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May 23, 2022

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta


The popularity of Riot Games’ League of Legends (LOL) on video consoles has been escalating at an unprecedented rate, as esports fans and committed gamers worldwide play and engage in lol esports betting to make some money while having fun.

Riot Games took inspiration from another popular game Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Mod and designed the gameplay of LoL in a similar format.

The only goal of LoL is to attack and demolish the “Nexus” of the opposing team. There are different modes of playing this game, and each team has their playing tactic and defense mechanism.

Here, your only job is to choose one of the competing teams and back them with your wager. If your team manages to conquer the opposite team, you would be rewarded with payouts based on your betting amount.

You can choose to bet on this game from your preferred online esports betting India site or an app.

This article will provide you with a brief guide on how to bet on League of Legends in India along with tips and site reviews. So please keep scrolling down to know how you can make some real money in India by betting on LoL.

League legends

There are many online sports betting sites in India that provide markets and competitive odds on LoL betting. The markets are easy to understand for the average bettors.

If you are new to LoL betting, you don’t have to worry as this article will be your guide.

Here, we have presented the summary of League of Legends markets that you can access on BetBarter – one of the top esports betting sites of India.

Match Winner

Here, all you have to do is to bet on the outcome of the game. You have to predict which group will destroy the Nexus of the opposing team first and come victorious.

Many professional teams from around the world participate in LoL competitions. If you can evaluate their skill level and analyze their previous match performance, it won’t be much difficult for you to predict the winner.

How they adjust the roster and kind of techniques their players have been using does matter in the competition.

If you could evaluate all these things before placing your bet, you have a high chance of winning big.

First Baron or Dragon

Baron and dragon are the fierce computer rivalries that are always in a hunt for a wide range of benefits and bonuses. For this, both of them can go to any extent.

These computer-based LoL warriors earn points by defeating their opponents. You can bet on either Baron or Dragon, predicting one will first murder its opponent.


First Inhibitor/ Tower

Both teams in LoL gameplay try to destroy towers and barriers for gold and experience. Here you can lay down your bet guessing which team will first destroy the inhibitor or tower as these exist in every lane of the game.


You have to wager on the handicap team predicting whether they will win a map in a line or continue without losing.

Outright Winner

Only in some tournament, you will find this form of a bet. This type of wager is usually placed for the overall tournament result, not for the individual matches.

Best LOL Match Betting Tips

Many Indian LoL fans try to make money through LoL match betting in India, but without the knowledge of the right tips, they have a high chance of failing. But this won’t happen to you if you apply important LoL betting tips.

You have come to the right place where we will help you to improve your prospects of winning sizable profit by teaching how to build a successful LoL strategy.

So let’s get started!

Know the Foundation of LoL Betting

At every strategy game, you have to build a mindset to bet wisely by understanding the odds offered by a bookmaker. Rather than the price the betting site tries to impose upon you, choose the bet that has a higher probability of winning.

Also, you have to manage your bankroll wisely and properly. If you don’t stick with your budget, then you may have to lose an enormous amount of money.

In a game of chance, nothing could be predicted. So always stick to the wagers that you can afford to lose instead of using your emergency fund. Another common mistake that most of the LOL bettors make is, they easily get carried away by the fun and excitement of the game.

You can trust the tournament favorite but pouring all your money on them is not a wise thing to do. For LOL betting, you have to do a lot of research about the team and their playing styles.

You can play LoL yourself as a player before placing a bet on it. It will help you to understand the game properly. Once you learn the game mechanics, you can invest time expanding your knowledge about the game by analyzing the expertise of the LoL gamers.

Players Stats in LoL Tournament

Numerous websites offer LoL esports betting tips and strategies. One common thing they mention is to study the previous data of the team and players to have a better picture of their overall gaming techniques and mechanism.

It is necessary to do an in-depth study of the team and players because the ranking of a team changes with games and contests. So check their head to head records and note down their strengths and weaknesses. It will help you in your future match prediction.

League of Legends Site Reviews 2021

Being well-equipped with all the LoL betting tips and strategies isn’t enough. Unless you find the right esports live betting site to place your LoL bets, you will not find the right value for your wager. So we recommend you to find the site that could offer the best odds on the LoL market.

Also, make sure that the site is authentic and highly recommended by other members who have tried betting on it. You can check for the site reviews on different other review platforms like Quora and esports blogs.

An authentic and licensed site ensures full protection of your data and banking information. So, look for the site that has a variety of betting options, top bonuses, and promotions.

The customer service is also important as it helps you to solve different technical problems you could face while login to the site or during the gameplay.

BetBarter is one of the LoL esports betting India sites that meet all the standards as mentioned above. The Curacao gambling authority of the UK licenses it.

Since its inception, BetBarter has focused on providing world-class casino, sports, and esports betting service to its customers.

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LoL Betting Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the most entertaining LoL bets?

LoL offers different types of bets for bettors to choose from. The most entertaining LoL bets are:

  • First Blood: betting on the team that will take the very first kill.
  • First to take Baron: betting on the team that will kill the first Baron of LoL match.
  • Match duration: either an over under system (betting the match duration to be over or under the provided number) or interval-based system (betting on match duration intervals)

2. What are the best LoL betting sites?

There is a plenty of LoL betting sites that you can choose from. It is important for you to choose a betting site that offers safe and great online betting experience. We suggest you to take some time to research the betting sites and read their reviews.

If you don’t have time to do research, you can select Betbarter, one of the best online sports betting sites that offer great LoL betting experience. Other sites we recommend are BetNow, Bovada and BetOnline.

You can join multiple safe betting sites and choose the best available betting odds for the same wager to get the best possible return on winning bets.

3. Where do I research prior to LoL betting?

Pre-betting research is important to make smart bets in any sports betting. Such research on LoL is quite direct. You can perform research online and can find a ton of websites that show comprehensive stats of LoL matches and events.

With the help of information provided by such websites, you can know which LoL teams are at top currently and which teams are not. GosuGamers and League of Graphs are two of the popular websites that offer LoL stats.

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.