your hunch.  

5. Practice and Practice Some More

 “If you don’t practice, you don’t deserve to win.”

 It is right for everyone. As a beginner, it is best for you to practice Casino Hold ’em poker in a free play mode. This option is available in an online casino. Since there won’t be a risk of losing money in free mode, you can practice as long as you desire and you can also look for an online casino promotion bonus. It will enhance your knowledge about the game rules and methods. After learning everything about the game, you can play in real mode. It will improve your experience. 

Casino Holdem Poker Rules 

Following are some rules of casino Holdem for your ease. 

  • A standard deck of cards is used to play this game.
  • A player can place an Ante Bet and an optional AA bonus bet. AA bet is also called side bet. 
  • Both the player and dealer are dealt with two cards (face down). 
  • Considering his hand strength, the player can either fold (with no further play) or call (double the Ante bet). If the player folds, he will lose the Ante bet. 
  • If one or more player makes a call bet, the dealer will deal two more cards to the board making it total of 5 cards. 
  • Players and dealers make their best five-card poker hand. For this, they have to use their own two personal cards and five board cards. 
  • Each player’s hand is compared with the dealer’s hand.
  • The dealer should have a pair of 4’s or better to qualify. 
  • In case, if the dealer fails to qualify, the Ante bet is paid according to the Ante Win Paytable. The call bet will be pushed in this case. 
  • In order to be paid according to the Ante-win Paytable, the player’s hand should be better than the dealer’s. 
  • In case, if the dealer’s hand remains equal to all players, all bets will be pushed. The player loses the bet if the dealer’s hand is better than that of the player.

Know the Basic Casino Holdem Strategy

If you want to play Casino Holdem optimally, then you should follow basic strategy. By applying the basic Casino Holdem strategy, you can increase the RTP of the game up to 99.18%. Without the basic strategy, the RTP of the game goes as low as 93%.

Apply the basic strategy of the game mentioned below:

  • Call with any pair as you are only playing against the dealer.
  • Call whenever you have an Ace or a King.
  • Call when you have either a Jack or Queen unless the first three community .Cards belong to the same suit and neither of your hole cards is of that suit.
  • Call when you only require a single card to form a straight or a flush.
  • Call when your two hole cards are higher in rank that the community cards on the table. Such hole cards are called over cards. You should call with over cards.
  • Fold when your hole cards are low (not over 10) and unpaired unless you need a single card to form a straight or a flush.

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Casino Holdem is one of the best casino table games for online poker fans in India. While most of its rules and strategies are similar to Texas Holdem, it allows the players to compete against the dealer rather than other players.

One of the exciting aspects of casino holdem is it provides good odds with a low house advantage.

When applying the optimal strategy, you should know how infrequently you should fold, as staying in the game 82% of the time increases your chance of winning in the long term. This is true for almost any hand you are dealt, with some exceptions.

Plenty of online casinos in India offer betting services on Casino Holdem poker. Regardless of where you plan to play, make sure that the casino is reliable and trustworthy.

Also, look for the free play version of Casino Holdem poker so that you can experiment with the tactics and understand the rules before wagering real money. 

Once you understand the rules and learn the winning tips, you can confidently bet on casino Holdem poker at any of your preferred online casinos.

Always remember BetBarter India for playing Holdem poker and get the most from your online poker experience.

Casino Holdem Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Casino Holdem same as standard Texas Holdem Poker?

Casino Holdem is an exciting variant of popular Texas Holdem Poker designed to be played at casinos retaining the general rules of Texas Holdem. Unlike the standard Texas Holdem where the players play against each other, players play against the house in Casino Holdem. The ranking of five-card poker hands is same.

For adding extra excitement to the game, Casino Holdem lets you place an optional Bonus bet. The optional Bonus bet pays out if the first five cards dealt by the dealer form at least a pair of aces.

2. Do I lose the money that I have wagered in the pot if I fold?

Yes, you lose whatever money you have invested in the pot if you fold. If you have weak hand that has very low probability of winning and continue playing without fold, you have high chances of losing more money. So, sometimes it is better to fold to minimize your losses and save your money to utilize for better hands.

3. What is the best hole cards or starting hand in Holdem?

Pocket aces (Two Aces) are considered the best hole cards or starting hand in Holdem since this starting hand has the highest winning chances. However, the hand doesn’t guarantee your win as there are still five community cards to be dealt that can change the direction of the game.

4. What is the worst hole cards or starting hand in Holdem?

Some consider 2-3 of different suits to be the worst hole cards. However, others consider 2-7 of different suits to be the worst since 2-3 still provides a chance of forming a straight.

5. Where to play Casino Holdem?

Make sure you select a trusted, properly licensed and regulated online casino platform for playing any casino game for real money. If you don’t have any casino in mind, you can choose BetBarter to play Casino Holdem.

BetBarter is a licensed and safe online casino that provides the best experience of live casino games like Casino Holdem. You can play Evolution Gaming’s Casino Holdem or Ezugi’s Casino Holdem at BetBarter. Other variants of poker are also available.

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

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