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Best Online Slots with Game Show Theme

March 23, 2022

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Best Online Slots with Game Show Theme


Today’s online casino game selection encompasses practically every possible topic. The traditional slot and fruit machines were simple in design, with standard symbols like bells and fruits. Throughout time, themes and tales were added to the devices to increase playability and enjoyment. The best online casino sites have incorporated games based on movie franchises and music acts, TV series, comic novels, and famous personalities like Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe.

According to a poll conducted by Bingo Port, 55 percent of bingo players watch television while playing online. The similarities between TV game shows and slot machines are apparent.

We’ve already discussed the connection between online gambling and television, but now we’re offering a more attractive guide to the most incredible themed slots.

The Chase

Gala Bingo has produced a series of bingo rooms based on The Chase. On the show, the Governess Anne Hegerty herself appears as a chaser.

Deal or No Deal

Although Deal or No Deal is no longer on television, you may still watch it online. Three different online spin-off bingo games based on the show are now available. Mecca Bingo aspires to be a one-stop shop for everything Deal or No Deal. If you’re looking for something more involved, check out Slingo for a special offer. The games What’s In Your Box? and Banker’s Riches are based on the famous program.

All-Star Family Fortunes

The 25-pay line slot has several unique elements from the original game, such as Double Money and a Chance to Steal. Two famous families are brought together to answer a series of general knowledge questions and suffer the wrath of TV’s most ruthless buzzer. You don’t have to be famous to play; everyone may participate!

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? is a game show in which contestants compete for a chance to win a million. The slot machine is still alive and well. You may play the official slot game at go and have an opportunity to sit on the virtual hot seat for yourself. Don’t let your anxieties get the best of you—there are £1 million rewards on the line!

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The Million Pound Drop

The Million Pound Drop was one of the most thrilling game programs. Jackpotjoy’s 25-pay line game offers the potential to win up to £26,000. If you get the answer right, the money is secure; if you get it wrong, it disappears immediately in front of your eyes.

Tipping Point

Tipping Point is a game show on ITV that mixes traditional general knowledge questions with a supersized version of a coin pusher. Contestants must adequately answer questions, collect money from the machine, and win the jackpot. The TV show based on an arcade game has returned to its former home at Sky Bingo.

Wheel of Fortune

After four decades, wheel of Fortune has a cult following and is still going strong. Although the Hangman-inspired program had a shorter run in the UK than in the US, it has maintained cult status. If you want to experience a little bit of the 1990s, Mecca Bingo has lots of opportunities for you to do so. There’s the Wheel of Fortune on Tour game, which features 720 chances to win and takes place throughout various US settings.

Golden Balls

Golden Balls are currently available as a slot game on Jackpotjoy. The 20-pay line game has Scatters, Wilds, and the infamous and dreaded Killer Balls from the original game show. However, if you make it through all of this, you might win a top prize of £10,000!

Let’s Spin That Reel

Slot machines based on game shows are among the most popular in the business. They may readily use the images and iconography from the applications on which they are built. Bonus rounds are frequently listed directly from the programs. Wheel of Fortune, created by IGT, is the most well-known of these games. The $25,000 Pyramid, Jeopardy!, and The Price is Right have all been popular game shows.

Online Versions Bring Games to Players at Home

Many unique games have been built based on classic game shows, and more are being created each year. Thanks to their extensive collection of television licenses, IGT has established itself as the market leader. Here are some of the most popular games that use this subject. The $100,000 Pyramid is based on a popular game show where competitors teamed up with celebrities to compete for cash prizes. There’s also a bonus round where you may win free spins with a multiplier of up to 12x. You’ll aim to climb the iconic pyramid to gain as many free spins and a large multiplier as possible in the Winner’s Circle Bonus.

Find More Themed-Games throughout Our Site

We provide a large selection of free games and games that can be played for real money. Animal-themed, aquatic, Oriental, and Wild West games, Romantic themes, and games mainly created for female players are among them. Below are some links to some of our other themed slot sites that you might find interesting.

Movie-Themed Slots

Movies are huge businesses, and the gambling industry is no exception. IGT is one of the best game developers who created games based on movies. Many extra features begin with cinematic footage or action, which rewards the player when they activate the bonus round. Themed games will always have symbols and music that are related to the film’s subject, but they may now incorporate animations and genuine video footage from the movie.

TV-Themed Slots

Fans of each show will like the visuals and animations used in these games. The games themed under TV shows are best for players who love watching videos or animations based on specific themes. , Fortunately, there are so many different themed games available that there is something for everyone.

Music-Themed Slots

Every time the reels spin in the Kiss online slot, famous guitar riffs play, with different music playing when winning combos are achieved. The bonus round includes a substantial amount of real live video from the band, and one of their songs plays from beginning to end as you play. When the bonus game concludes, there’s another concert video, and it’s a perfect illustration of how the theme can make a slot more engaging.

Comic-Themed Slots

Several developers worldwide are working on games based on comic book characters, including The Avengers, Batman, and the X-Men. Amusing book games have always been successful because they appeal to the inner child who yearns to play video games. This has been exploited by a broad spectrum of developers, with titles based on Marvel, DC Comics, and Star Wars among the most popular.

History-Themed Slots

Ancient Egypt and Roman Rome are two popular subjects that have resulted in many games. Queen of the Nile II, Cleopatra’s Gold, and Book of Ra are well-known Egyptian-themed titles. Historical eras are another popular topic among game producers, with prominent examples like Spartacus Gladiator of Rome and Caesar’s Empire.


We decided that games based on movie franchises, music acts, and TV series have been incorporated in online casinos after conducting a significant study on “Best Online Slots with Game Show Theme” on different websites and media. The machines’ themes and tales were added over time to make them more engaging and enjoyable.

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Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.