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Barber Shop Uncut Slot: Game Info and Where to Play?

May 10, 2022

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta


The Barber Shop uncut slot is a Thunder kick-powered game featuring 5 reels and 40 pay lines. Even though it won’t give you a haircut, this superbly designed game has a few nifty features. There are 15 visible reels and forty continuous pay lines. Play Barber shop Uncut casino live games online for real money and free spins while immersing yourself in a virtual world of luxury and relaxation. The game has a theoretical return of 97 percent. Therefore it has a realistic return to the player, as do other Thunderkick video games.

The game takes place in a cartoon-styled barbershop with remarkable and sometimes wacky-looking graphics. The reels are displayed on a replica above a counter, with a 3D wall on both sides with a window and pedestrian shadows visible. As these clients form a triumphant line, they are given a simple shave, with one removing a mustache, another a beard, and others receiving new haircuts.

Please read our comprehensive guide below for more information on playing Barber Shop Uncut Slot.

Barber Shop Uncut Slot

Snip out Your Prizes

This game is not instantly appealing as a pastel design, but players will appreciate the unique artwork upon closer investigation. However, respecting the images will not win you, so you will want to spin the reels. There are five reels and forty pay lines; these are fixed, so you cannot restrict the number of pay lines in play every turn. High rollers can bet more up to the maximum stake, although at 100.00, it is still a minimal wager and may no longer appeal to those looking for more significant returns.

Bag a Bonus

Although there are no wild symbols in Barber Shop Uncut, there are some intriguing sports bonuses. At least five bonus symbols are required to activate a free spins round. You will be awarded ten free spins, plus two more spins for each bonus picture if you land them.

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Same Benefits, Smaller Scale

Barber Shop by Thunderkick is the one-of-a-kind slot that inspired this sequel. There is only one significant difference: the size of the slot; in the original, you may only be playing with 25 lines instead of 40.

Slick and Sophisticated

Barber Shop Uncut is a Thunderkick video slot that offers the chance to win cash rewards online. You can find many tips at regular intervals with low to medium volatility, even if the prices aren’t exceptionally high. There isn’t always a bonus game, but there are plenty of other methods to stress the hobby aside from overcomplicating the form of this slot.

A Real Close Shave

The barbershop is inspired by Paris, with French-style accordion music and men sporting moustaches and beards. All of the characters in the game have facial hair that is cut off when they win on the reels. This occurs when their symbols lock (as shown in the blow) and are coated in shaving foam.

The Game Basics

Barber Shop Uncut boasts a 97 percent RTP and 15 character reels (each image shown to you has its character reel), which makes for a fascinating game. When you win, the prevailing symbols will lock, and you will receive free spins, which will continue until you do not strike any more of these symbols. It’s a nice feature that turns each win into a bonus round.

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Game Symbols and Features

Barber Shop Uncut is a 53-pay line slot machine. The gilded image of the guy with the bow tie is the ideal paying ordinary emblem. Winnings in this situation are determined by the wager level you chose before the spin. During the Bonus Game, a multiplier may appear at the bottom of the screen. A victory will activate the re-spin function, as it does in the main game, with the only difference being that the multiplier will go through the ranges x1, x2, x3, and x5. The maximum number of spins available is 30. The bonus game employs a constant multiplier of x3. These are brought on with the aid of any pay line win or 3+ bonus symbols.

Barber Shop Uncut Free Spins

Barber Shop Uncut’s one-of-a-kind features all work as free spins somehow. When you have symbols merging to form a winning pay line or three bonus symbols, this stays in place until a re-spin is initiated. When all of the free spins in the bonus game have been played, Infinity Spins will be triggered. You will begin with ten free spins. Any additional bonus picture will grant you an extra two free spins, up to 30.

Barber Shop Uncut Jackpot

In the conventional experience of the term, there are no jackpots. It is possible to win up to $400 with a single spin. In this situation, the total amount of money earned is determined by the wager level you selected during that spin.

Barber Shop Uncut on Mobile

Barber Shop Uncut easily transfers to mobile devices for on-the-go entertainment. You only need a well-known standard operating system such as iOS, Android, or Windows and a popular browser such as Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox.

Barber Shop Uncut RTP

This sport’s RTP is set at 97.0 percent.


Barber Shop Uncut is a Thunderkick video slot that offers the chance to win cash rewards online. The barbershop is inspired by Paris, with French-style accordion music and men sporting mustaches and beards. It is possible to win up to $400 with a single spin.

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Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

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