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How to Play Bubble Bonanza Slot Machine Game for 2022

April 28, 2022

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta


Bubble Bonanza is a new casino live games online by Black Pudding Games that provides an alternative to traditional slots. The principle of the game is very simple as players need to guess the arrow location that appears in each of the three bubbles, letting them move forward and win.

If players can have the right decision strategy, they will be able to win maximum profit. Players will get a maximum of three chances if they failed to make the right decisions. If you complete all 11 levels of the game, You can win a maximum prize of 10,000 times your bet.

How to Play Bubble Bonanza Slot

The title of this Black Pudding Game is one of the most basic video slots, without any special symbols and features.

An unlimited sequence of three bubbles will be placed in front of your site, and you will have to go ahead, busting the bubbles by clicking on them.

The black pudding game released this masterpiece with very simple features and looks. This online slot has a 93% of return players range with a maximum of x10000.00 wins.

The game has very common features with other slots but its simple and easily accessible feature attracts most gamblers around the world.

Bubble Bonanza Slot Machine Features

  • The Theme of Incessant Bubbles

It appears that the basic principle of such slot games to play online is simple. However, based on the visual’s color palette and also its great connection with bubbles, it’s fairer to classify it as an ocean-themed slot.

Nevertheless, it becomes a nice alternative if you are looking for something calming owing to the convenience it provides to gamers focused on simplicity.

  • Special Symbols

Because there are no reels in the Bubble Bonanza slot, no slot symbols are also included in the game system. However, You must have to know about the major rules and details before playing for real money.

From the fifth level onwards, meanwhile, awards are linked to bubbles. Whilst also bursting the proper bubbles, you could be rewarded by ranging from 1.1x to 60x your bet. Furthermore, if you overcome all the 11 rows without mistakes, you will be rewarded with a Max win of x10,000.

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Bubble Bonanza Slot Symbols and Payouts

Bubble Bonanza is a different kind of video slot because it does not use any symbols. The game substitutes spinning reels with 3 bubbles that appear in each row. To expose the ‘Upgrade symbol(arrow),’ burst the bubble in the most button row and then you can move to the next row by the arrow, and you will win more amount of money if you go higher.

Three lit lives may appear below the “Bursting Bubbles.” players’ life will be lost if they reveal a blank bubble.

The round will finish when all three lives are lost. From the pop-up bet window, you may choose to repeat the same bet or you can create a new one.

Nothing will be payout in the first four rows. But, you may earn 1.1x, 2.2x, 4.5x, 10x, 25x, and 60x your investment from the fifth level onwards.

There are no unique features used in the slot so the bonus modes are not available in Bubble Bonanza. Still, we appreciate the fantastic awards that result from your main game.

Each round has three lives, and you have to choose from the 11 rows. If you can successfully manage all of the rounds, you’ll win a huge jackpot.

you might get a gamble option according to how many lives you have left. Choose to stake the current gain in exchange for higher opportunities. Otherwise, refuse the high bid and go with a higher row.

How to Play Bubble Bonanza Slot

This is one of the simple and easy slots to play that provides customers with exciting gaming. The splash screen will appear while the game is starting. You’ll find the whole overview here.

You can select your bet by pressing continue.  You can manage your stake amounts by using the + or – marks between €0.50 and €10. Press the Max Bet button to set the stake to a maximum level without clicking many times.

After tapping the play button you will be redirected to the gaming window. Spin and auto-play buttons are not available in this slot. Either, locate the level up arrow by tapping any of the three bottommost buttons.

You move on to the next row after finding the row. However, keep in mind every round has three lives, and if you can’t choose the right bubble or if you burst the wrong bubble, you lose a life every time. To be sure, the gameplay is very simple and everyone can understand it.

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Bubble Bonanza Slot RTP & Volatility

Bubble Bonanza slot will greatly be proving different unique gameplay. This unique slot has very fewer features and symbols.

The RTP is quite low compared to other slot games. It has an RTP of an average of 93 percent, ignoring the fact that the volatility is uncertain.

Bubble Bonanza Slot Machine is a commonly functioned online game with fair RTP and fewer features. The Black Pudding games contribute high effort to creating this slot very simple and easy.


Bubble Bonanza is undoubtedly the entertaining online video slot by Black Pudding games.

Even with the lack of additional features and bonus rounds, this game is still a most recommended and unique playing slot for gamblers.

There are tons of slot games with good RTPs and free spins features. Made with a simple structure and the easily accessible game has user-friendly and engaging comfortable gameplay.

You can play this online video slot for free from many online betting sites. You don’t need to register or real money for a demo version of the bubble bonanza slot.

Simply read the instruction and start the gameplay by pressing some major buttons. You can join real money gameplay too after getting some ideas about the function and structure.

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Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.