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Bingo Terms & Glossary: Learn the Essential Bingo Terms Online

April 6, 2022

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Have you ever walked into a bingo hall or sat down to play online bingo games?

If yes, you might have encountered with very unusual terms and lingos that you’ve probably never heard of! However, don’t get worried even if you’re a newcomer to playing bingo!

Bingo Terms & Glossary: Learn the Essential Bingo Terms Online

We’re here to help you familiarize with all those terminologies used while playing bingo online for real money.

Bingo game is one of the popular hobby enjoyed by thousands of people all around the world. Playing bingo in best online casino requires players knowledge on bingo-specific vocabulary, terminology, and slang.

So, if you want to ace the game, learning the basic bingo phrases is one of the first thing you should definitely consider.

By reading this article, interested bingo players will be able to understand each and every phrase used in the game. Whether it’s early bird games, daubers, hard cards, or shutter boards, you’ll get to know what each of these bingo jargon implies.

Stay with us till the end to immerse yourself in the world of bingo so that you may better converse with other players and comprehend what is going on in the real game.

Let’s get Started!

Essential Bingo Terms Used Online:

You don’t have to be fluent in bingo terms to enjoy the game, although it certainly helps. Here, we’ll go through the most important words for communication with other bingo players and for self-understanding.

However, keep in mind that you don’t need to learn all of these phrases right now. Memorize a handful of your favorites, and then gradually improve your bingo vocabulary over time.

1.    75 Ball Bingo:

75 Ball Bingo is one of the most popular bingo games, featuring 75 balls and 5*5 cards where 24 numbers are used along with an empty space.

The columns are categorized as B-I-N-G-O and include potential values ranging from 1 to 15 in the “Column B”, 16 to 30 in the “Column I” continuing up to 61 to 75 in the “Column O”.

When a player completes a pre-announced pattern on the bingo card he or she wins a game of 75-Ball Bingo.

This form of bingo is most popular in the United States, and it’s also becoming increasingly popular in online casino sites across the world.

2.    80 Ball Bingo:

80 Ball Bingo is a game played with 80 number balls and 4*4 bingo cards where 16 numbers are used with no any empty spaces. This type of bingo was introduced by online bingo sites.

3.    90 Ball Bingo:

The game is played with 90 balls and 3*9 cards, totaling 15 numbers.

Each game of 90-Ball Bingo offers three alternative ways to win: the first is to fill all five numbered squares in any one line straight across, the second is to complete two lines, and the third is to complete all three lines (commonly referred to as a “Full House”).

4.    1TG and 2TG:

The number of squares a bingo player must fill on his or her ticket before winning a game is referred to as TG.

As you might expect, 1TG and 2TG stand for “one-to-go”/ one box left for a player to win and “two-to-go,” respectively.

As the anticipation of winning a game grows, these expressions are frequently used in bingo chat rooms.

5.    5 Line Bingo:

A bingo variant that is mostly played online. The only difference between this one and regular bingo is that there is no empty space in the center of the bingo card.

5-Line Bingo is a fast-paced game with five ways to win: any one line initially, then any two, three, four, and lastly any five lines — commonly known as a Full House.

This type of bingo is gaining popularity on online casino websites all around the world, especially among keen players wishing to change things up a little.

6.    Admission:

The minimal number of cards required to participate in the online bingo game is referred to as admission. These criteria might differ greatly from one website to another one.

7.    Any Way:

When bingo is played “any way,” the winning pattern can be completed in any direction.

To put it another way, it doesn’t have to be straight up and down as on the bingo card. Instead, the letters pattern might be turned sideways or even backwards.

8.    Auto-Dauber:

Some online bingo or casino sites include a function that automatically stamps called numbers on a player’s bingo cards during game play, which is known as auto-dauber.

This allows players to play many cards at once without missing a call.

9.    Bingo Card:

It is impossible to play Bingo without Bingo Cards.

Before participating in the game, each player must purchase at least a few bingo cards. Most of the online casino sites allow players to purchase a large number of Cards, increasing their chances of winning.

Bingo Cards are the game’s tools, and they feature a variety of number combinations. The game is won by the first player who has all of the numbers in a winning pattern.

10. Bingo Board:

The Bingo Board shows the most recent number called as well as earlier numbers on the gaming screen.

This enables some of the players who didn’t hear the number to see it on their screen and those who missed some numbers to catch up.

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11. Blackout:

To win with this winning pattern, the player must cover every square on the bingo ticket. It is also known as “coverall.”

When playing blackout, a winner is normally determined after 70–80% of the numbers are called, however players have been known to achieve Blackout after just 40 of 75 numbers have been called.

12. Blowout:

This Bingo variation, often known as quickie, uses a Blackout winning pattern and calls out numbers very quickly.

This pushes players to react quickly to each number called, making the game considerably more difficult to play.

13. Bonanza Bingo:

Bonanza is a progressive jackpot Bingo game that requires each player to pay a nominal charge to play.

It’s a form of blackout game in which 48 numbers are called before the game and a special sealed bingo card is used. A player wins if they cross off all of the numbers on their cards. If there is no winner, the caller will continue to announce the number.

14. Buy-In:

The buy-in in online bingo refers to the purchase of bingo tickets using either real money or bonus from the player’s online account.

15. Caller:

The Caller is the person who calls the numbers out loud in a live Bingo hall. They just dial the numbers created by the ball generator.

16. Chat Room:

Even if you’re playing Bingo online, you’ll want to interact with other players in some way, but there are limited ways to do so.

Here comes the importance of chat rooms which allows participants to discuss and interact, transforming the basic game into amazing group fun.

17. Calls:

The number of balls that are actually called in a game, or the maximum number that may be called to win a jackpot.

For instance, if a jackpot is provided for a coverall in 52 calls, a player must cover his or her whole card by the time the 52nd ball is called to win the prize.

If no one wins within this time limit, the game may continue with a consolation reward for the first player to accomplish bingo, or the jackpot may roll over until the next session.

18. Dauber:

Live Bingo games need you to daub your own numbers, although online games may do it for you. The dauber is an ink marker with a foam tip that is used to daub the numbers on your Bingo Cards.

19. Double Bingo:

In 75-ball bingo, a winning pattern requires a player to complete two lines in order to win any combination of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal.

20. Early Bird:

A game played before the session’s first bingo game. Early bird games are discounted in several online casinos.

21. Eyes Down:

The caller uses this phrase to inform players that a game is about to begin.

22. Face:

In a particular pack, a face is a unique set of numbers. This is a single bingo card on a bingo sheet.

23. Flimsy:

Flimsies are disposable bingo sheets printed on a piece of paper that are daubed during the game and then thrown away. Three cards are commonly printed on a single page in flimsies.

24. Full House:

In a 90-ball bingo game, the full house is formed when a player fills all three vertical lines.

25. Free Space:

This is a free square in the center of your bingo card or ticket, sometimes known as the “blank.”

26. False Alarm:

When a player calls bingo by accident. A “false alarm” occurs when a player feels they have a valid win.

27. Jackpot:

In bingo games, the jackpot is the top reward, which is generally won by striking a Blackout within a certain number of balls called.

Jackpots are occasionally progressive, which means that they will rise with each game that a Jackpot is not won, and will be paid out in full once it is.

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28. Lucky Jar:

This lucky jar is used in certain live bingo venues as additional way to win. Money is placed inside it, and the player who wins Bingo on the Lucky Number picked at the start receives the entire amount.

29. Money Ball:

Before the game begins, online casinos choose a Money Ball, and if a player wins the reward on that Ball, his or her award is doubled.

30. Pattern:

The pattern or winning pattern is determined at the start of a game. This pattern must be covered on one of your cards in order to win. The reward is awarded to the first player who completes the pattern.

31. RNG:

Also known as Random Number Generator.

An RNG is a computer software that creates bingo numbers at random. It’s the digital counterpart of a bingo blower or ball-mixing basket.

Random number generators are used by all online bingo sites to select the numbers that are called during a game.

32. Specials:

Specials are bingo games that are played during the breaks between normal games. They generally have a greater per-card cost and will usually provide the participants a larger prize if they win the game.

Special Bingo Cards are sold in the online casino bingo game throughout the night time and are normally not included in the Admission Pack.

33. Warm Up:

Warm-up games, often known as early birds, are bingo games performed in preparation for the evening’s regular games. Warm Ups may be thrown to keep players amused if they arrive early to the bingo hall.

34. Wild Number:

The type of wild numbers that a bingo hall will provide is determined by number of players in one round.

If the first number called is 25, for example, the caller may indicate that all numbers ending in 5 are now Wild and should be highlighted. After the initial ball is announced, all odd or even numbers may go wild in some games.

35. Wrap Up:

The Wrap Up is the last game of the session as it comes to end.

36. Winner-Takes-All:

A game in which the winner receives the whole amount paid by all of the players.


For any new bingo players, the terminologies used in bingo games may appear confusing, but it’s actually a lot easier than the jargon used in other casino games.

Some of the words should be familiar to you right away, while others may take some getting used to.

While most players learn these Bingo terminologies through playing in online bingo rooms, we hope that our Bingo dictionary we created for you will help you comprehend the game’s essential terms and phrases as a beginner.

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Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.