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Bac Bo vs Golden Wealth Baccarat: Similarities and Differences

February 28, 2022

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Bac Bo vs Golden Wealth Baccarat

In recent years, developers have been releasing a wealth of intriguing and engaging new casino games every other day due to the introduction of the online casino in India sector.

Baccarat, a “classic table game,” is one of the many variations that has been played in casinos for a long time and has been through tremendous changes lately. However, if played with genuine baccarat betting tips, many gamblers may be unaware that baccarat offers a variety of casino games.

The big hand after this push is “Evolution Gaming,” a European company that introduced a selection of easy baccarat games for players. Interestingly, this innovative team recently launched two new baccarat games namely Golden Wealth Baccarat and Bac Bo that are unique from the typical Baccarat gaming cycle.

So, you might be wondering what these two different names Baccarat games have to offer?

Well, let’s have a look at how these two Baccarat games stack up against each other through this article! We’ll talk about what these two games are about, as well as the similarities and differences between them.

Let’s Begin!

Introduction To Bac Bo:

Bac Bo, a new variation of the popular Baccarat game, is a fun and delightful live dealer table game, with the added twist of four dice action for a unique and enjoyable gaming experience for players.

Baccarat and dice games are combined in a way that no one predicted! Bac Bo’s name is a clear connection to different popular live casino games known as Sic Bo. Bac Bo is simple to learn but fascinating to play, with the possibility for a large payoff of up to 88:1.

While the game’s terms are similar to regular Baccarat but the game is played with dice rather than cards. In Ba Bo, there are two players i.e. the Player and the Banker who compete against each other. For each position, two dice are rolled.

As the dice come to rest at different periods, the excitement and engagement of the players grow, along with the increasing suspension. The ultimate result is displayed once all four dice stop shaking, and the hand with the highest two-dice total wins the game.

Keep in mind that before playing Baccarat games, you should familiarize yourself with the typical terms used in the game, thus we recommend you to check out baccarat glossary before heading towards the game. 

Briefly About Golden Wealth Baccarat:

Golden Wealth Baccarat is another one-of-a-kind Evolution Gaming takes on making the Baccarat games more interesting to play. Frequent multipliers and Augmented Reality(AR) features coupled with the live game action give a wealth of added excitement to this fascinating Baccarat variant.

This game is a luckier version of Lightning Baccarat as it has a VIP-style setup, magic pot, and amazing play functions. Each player’s stake is subject to a 20 percent Golden card fee. Each game round has five Golden Cards, each of which attracts a randomly generated multiplier of 2x, 3x, 5x, or 8x.

As a top baccarat tips and tricks, if a player wins a hand and possesses one or more matching Golden Cards, their earnings are increased by the number of matching Golden Cards.

Similarities Between Bac Bo and Golden Wealth Baccarat

Despite the fact that both games are different forms of Baccarat, they have virtually little in common. The only thing these two games have in common is that they both use the regular baccarat rules.

This means that the players attempt as hard as they can to limit their total point in the game’s outcome up to nine. If the result is greater than nine, your first digit will be removed. For example, if your total point total is 12, one is instantly eliminated, leaving you with only two points.

This is the sole rule that is similar in both games.

This shows that they have quite distinctions. So, let’s see what the differences are there!

Differences Between Bac Bo and Golden Wealth Baccarat

The differences are based on the following aspects mentioned below:

  • Playing format:

The most obvious distinction between the two games is the way in which they are played.

Golden Wealth Baccarat sticks to a format that baccarat players are accustomed to i.e. cards. Whereas, Bac Bo doesn’t involve any cards and alters baccarat gameplay by using dice.

That alone is such a significant difference which shows that these two games were made to be completely opposite.

  • Winnings through multipliers:

Golden Wealth Baccarat is more popular because of its increasing multiplier up to 8x. Multipliers are the driving force to make the game more appealing among players.

Meanwhile, for Bac Bo, Evolution Gaming took more of a straightforward approach. It doesn’t have multipliers of any type to add some variety to the gameplay. However, to keep players coming back, it focuses on the uniqueness of playing baccarat using dice and appeals to players through the game’s simplicity.

  • Side Bets:

Bac Bo’s dedication towards simplicity extends to side bets as well. There are no side bets available for players in this game.

Golden Wealth Baccarat, on the other hand, permits players to place side bets on the player and banker pairs.

  • Payouts:

The amount you can win in standard Baccarat is extremely limited, however, both of these games pay you way more than that.

Bac Bo can pay you up to 88 times your wager whereas Golden Wealth Baccarat can pay up to 513 times your stake for a Player/Banker bet and up to 500,000 times for a Tie bet.

This adds to the excitement of the game for players like you!

Side Note: If you also want to play other varieties of Baccarat games such as Lightning Baccarat, you can have a look at our Lightning Baccarat Guide to enhance your winning possibility in this game.

Which one is Best for you to Play?

Having said that, both are Baccarat games but are very different from one another, hence we cannot recommend one game over another. Different players have different preferences. One is a very easy dice game giving you the best playing experience along with a high payoff while the other tries to impress you with big wins and multipliers.

Therefore, no matter which games you choose, you will for sure be impressed with these Evolution’s gaming variations of Baccarat games.


As you can see from the above that Bac Bo and Golden Wealth Baccarat are entirely different games. It’s totally up to you which one you prefer to play either a dice-based game or a card game. You will definitely have a fantastic time in both of these games while playing for real money online. You can easily feel the difference once you play the game.

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Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.