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BetGames Lucky 6 Guide & Strategy

January 15, 2021

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Introduction to Betgames Lucky 6

Betgames Lucky 6 is one of the exhilarating lottery-based games provided by Betgames.TV. In this game, a total of 60 balls are used and 6 balls are drawn out into different zones, A, B, and C. In each zone, there will be two balls drawn.

Out of 60 balls, 30 are red and 30 are blue. The balls are numbered from 0 to 9. So, there are 3 sets of red balls numbered from 0 to 9 and 3 sets of blue balls numbered from 0 to 9.

Betgames Lucky 6 starts every five minutes in a way that doesn’t interfere with Betgames Lucky 5 and Lucky 6.

If you are interested to know more about betgames lucky 6 strategy then this is the blog for you. By the end of the blog you will know about all the betting strategies in Lucky 6 betting game.

How to Play Betgames Lucky 6

In Lucky 6, 6 balls are randomly drawn out of 60 balls by a drawing machine. The drawn balls are sorted into 3 zones: A, B and C. For betting, you have to select a betting market and add it to your betting slip.

The betting slip is straightforward and self-explanatory. The details of the betting slip change depending on the betting options you select.

betgames lucky 6 betslip

You can select the betting amount and view the potential profit of your bet beneath the betting option. To confirm the bet, you have to hit the ‘Place bet’ button. Whether you win or lose your bet, that will be decided on the next draw of the game.

Betting options of Betgames Lucky 6

No matter which Betgames you choose to play, it is highly beneficial for you if you know the betting options of that live Betgames. Before playing Lucky 6 on real money, it is important for you to be familiar with the betting options of the game.

In Lucky 6, there are various betting options that come under five betting categories which are: Numbers, Count, Colors, Odd/Even, and Total Sum.


In this betting category, you have two different types of options. You can either make particular ball selections or bet on number combos in zone A, B, or C.


In this betting category, you can wager on the total count of drawn balls. Also, you can bet on the count to be odd or even.



In this betting category, you will find betting options related to the sum of the red-colored balls or blue-colored balls.



In this category, you can wager on the sum or count of the luck balls to be odd or even.


Total Sum

The total Sum betting category includes the betting options that let you wager on the sum of the numbers of the balls drawn to be under or over a certain value.


How to View Betgames Lucky 6 Results?

The result of Betgames Lucky 6 is immediately displayed on the results screen after the game round has been completed. The last 5 draw results are displayed as shown below:

If you miss the results, you can check the historical results of Betgames Lucky 6 from the Betgames Site. Just go to the homepage of the site and click or tap Results or directly go to the Results page of the Betgames Website.

There, on the appeared widget, you can choose Lucky 6 from the dropdown menu that shows ‘All games’ as default to viewing the results of Lucky 6.

lucky-6-historical -results

You can also view the results based on the draw number or date of gameplay.

Betgames Lucky 6 Winning Strategy

Before playing this game, it is important for you to know about the betgames lucky 6 tips and strategies. If you bet on options with more possible winning combinations, the payout will be lower. For lowering the risk, it’s best to bet on whether the balls will total over 15.5 or under 38.5. There are over 940,000 winning combinations for this bet but the payout is very low i.e. only 1% of your original bet amount.

If you want some better payouts, then you can select the betting option like selecting balls in particular zones which pays out at 90 to 1 odds.

As compared to the other two lottery-based games provided by Betgames.TV, Lucky 6 has the better overall odds. Select betting options that suit more to your betting style.

We also recommend you to stick to your staking strategy and do not increase or decrease your bet size by a large amount depending on the outcomes of the previous bets. You should understand that your winning depends on your luck and control what you are spending without chasing losses.

It is better for you to set limits for your wins and losses so that you don’t end up losing what you can’t afford. Don’t underestimate the importance of bankroll management.

Why Betbarter for Live Betgames?

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Betgames Lucky 6 is a very good online lottery that has some special characteristics, as it is not in the traditional way of playing lottery games. But this does not mean that the game is not worth being played, as it provides a good set of winning opportunities.

Yes, you can definitely increase your chances to win this type of lottery-based online game. There is no doubt that you need to be lucky to win any lottery-based game. You cannot simply win the lottery if you don’t have a lot of luck. It is a fast way of winning money but you cannot force your luck. Be smart, win more and enjoy the gaming experience.

The above discussed Lucky 6 strategy is not a guaranteed strategy for winning money, but it can definitely help you to improve your winning odds and minimize unnecessary risks of losing money.

Remember that, you have to be lucky to win money in any type of lottery-based game. Notice that the name of the game itself has the word ‘Lucky’. For more information about promotional bonus and other great types of games, check out BetBarter India.


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Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.