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7 Best Gambling Movies to Watch

January 27, 2022

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Gambling has been major part of human culture ever since the dawn of time; therefore it’s no wonder that innumerable movies and TV shows have been made highlighting it throughout the years.  The casino-related films covered a wide range of historical periods and locations. Many of them, of course, take us to destinations like Las Vegas, Atlantic City or Monte Carlo which deliver thrilling sequences. Gambling movies adventure will lead us into the worlds of mafia, drama, and some of the best comedies scenes out there.

So, are you planning a movie night with your colleagues to watch an excitement-filled gambling scene?

Well, if that’s the case you must watch any of the below mentioned movies as this will also teach you a lot about your favorite casino game, whether it’s poker, roulette, baccarat or craps. There are plenty of good gambling movies and yeah you don’t even have to seek hard to find them.

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We will now take you on a journey through some of the best cinematic accomplishments relating to the gambling industry. By the time we’re done, you’ll have a comprehensive list of the top gambling movies of all time, which you should watch if gambling is something you’re interested in.


Top 7 Gambling Movies of All-Time

1. Casino (1995): The Best Casino Film Ever Produced

Casino, directed by the legendary Martin Scorsese, is a film that faithfully portrays real life scenario of Las Vegas which has a glittering, glamorous face as well as a brutal and a cruel one. Ace Rothstein, a super-intelligent mafia who is hired to undertake a job for the mob is starred by Robert De Niro. The role entails running The Tangiers, one of the Strip’s earliest casinos.

Ace is actually Irish who can never be a successful businessman so he is given assistance from a thug named Nicky Santoro who also was Ace’s best friend from childhood. With Sharon Stone as the gorgeous Ginger, a former prostitute who seduces Ace and becomes his wife; but both of them put Ace’s success into jeopardy. Don’t you think that you’ve got yourself a classic Las Vegas drama on your hands?

The film covers a wide range of topics, but it mostly depicts Las Vegas as it was in the 1970s. Casino concludes with a slew of murders and arrests and the development of Las Vegas into what it is today.

Any self-respecting gambler should see Casino at least once in their lives in order to be inspired by the incredible Ace himself.

2. The Hustler (1961): Gambling movie preserved by the National Film Registry

The National Film Registry has designated this movie for preservation indicating that it is historically, artistically and culturally important. The Hustler is a classic in any case, as it characterizes a small-time pool hustler who moves across the countries with his beloved fiancé making hectic amount of money through gambling. However, his disruptive attitude and loud mouth lead him to take challenge on renowned player ‘Minnesota Fats’.

Despite the fact that it contains no humor, it is one of the best sports gambling films ever made. However, don’t expect a film filled with pool games and trick shots. If you’re a first-time watcher of this black-and-white gem, you’ll be captivated. It was the film that made Paul Newman gain fame, it’s easy to understand and was shot and released when online gambling was still an idea.

Give it a watch as “The Hustler” is a sarcastic and frigid film from beginning to end.

3. Rounders (1998): The Best Poker Film Ever

Rounders, the poker movie, is considered the ultimate masterpiece by poker players. The main character in Rounders is Matt Damon who portrays Mike McDermott, a teenage high-flier in New York’s underground poker scene.

Mike loses his whole bankroll in a high-stakes poker game with Russian mafia bosses in the beginning of the film. After losing, he swears to do everything the “right” way and stops playing poker for some period of time. However, Mike’s old poker partner Worm’s release from prison drives him back down the path of gambling and poker. Mike is compelled to work on Worm’s blunders as they get into more difficulties with the worst kind of guys, such as Teddy KGB once more.

Becoming a professional poker player nowadays may appear spectacular, but Rounders takes a look into the game before it became popular, revealing both alluring and troubling features of getting into gambling world.

Rounders is the ideal film for poker enthusiasts, and it appears that the people enjoy it more than most other gambling films, owing to the excellent acting and relatability of the characters.

4. The Card Counter (2021): Wisdom Filled Gambling Movie

Paul Schrader’s elegant, melancholy, tortured drama about a professional card player that features a magnificent “Oscar Isaac” who goes from casino to casino to have some control over his life and escape from his previous guilt is more enjoyable. He clearly adores this environment and takes great pleasure in describing its delicacies and nuances. The gambling scenes clash with Schrader’s normal tone of guilt and pain at times, but they also excite and revitalize him and the picture. Issac being a man of discipline has a lot of gambling knowledge to convey. He says, “Red and Black roulette is the only smart bet.”

And, of all the gambling movies on our list, this one is near the top: Gamblers can easily know this after watching it once as he gambles the way we believe we would do it ; very clever, cautious and most of all always in self-control.

Don’t miss out on this recently launched movie if you are really interested towards gambling world.

5. Molly’s Game ( 2017): A Fantastic Gambling Film Based on a True Story

This is one of the peculiar poker and casino movies which is based on a real life story of past Olympic ski player, Molly Bloom. She made decision to operate poker games of high stakes to earn hectic sum of money. The story begins with Molly’s accident, which forced her to retire from sports and thrust her into the realm of gambling.

Molly, played by Jessica Chastain, is shown as a clever and gorgeous young woman who understands how to attract men and do business. Molly begins by hosting games for her rich boss, but eventually goes it alone and creates her own.

However, as the authorities become involved, the situation escalates out of control, and Molly gets charged for running this illegal gambling business.

The overall experience is incredible and will keep you glued to the screen.

6. Atlantic City (1980): One of the best classic old gambling movies ever made

Atlantic City is among the casino blockbusters that has undoubtedly made records in history. This movie depicts the story of a city that was saved, in some respects, by the legalization of gambling, and features a youthful Susan Sarandon and Burt Lancaster in the lead roles. The film begins at a period when gambling was illegal on the East Coast and explores the narrative of how Atlantic City became one of the country’s most popular gambling destinations.

The movie showcases average folks in Atlantic Metropolis who are attempting to make a living in a completely different atmosphere and a city that has transformed despite of no popularity.

This film is certainly a part of gambling mythology, and anyone interested in the history of gambling and casinos in America should not miss it.

7. The Cincinnati Kid (1965): A gambling film on the elevation of a legendary player

This gambling world has always been fiercely competitive with a large number of players vying for the title. Same goes with this movie as “The Cincinnati Kid” is a story of a younger poker player named Eric Stoner who wants to win over the old guard named Lancey Howard, who is broadly considered as the best poker player in the world. This movie represents the old days gambling style as back in the days there were no any sophisticated tournaments or any chances of gambling online.

The characters are conceited to the point of arrogance, and they are so confident in their gambling skills that they are ready to lose everything just for one game to show their power as the “best gamblers”.

Generally, if you like classic movies, this 1965 film will have you wrapped up to your seat.


The aforementioned movies will give you overall sense of satisfaction whether you are a lover of gambling movies or just want to feel the thrill of gambling without risking your own money. From having an actual gambling experience by imagining yourself as the lead characters to learning a lot of genuine gambling skills to play and earn money in real life, you will undoubtedly enjoy and learn from these movies.

Watch movies from this list and have a great time. Grab yourself a bowl of popcorn curl up in front of the television. You’ll definitely have a great time watching these outstanding movies.

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Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.